Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle Tom Doyle is a freelance journalist covering the latest on entertainment and electronics. He is currently undertaking his third year of a double degree in Creative Industries and Business from the Queensland University of Technology, majoring in entertainment and marketing. Tom has been writing for over a year and has published material with the Institute of Modern Art, as his passion for writing on all things creativity and entertainment ensures quality content for readers looking to stay in the know surrounding the industry.


How much data does Facebook use?

Posted by February 18th 2020

Facebook is one of – if not the – most used social media app in the world, with more than two billion people using it to keep up with breaking news, funny videos, friend’s birthdays …

How much data does Twitter use?

Posted by February 15th 2020

With more than 300 million people on Twitter, humans are connected like never before, with the social media platform one of the most downloaded and popular apps to emerge in the past decade. With lots …

Gaming Graphics

What is the best graphics card for gaming?

Posted by February 12th 2020

Looking to build your dream PC? There’s plenty to consider when it comes to creating a rig that will give you the edge over your opponents, as well as good bang for your buck. While …

Amazon Music App

How much data does Amazon Music use?

Posted by February 12th 2020

Amazon Music is a streaming platform which boasts a library of more than 50 million songs and growing, as the Amazon group looks to venture further into the entertainment sphere. Available on iOS, Android and …

apple music on phone

How much data does Apple Music use?

Posted by February 7th 2020

One of the most popular music streaming services, Apple Music features on every Apple product available, giving users access to millions of songs across a wide variety of genres to suit their musical tastes. While …

gaming computer dark

What is the best RAM for gaming?

Posted by February 3rd 2020

There’s plenty that goes into the computer of your dreams. There’s the hardware, the airflow, the CPU speed, even the aesthetic of the case can give you the edge. But there’s one area that both …

Apple Maps

How much data does Apple Maps use?

Posted by January 30th 2020

Installed on every Apple device, Maps is the co-pilot for many who are looking to travel down the road to a new destination. But as people around the world continue to use the app for …

Google Maps Phone

How much data does Google Maps use?

Posted by January 30th 2020

Google Maps is an essential service for many of us, particularly if you find yourself heading out to a new destination for the first time. But how much does the app cost you? With more …

The Best Games Coming in 2020

Posted by January 24th 2020

2020 is looking to be an exciting year for the gaming industry, as next-gen technology is rolling out alongside some new games consoles and titles that defy traditional gameplay with cutting edge visuals and immersive …

playstation 5 hero

PlayStation 5: What we know so far

Posted by January 15th 2020

Sony’s upcoming next-gen console release, PlayStation 5, is quickly garnering traction at the top of the gaming list, as its ‘future-proof’ technology is promised to deliver gamers with immersive experiences that change the way they …