Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle Tom Doyle is a freelance journalist covering the latest on entertainment and electronics. He is currently undertaking his third year of a double degree in Creative Industries and Business from the Queensland University of Technology, majoring in entertainment and marketing. Tom has been writing for over a year and has published material with the Institute of Modern Art, as his passion for writing on all things creativity and entertainment ensures quality content for readers looking to stay in the know surrounding the industry.

MLB The Show 21

Game Preview: MLB The Show 21 – Next-Gen Features

Posted by April 8th 2021

Step up to the plate and jump into a MLB gaming experience like never before, with MLB The Show 21 showcasing a complete fielding overhaul, enhanced pitch mechanics and improved modes across the board to …


Game Preview: Outriders – what you need to know

Posted by March 16th 2021

The world of third-person adventure shooters has been a busy one in recent years, with the likes of Destiny kicking off a whole trend of game releases. While some capture the magic, others have faded …

Password Manager

Everything you need to know about password managers

Posted by March 9th 2021

Dreaming up passwords can be tricky business, particular when you’re suppose to use a different password for everything. But while using the same password is convenient, it does leave you open to potential security threats, …


Walkie Talkie Buying Guide

Posted by March 1st 2021

Walkie-talkies were considered one of the most effective forms of communication decades ago, although for many, they seem a bit outdated nowadays. Despite this, the two-way handheld radio is still used in multiple industries, businesses …


Next-Gen FIFA 21 Review & Features

Posted by February 9th 2021

Lace up your boots and get ready to experience the most realistic football title ever before with Next-Gen FIFA 21. Showcasing improved player realism, enhanced gameplay mechanics and outstanding cinematics, FIFA 21 is leading the …

Madden 21

Madden NFL 21: Next-Gen Feature Review

Posted by February 22nd 2021

Step into the most authentic NFL gaming experience yet with the next-gen version of Madden 21, which includes updated graphics and additional features to give players the most realistic controls and visuals from the franchise …

2K21 Next Gen

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Review: Features & Graphics

Posted by January 27th 2021

Get ready for next-gen basketball as NBA 2K21 arrives on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, with enhanced graphics and features to make game day that much more exciting.  Combining current-day NBA rosters with …

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Preview: The epic finale to a fan favourite

Posted by January 15th 2021

Hitman 3 (MA15+) is the eighth instalment in the Hitman series and serves as the epic finale to the popular franchise. One of the best-looking Hitman titles already, Hitman 3 looks to show massive improvements …

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S: Everything you need to know

Posted by December 17th 2020

Collaborative projects can somewhat be a drain when it comes to being productive in the work environment, particularly if you have to spend time huddled around a single whiteboard. Thankfully, there may be a way …

Playing Xbox

The top five free games available on Xbox

Posted by December 17th 2020

Looking to add some excitement to your Xbox game collection, without having to worry about the price tag? As much fun as they provide, video games can be expensive, particularly when you consider the latest …