Why you need window insulation

Whether it’s summer or winter, your windows are one of the biggest contributors to your home heating up or cooling down.

Glass isn’t a very good insulator because heat is able to pass through it quite easily. This means that warmth in your home is lost through your windows in winter and heat comes in through them in summer.

The good news is that windows can be insulated in a number of different ways in order to reduce the amount of heat passing through them, to make your home more comfortable all year round. So, is window insulation a good idea?

What is window insulation?

Window insulation reduces the amount of heat that gets transferred through glass windows. The different kinds of window insulation work in different ways, usually by either trying to prevent the hot or cold air from touching the glass, or by making the glass better at preventing the transfer of heat. The different kinds of window insulation include:

  • Window film – This is a protective film which improves the insulation properties of glass. It reduces the amount of heat that passes into or out of your home through your glass in a similar way to double glazing.
  • Window seal – Preventing hot or cold air from directly entering your home through your window fitting can be very effective. You can find a guide to sealing windows and doors on the Sustainability Victoria website.
  • Cellular shades – These are a type of shades that are designed with pockets that fill with air and act as an insulator.
  • Curtains – Heavy curtains can be used to create an air pocket between the curtains and glass which will trap hot or cold air and prevent much of the temperature change from spreading to the rest of the room.
  • Outdoor shades – Outdoor shades prevent the sun from directly hitting your window. This can be one of the biggest reason that your home heats up in summer. So outdoor shades are great in summer but won’t help you stay warm in winter.

The best window insulation options for your home will depend on your circumstances and what factors are causing your home to heat up or cool down too much.

What are the benefits of window insulation?

The primary benefits of window insulation are that it will make your home more comfortable through the summer and winter months, and that it will cut the costs of heating and cooling. Reducing your need for heating and cooling will also reduce your impact on the environment.

Insulating your windows provides all the same benefits as insulating your roof. Your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and it will be easier to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Reducing your reliance on heating and air conditioning will help you save money on your energy bills without having to sacrifice your comfort. The amount that you could potentially save will depend on the size of your home and how much new insulation you install, but the savings can be significant.

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What does window insulation cost?

The cost of window insulation can vary widely. Some of the options, such as window film and sealing, can even be done yourself as the materials are quite cheap and can be bought from any hardware store. If you aren’t comfortable doing a DIY job, you can have a professional do it instead, but this will be more expensive, of course.

Installing new curtains or shades will easily cost hundreds of dollars, or possibly more if you have a lot of windows. It’s also not the kind of job that ordinary people can do themselves, so you’ll need a professional.

It’s worth remembering that anything you spend on improving your home insulation you will likely make back over time with reduced energy bills. You’ll also be reducing your impact on the environment which is a big plus for a lot of people.

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