What are the Most Effective Weight Loss Shakes?


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Weight loss shakes are a notoriously divisive proposition. Some people claim they’re an ineffective waste of money, but there are always success stories – some of which are rather impressive. This disparity in results can mainly be put down to the fact that some people use weight loss shakes correctly and others don’t – however, it’s entirely possible that some shakes are more effective than others.

So what do we mean when we talk about effectiveness? Well, the purpose of weight loss shakes is generally to replace either one or two regular meals during the day – hence why they’re also referred to as meal replacement shakes, as well as diet shakes. For most people, their success will be judged on whether or not they keep you feeling full up between those meals that you are sacrificing. If they don’t keep your appetite satisfied, there’s a good chances you’ll have something else to eat and your diet will go out of the window. But if they do keep your stomach happy, you won’t feel the need to snack and should lose weight over time.

Weight loss shakes are made by a wide range of brands and companies, and while they’re all formulated to do the same thing, they use different ingredients and quantities, meaning that some may end up being more conducive to weight loss than others. The balance these brands need to make is giving you enough sustenance to keep you satisfied between meals, while giving you little enough to allow for weight loss.

If you swear you’re doing everything right but are still not seeing results, it might be that your weight loss shakes aren’t as effective as you might have hoped. To find out which diet shakes are deemed to be the most effective by Australians, we conducted a survey of hundreds of adults in which they rated the brands they use.

Weight loss shakes will promise you the earth – including stacks of vitamins and minerals – and understanding the differences can be challenging. So here is a comparison of brands and their customer ratings for effectiveness, based on our latest customer review.


IsoWhey makes a bevy of claims about its shakes, namely that they’re formulated by qualified healthcare practitioners and contain ‘premium whey protein concentrate, 23 vitamins and minerals, and unique added ingredients’. You can get IsoWhey shakes in a number of flavours, including Strawberry Smoothie, Ivory Coast Chocolate, Banana Smoothie, Madagascan Vanilla and Classic Coffee. IsoWhey also makes a range of snacks that can be used in tandem with the shakes.

Effectiveness rating – 5/5


Boasting possibly the widest range of products of any brand on this list, FatBlaster makes weight loss shakes that are claimed to be ‘nutritiously packed with protein, fibre and vitamins and minerals to help you feel full and to give you the energy you need’. The shakes come in several flavours, including Chocolate, Double Choc Mocha, Vanilla Bean, Rich Milk Chocolate and Raspberry Ripple. FatBlaster’s product range also includes gummies, FatBlaster pills and hunger reduction and fat-burning powders.

Effectiveness rating – 3/5


According to its website, Optislim’s products were developed to help people lose weight fast, be a total meal replacement, be affordable, and taste good. Optislim claims that all of its products contain 25 vitamins and minerals needed to keep you healthy, along with ‘high quality protein’. The brand says its products are designed to restrict caloric intake while still maintaining healthy nutrition. Its product range also includes soups, snacks and meals, but its shakes are available in five different flavours – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana and coffee.

Effectiveness rating – 4/5


Optifast products make up the backbone of its VLCD (very low calorie diet) program, and are said to be nutritionally complete and designed for the management of obesity. Its range of products is quite wide, including shakes, snack bars, desserts and soups – which were designed to offer a hot savoury alternative to the meal replacement shakes. Optifast shakes are available in a number of flavours including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and banana.

Effectiveness rating – 4/5

Celebrity Slim

Celebrity Slim is similar to Optifast in the sense that it’s an entire weight loss program, where the shakes play a part but are not necessarily the main attraction. However, Celebrity Slim sells a reasonably large range of products, offering dairy free shakes, rapid shakes and meal replacement shakes. All of Celebrity Slim’s shakes are available in at least one of the following flavours – chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, café latte, caramel, berry, choc mint, choc orange and cookies & cream.

Effectiveness rating – 4/5

Tony Ferguson

One of the better-known brands on this list, Tony Ferguson offers three different types of weight loss shakes – Classic, Rapid, and VLCD. The latter two types of shake are for rapid, short-term weight loss, whereas the Classic shakes are designed to help with long-term, sustainable weight-loss. Each type of shake comes in at least three different flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, coffee, strawberry, banana and salted caramel.

Effectiveness rating – 5/5

Rapid Loss

A brand that you’ve almost definitely seen on TV, Rapid Loss is a weight loss program that hinges on its meal replacement shakes. These shakes come in both powder and pre-made forms. The former come in Chocolate, Latte, Banana, Strawberry, Mango and Vanilla, whereas the latter only comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Latte. Rapid Loss also sells snack bars, which come in Choc Berry and Double Choc flavours.

Effectiveness rating – 3/5

Nature’s Way ‘SlimRight’

Portraying its products as more organic and natural, Nature’s Way sells an impressive number of different options, some of which are quite unique compared to those sold by some other names on this list. In terms of weight loss shakes, the brand sells two kinds – a SkinnyGut Weight Loss Shake and a standard SlimRight shake. Both are meal replacement shakes, however Nature’s Way claims the SkinnyGut shake contains ‘weight loss probiotics’, which ‘help you feel slimmer, lighter, and less bloated’ and ‘fuller for longer’. The SkinnyGut shake comes in Rich Chocolate flavour, while the standard shake comes in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

Effectiveness rating – 4/5

ALDI Slim & Trim

The only supermarket-branded diet products on this list, ALDI’s Slim & Trim shakes are said to be free from artificial colours, sweeteners and added preservatives, and are 99% fat free. They come in 55g single-serving sachets and come in four different flavours – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Coffee. According to ALDI, they’re ‘nutritionally balanced’ and ‘a good source of protein and vitamins’.

Effectiveness rating – 5/5


Another brand that portrays its products as being organic and natural, Herbalife has a weight loss program which centres around its meal replacement shakes. Herbalife’s Formula 1 Nutritional Shakes contain both whey and soy protein, and are said to provide essential vitamins and minerals. These shakes come in four different flavours – Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Cookies N’ Cream and Berry – and the brand also sells multivitamins, snacks and protein powder.

Effectiveness rating – 4/5

Which diet shakes should you go with?

As evidenced by the ratings they received from consumers, nearly all of these weight loss shakes are at least reasonably effective in the eyes of those who use them, with just two scoring ratings of less than 4 out of 5. However, just one earned a five-star review for effectiveness.

In the long run, the efficiency of your chosen weight loss shakes actually depends entirely on you. You could be drinking the most effective shakes on the market, but if you’re not pairing that with a good diet and some exercise, then you won’t be seeing any results. So remember that if you ever suspect your weight loss shakes aren’t working, you might want to look in the mirror!

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