Review of SpinTel broadband plans

An Australian telco which offers both mobile phone services and fixed-line home broadband, SpinTel was founded in Sydney back in 1996. It provides ADSL and NBN internet connections, as well as mobile broadband plans for browsing on the move. SpinTel also provides a range of home phone plans that you can bundle with your internet plan. So, how does SpinTel really stack up? Canstar Blue has reviewed all of SpinTel’s broadband plans so you can determine which one could be right for you.


SpinTel Broadband Internet Plans

Connection Type Data Included Price Per Month From
ADSL 50GB $15°
500GB $25°
Unlimited $30°
NBN 50GB $39.95*
500GB $49.95*
Unlimited $54.95*
Mobile Broadband 5GB $19.95
8GB $29.95
15GB $49.95
45GB $59.95

Source: SpinTel website

°Standalone ADSL and home phone packs extra, line rental $24.95

*Faster speed tiers from an extra $10 per month

SpinTel ADSL Plans

As you can tell from the table above, SpinTel’s ADSL plans are very interesting in that they are really trying to goad customers into purchasing the unlimited plan. And for $30, why wouldn’t you?  For an extra $5 a month over its 500GB plan, you’re afforded peace of mind to binge watch ‘16 and Pregnant’ without worrying about exceeding your modest data cap. Beyond this, you’re also heavily encouraged to purchase a home phone pack, but if you have no need for a home phone, then SpinTel has a pay as you go (PAYG) plan that costs nothing upfront:

  • $0 – Small Plan: Local calls, 12c each untimed, National calls 20c/minute plus 39c flagfall, mobiles 34c/minute plus 39c flagfall
  • $10 – Medium Plan: Unlimited local and national calls, mobiles 34c a minute plus 39c flagfall
  • $20 – Large Plan: Unlimited local, national and mobile calls

Line rental to the value of $24.95 is also included.

You get a choice of three contract options: Month to month that includes free set-up, 12 months that includes $25 credit on your first bill, 24 months that includes $50 credit on your first bill. So you could effectively earn money on your first month’s internet bill, or put it towards your modem cost. You get three modem options: Bring your own, ‘Standard’ Netcomm NF10WV for $69 upfront, or ‘Advanced’ Netcomm NF17ACV for $149 upfront.

As it stands, there appears to be little reason to opt for a standalone broadband plan, as SpinTel’s bundled plans include line rental, and also have a $0 PAYG option. Nevertheless the broadband-only plans are as follows:

  • 50GB: $44.95
  • 200GB: $49.95
  • Unlimited: $59.95

What’s more is if you opt for a month to month contract, you’ll be subject to a $49 setup fee. However, these great prices above are for ‘Urban’ areas only, while many people will be subject to ‘Metro’ and ‘Regional’ costs – unlimited data on a Metro plan starts at $50 for example, while it costs from $70 for a ‘Regional’ resident. It’s worth putting your address into the SpinTel address checker to see what you can get – you may find even in your house close to the city you’ll be subject to Metro plans that cost more.

Nevertheless, here’s an idea of how SpinTel’s ADSL plans look (note the price difference between Urban and Metro plans coupled with various home phone bundles):

SpinTel NBN Plans

SpinTel’s NBN plans are a little easier to follow in that there are no urban, regional or metro price differences to deal with. All plans come with 12/1 – Tier 1 download/upload speeds as standard, but extra costs for faster NBN speed tiers are as follows:

  • 25/5 – Tier 2: $10 extra a month
  • 50/20 – Tier 3: $20 extra a month
  • 100/40 – Tier 4: $30 extra a month

This is on top of the plan speeds of:

  • 50GB – $39.95
  • 500GB – $49.95
  • Unlimited – $54.95

So for a maximised plan containing unlimited data and 100/40 speeds, expect to pay $84.95 a month. You also get the choice of a few home phone bundles and while they are the same monthly price as the ADSL bundles, the calls are priced differently:

  • Small: $0 a month, 10c local and national calls untimed, mobiles 30/c minute
  • Medium: $10 a month, unlimited local and national calls, 20c/minute
  • Large: $20 a month, unlimited local, national and mobile calls

Choosing a monthly contract will incur a $49 set-up fee, while going for 12 or 24 months will waive that fee, and if you sign up for 24 months you get $70 credit. You also get the choice of either a $69 or $149 modem. Here’s a snapshot of how the plans look with and without home phone packs included:

SpinTel Mobile Broadband Plans

SpinTel uses the Optus 4G network to provide its mobile broadband service, covering 98.5 per cent of the Australian population. There are four different mobile data packages to choose from, as well as the option to purchase one of two USB modems or a Wi-Fi modem for $99 each. All plans are on a monthly basis and you can purchase extra data at $10 per 1GB should you exceed your set limit. You’ll also be charged a $5 activation fee. So just to recap:

  • 5GB – $19.95
  • 8GB – $29.95
  • 15GB – $49.95
  • 45GB – $59.95

How does SpinTel compare to other broadband providers?

SpinTel has garnered a reputation as a premier bargain provider in Australia, and for good reason. Both its ADSL and NBN plans are among the cheapest products currently available. So let’s dive in and see how SpinTel stacks up.

SpinTel ADSL Plans Compared

SpinTel’s 50GB urban plan is one of the cheapest in Australia, but what about its plans with meatier data inclusions? SpinTel’s unlimited urban plan is one of the cheapest with unlimited data in Australia and beats out a lot of competition. At this bargain end of the price spectrum, expect competition from providers like AusBBS, TPG and Exetel. At under $60 for unlimited data plus home phone line rental, SpinTel is onto a winner. However, while the advertised price of $30 looks promising, you will in fact be slugged with $24.95 line rental, which you could potentially find for cheaper elsewhere. Going ‘naked’ with SpinTel costs about $5 extra a month.

SpinTel NBN Plans Compared

SpinTel is again one of the cheapest providers, this time offering unlimited data on NBN Tier 1 for less than $60 a month. It competes alongside Inspired Broadband, MyNetFone and TPG again as some of the cheapest around. But watch out for setup fees! They can be a nasty extra cost that stings the purse strings a little. While you can’t expect the earth at this price, you can expect some form of PAYG call packs to be included, and most of these providers seem to offer it.

For NBN Tier 2, SpinTel charges a minimum of $64.95 for unlimited data. This stacks up against the likes of the familiar faces Inspired, TPG and MyNetFone. Tangerine Telecom also rounds out the list with a plan that is $10 dearer, but also includes landline calls throughout Australia.

On NBN Tier 3, SpinTel charges you at least $74.95 a month, and you’ll sacrifice unlimited data, instead getting 1000GB. Nevertheless, it is still one of the cheaper providers out there, but having peace of mind with unlimited data may be worth the extra $10-odd a month you get with other providers. Inspired makes an appearance yet again, while Internode and Teleron also come to play. Keep an eye out for setup fees and lengthy contracts as these can play into the overall value stakes.

On the fastest tier – Tier 4 – you’ll again get 1000GB of data with SpinTel, instead of the customary unlimited deal. Many providers like to charge over $100 a month for Tier 4 speeds, however some gems can be found under $100, with some even under $90. At $84.95 a month, SpinTel remains one of the cheapest. However, hot on its heels are brands such as MyRepublic, MyNetFone, Internode and iiNet. MyRepublic is one of the cheapest providers going around, but you will be subject to contracts and you won’t get any calls included. Though the same can be said for other providers.

SpinTel Mobile Broadband Compared

SpinTel’s mobile broadband compares pretty well against the competition, however keep in mind that SpinTel’s deals are not ‘SIM only’ and you’ll be subject to paying nearly $100 for its compatible dongle or Wi-Fi router. If you’re just after a data SIM for your tablet, choosing a SIM only plan may be the way to go. However, if you’re looking for mobile data for the home or for your laptop, SpinTel may be the way to go. Overall, SIM only seems to be a cheaper alternative, and a few providers standout here. Keep an eye out for providers such as Yomojo, Vivid Wireless, OVO Mobile and Jeenee Mobile that all offer at least 10GB for $30 or less.

Should I roll the dice with SpinTel?

SpinTel is one of the cheaper providers offering ADSL, NBN and mobile broadband. However, there is more than meets the eye with SpinTel. Often there are extra charges such as line rental and setup fees to contend with, and while these are pretty normal across the board, the fact that SpinTel claims X price, before going on to tell you the price is actually Y (especially for the first month), is a little disappointing.

Nevertheless, SpinTel is not alone in this regard, and its plans are seldom beaten on price alone. Although if you’re getting connected for the first time and have to contend with setup fees, there are a few other providers out there that may ease the burden of setup and line rental costs as well as lengthy contracts. Shop around. You’ll find good deals.

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