How to find a service station near you

Do you have a favourite service station? A Canstar Blue survey found that 19% of Australians would drive more than 10km to find cheap fuel. But the more fuel you use up to find cheap fuel, the less likely you’ll be to actually save money in the end. That’s why most of us simply fill up at our local servo regardless of the price. However, what do you do when you’re not in your usual neighbourhood and need to fuel up? Below we explain how to easily find service stations near you.


The bulk buy warehouse is known for cheap fuel, provided you first purchase a Costco membership for $60. But unfortunately for those not lucky enough to live or work near a Costco fuel station, the savings can be hard to access. At present there are eight Costco stores across Australia, of which five have petrol stations. There’s two more set to open in 2017. Current Costco service station locations are North Lakes (QLD), Adelaide (SA), Crossroads (NSW), Canberra (ACT) and Moorabbin (VIC). You can find their addresses on the Costco website.

Puma Energy

A relative newcomer to the Australian petrol station market, Puma service stations are popping up all over the place. The Dutch company has acquired over 100 existing independent fuel retailers (including Queensland classic Matilda), as well as constructing new service stations. You can locate your nearest Puma through its service station search tool.


BP has a strong presence along highways as pit stops for weary truckers and travellers to fuel up both their vehicles – and their stomachs. BP’s web app locator can search directly by suburb or postcode, or can just zoom in on the map to explore more than 1,400 BP service station sites across Australia.


Standalone Caltex service stations are relatively rare these days, as many are now owned and operated by Woolworths. Caltex is particularly focused on its presence in regional areas, so you’ll likely find one when you need it most. Caltex’s service station finder includes co-branded Caltex Woolworths petrol stations.

Coles Express Shell

With nearly 700 locations nationwide and growing rapidly, Coles Express is bringing more grocery items to your local servo. They can be a handy choice if you need to grab a couple of grocery essentials as well as fuel, especially outside of usual grocery store trading hours. Find your nearest Coles Express Shell with its online store locator.

Metro Petroleum

One of the largest independent service station franchises in Australia with over 180 locations, Metro Petroleum service stations are found mostly in New South Wales and the ACT. Find your local independent Metro Petroleum petrol station with its interactive search tool.

Mobil 7 Eleven

7 Eleven petrol stations use Mobil fuel – a partnership that has seen a number of former Mobil fuel stations being rebranded as 7 Eleven and adding in a Slurpee supply. You will be able to find your local 7 Eleven petrol station with the 7 Eleven store finder.


The Australian subsidiary of Dutch multinational Royal Dutch, Shell has been around for over a hundred years. The retail side of the petrochemical company is owned and operated by Vitol, but retains the Shell brand and a strong relationship with its founding owner. Find the nearest of over 1,000 Shell service stations nationwide using its online fuel finder.

United Petroleum

This Australian-owned independent fuel chain was a regular winner of Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for service stations until Costo came along. United is perhaps best known for its servos in regional area. Browse the chain’s nearly 400 locations across Australia using the online service station map.

Woolworths Caltex

Not to be confused with Caltex, the Woolworths Caltex venture has expanded Woolworth’s presence in the petrol market with over 600 locations Australia-wide. Find your local Woolworths Caltex using the Woolworths store finder online. Make sure to select the petrol search refinements.

How do you find cheap fuel?

You can drive around checking the price signs at every petrol station, but that can be a waste of your time and fuel. Instead, you can use one of several apps and websites that track fuel prices to find the best bang for your buck. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on fuel price trends. Prices tend to go up and down throughout the week, so topping up a day earlier could mean significant savings.

We can’t guarantee how reliable they are though. As many rely on user-submitted information, some locations may not be as up to date as others or may not even be covered. These are still useful tools to save time shopping around.

Here’s just a few of the fuel tracker services available:


Search by location to find RACQ’s recommended fuel stations for the fairest price based on the current point in the fuel price cycle.


The app displays prices using a colour-coded map, with each station coloured according to how cheap (or not!) a station’s fuel prices are. This makes at-a-glance fuel price comparison easy.


User-reported data updates PetrolSpy’s live map, which displays nearby petrol stations using miniature pictures of company logos with the exact latest reported price. This is most useful for those who have particular favourite petrol companies.

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