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Your complete guide to Bendigo Bank Telco

Bendigo Bank Telco states that it is “an Australian first”, with it being the only Australian telecommunications company that is owned and operated by a bank.

Bendigo offers a range of home internet, mobile and mobile broadband services, with customers not needing to be a Bendigo Bank customer to sign on for its telecommunications services.

“Bendigo Bank Telco delivers competitive products and services, but differs from other telecommunication companies by returning a portion of profits to the communities in which it operates,” Bendigo states.

“We’ve gone out of our way to build a company and provide great value services for you. When money stays in the community, everyone benefits.”

Bendigo states that its “philosophy is underpinned by the belief that successful customers create successful communities that provide for sustainable business opportunities”.

“Just as it did with banking, this is another way for Bendigo Bank to deliver services – in this case phone and internet services – that are good for you and your local community,” Bendigo states of its decision to provide telecommunications services.

Home internet and phone services

Bendigo offers a number of NBN and broadband plans, which are available with and without a home phone.

Its broadband plans come with unlimited data and its NBN plans come with a choice of speed limits paired with different data inclusions, including unlimited data.

Bendigo’s broadband and NBN plans with a home phone inclusion also come with unlimited Australian mobile, local and national calls.

Consumers can search via the Bendigo website as to the availability of NBN and broadband services at their address.

All of Bendigo’s NBN and broadband plans are available on 24-month contracts.

Mobile phone services

Bendigo’s mobile plans are available with a new handset or as bring-your-own-phone, SIM-only, coming with unlimited text and a variety of call (local and international) and data inclusions.

Bendigo’s SIM-only plans are available month-to-month, with its handset plans, which are ranged with a variety of smartphones, available on 24-month contracts.

Meanwhile, Bendigo’s SIM-only mobile broadband plans come with a variety of data inclusions, and are available month-to-month.

Mobile coverage is delivered via the Optus 4G Plus network, with consumers able to check network coverage via Bendigo’s website, searching by both address and area.

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Account management

Bendigo’s MyServiceCentre customer portal provides customers with a number of account management and monitoring tools. Via MyServiceCentre, customers can:

  • View and download data and call usage
  • View and download invoices
  • Pay their bills


Customers can access MyServiceCentre via the Bendigo website.

Customer service and bill payment options

Bendigo provides a range of information via its Help & FAQs website page, addressing a variety of topics across its different services.

Consumers can contact Bendigo by phone, and also have the option of submitting an online contact form via Bendigo’s website.

Bendigo provides a number of bill payment options, including by:

  • Direct debit (from a bank account or credit card)
  • Online payment with a credit card
  • Telephone with a credit card
  • Via cheque or money order
  • Via BPay
  • Payment at any Bendigo Bank branch

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