Review of Tangerine Telecom broadband plans

Tangerine Telecom is an Australian internet service provider dedicated to connecting Aussies to the NBN. Tangerine offers both standalone plans and bundles on Australia’s brand new broadband network, and also offers ADSL bundled plans for those who haven’t yet been connected to the NBN. With low prices and unlimited data on offer, Tangerine Telecom represents a tempting alternative to the mainstream broadband providers. But does it have the best deal for you? Compare Tangerine Telecom’s internet plans with this review from Canstar Blue.

What does Tangerine Telecom offer?

NBN plans and bundles

Tangerine offers three different NBN plans, all of which include unlimited data at one of three data speed tiers. Each plan can be bought as a ‘naked’ connection with just broadband, or as a bundle for an extra $10/month, which includes unlimited local and national calls on an NBN VoIP phone.

Both types of plans are available on either monthly or 12 month terms, the former requires a $99 setup fee and includes a modem, whilst the latter charges no setup fee but adds a $10/month modem charge. A summary of Tangerine’s plan options is as follows:

Standalone $59/month $68/month $87/month
Bundle $69/month $78/month $97/month
Download speeds 12/1 Mbps 25/5 Mbps 50/20 Mbps
Data Unlimited

 Source: Tangerine Telecom website

ADSL bundles

If the NBN rollout hasn’t yet reached your area, you can instead subscribe to one of Tangerine’s ADSL bundled plans. The provider offers two plans – one with Zone 1 ADSL for people living in metro areas, and one with Zone 2/3 ADSL for those living in rural areas.

Both bundles come with unlimited data and home phone line rental – and you can choose to make calls on a PAYG basis, or subscribe to one of the two available call packs. There are three contract lengths to choose from – monthly (with a $99 setup fee), 12 months (with a $59 setup fee), or 24 months (no fee). You can also choose to bring your own wireless modem, or buy one from Tangerine for $99 up front.

Check out the plan details below:

Plan ADSL Zone 1 ADSL Zone 2/3
Cost per month $79.95 $99.95
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Phone options


Plan 1 ($10/month): unlimited local and national calls

Plan 2 ($30/month): unlimited local, national and mobile calls + top 20 international destinations

Source: Tangerine Telecom website

How does Tangerine Telecom compare to other providers?

True to its mission statement, Tangerine offers some extremely good value NBN plans in order to connect as many Aussie customers to the nation’s latest and greatest broadband network as possible. Its entry-level Tier 1 NBN plan starts at just $59/month – one of the cheapest unlimited NBN plans on the market. The plan sits level on price with several providers including TPG, Exetel and Barefoot, with only three providers charging less for the same inclusions.

It’s the same story with the more expensive plans – both the Tier 2 and Tier 4 plans offered by Tangerine are among the cheapest plans on the market, with only a couple of providers offering similar or improved deals on unlimited NBN broadband. Furthermore, the inclusion of a Wi-Fi modem as standard is something not offered by many competitors. Check out a sample comparison below:

The value equation doesn’t stack up as well with Tangerine’s ADSL plans, however. Its standard Zone 1 Unlimited plan starts at just under $80/month, which is $10-$20 more expensive than several other unlimited plans from the likes of TPG, SpinTel and Exetel. Nevertheless, Tangerine Telecom represents good value for money if you’re ready to connect to the National Broadband Network.

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