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ALDI is best known for its cheap grocery stores that are chipping away at Coles and Woolies in the battle for your supermarket loyalty. Though, aside from the aisle where you can buy a chainsaw next to cans of tuna, ALDI has created some great-value prepaid mobile phone plans which operate off of the Telstra 4G Network. ALDI is a bit of a mover and shaker in the grocery world, but how do its mobile plans shape up in terms of value? Read on for Canstar Blue’s review and comparison.

What does ALDI Mobile offer?

ALDI Mobile offers a total of seven prepaid plans, all on the Telstra 4G Network. They cater towards the budget-end of the mobile market, but they pack in a lot of bite for the money. These plans are split into five ‘Value’ plans and two pay-as-you-go (PAYG) alternatives. All SIM only, the Value plans are simply named as Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL – indicating how much value is packed into them respectively. Meanwhile, the PAYG options include a modest amount of credit value. Let’s get a rundown of ALDI Mobile’s plans below:

ALDI Mobile Plans Cost Per Recharge Features
PAYG Plans $15 $15 value included, 365-day recharge
$30 $30 value included, 365-day recharge

Value Plans

Small – $15 $25 value included, 500MB data
Medium – $20 $75 value included, 1.5GB data
Large – $25 Unlimited calls and texts, 2.25GB data
XL – $35 Unlimited calls and texts, 6GB data
XXL – $45 Unlimited calls and texts, 8GB data

Source: ALDI Mobile website

ALDI Mobile PAYG Plans

ALDI Mobile’s PAYG prepaid phone plans are cheap with no-frills. The main kicker with these plans is the fact they’re on a 365-day recharge, which makes it great for people who want to ‘set and forget’, or for those who rarely use their phone. Really, we applaud you. Both plans get their respective nominal value included, but beyond that you’re on your own.

ALDI charges calls at 12c per minute with no flagfall, texts 12c each, and international calls from 10c. An MMS is also 35c and data is 5c a megabyte. Realistically, your $15 plan could end up looking something like this:

  • Calls: 100 minutes ($1.20)
  • Texts: 200 ($2.40)
  • MMS: 5 ($1.75)
  • Data: 130MB ($6.50)
  • 31 minute, 30 sec phone call to your friend on a gap year in Canada: $3.15 (Canada call rate 10c a minute)

That looks like a pretty good combo, and for $30 you can effectively double down on all your inclusions. While the PAYG plans don’t seem like much, when you break it down they actually offer surprising value all on a 365 day recharge, so there’s little pressure to recharge every month.

ALDI Mobile Value Plans

Kicking it up a notch, ALDI Mobile’s prepaid Value plans enter more familiar territory when it comes to SIM-only phone plans. They offer some of the cheapest data-versus-price offerings you’re likely to find, and also provide free ALDI-to-ALDI calls. However, you will first need to pay $5 for a new SIM card. Let’s see how these plans look in further detail.

Small Value Plan

If PAYG isn’t really your cup of tea, then this $15 monthly plan could be for you. It comes with 500MB of data (which would cost $25 on the PAYG plan) and then you have an extra $25 value included, so you’re already winning. The main difference though, between this plan and the PAYG options, is that the Value plan’s credit expires in 30 days, which makes it a poorer long-term, low-use option. However, if you’re a light user looking for a monthly plan anyway, then this one could be up your alley.

Medium Value Plan

Forking out another $5 per month will land you in this plan. It seriously ramps up the value stakes with 1.5GB of data and $75 value. If 500MB seemed a bit paltry for you, then this plan could get you further. With 1.5GB, you’ll be opening up your world to increased mobile browsing, social media and app use.

Large Value Plan

Large in inclusions, but not on cost, ALDI’s large Value plan in its $25 glory has packed yet more value in. This is the first unlimited plan from ALDI, and it’s a beauty. Unlimited calls, texts and 2.25GB of data make it a well-rounded, mid-range plan for a decent price.

XL Value Plan

This ALDI plan just might be the pick of the bunch. 6GB for under $40 – yep, that’s right. With this plan, you also get unlimited calls and texts as expected. Really, we say that if you’re paying more than $40 for 5GB then you’re missing out. ALDI nails it perfectly with this plan. For $35, this plan is a great mid-range offering that packs a lot in. 6GB will have you on social media til your heart’s content.

XXL Value Plan

If 6GB isn’t enough data to settle your cravings, then this XXL plan could be for you. For $45 a recharge, you’ll get a meaty chunk of 8GB data along with unlimited calls and texts. An extra 2GB for $10 sounds like a good proposition in our eyes when you consider that most mobile phone carriers charge $10 for every excess GB of data you use. A huge 8GB is likely sufficient for all your social media needs, gaming and some streaming. Really, who could be bored on their train to work ever again?

ALDI Data Packs

If it’s just data you’re after, you can purchase 1.5GB for $15, 4GB for $30 – both with 30 day expiry – or 6GB for $50, with a 90 day expiry. The former two are great if you exceed your pack’s data limit, whilst the latter is ideal for a tablet or laptop that you need to use on the move.

How does ALDI Mobile compare to other providers?

ALDI Mobile is well positioned to take on a variety of competitors and still come out as a value-packed proposition. It more often than not out-punches Coles Mobile and Woolworths in the supermarket plan space, but also some stiff competition from other more established prepaid providers.

The PAYG recharges are tricky to compare because different providers charge for calls, data and texts differently, but we know one thing for sure – ALDI Mobile’s charges are very reasonable. Nevertheless, let’s see how the Value plans stack up below:

ALDI Mobile Small Plan Compared

The cheapest of ALDI’s Value plans sees it competing at the bargain basement end of the prepaid world. It competes well here against the likes of Telstra, Kogan Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Kogan seems to be a strong contender here, and Virgin is very similar to ALDI in the value stakes. Keep an eye out for limited time offers in this space, especially from Telstra.

ALDI Mobile Medium Plan Compared

A solid $20 will see your plan value increased markedly. Here, ALDI competes with Yomojo, TPG and Lebara, who are all on a prepaid basis. It seems that Yomojo is a leader as it’s the only provider to offer unlimited calls and texts at this price point. An honourable mention also goes to TPG who offer 1.5GB of data.

ALDI Mobile Large Plan Compared

Step up $5 and you’ll find that value is increased markedly. No longer are you bound by dollar values placed on calls and texts. Here, you’ll get unlimited calls and texts, as well as 2GB of data. This calls, text and data combo seems to be about the benchmark these days, and ALDI competes well. Many service providers are still offering dollar amounts for calls and texts, but ALDI’S plan is among the cheapest to offer unlimited calls and texts, as well as 2GB of data in the prepaid field.

ALDI competes with Coles Mobile, OVO Mobile and Kogan Mobile, who for an extra $4.90 offer an extra gigabyte of data. Also, none of the others have a setup fee, which may be a factor for you. Coles Mobile is cheapest here, but its plan comes on a 28 day period rather than 30 days, which virtually equates to a 13th billing period over a year. It’s pretty neck and neck in this price bracket.

ALDI Mobile XL Plan Compared

Stepping it up a notch, for $35 ALDI has included an impressive amount of data – 6GB. Overall, ALDI is placed as one of the cheapest providers to offer at least 5GB in prepaid land. Though, in this particular price segment, competition is fierce and ALDI is slightly outdone by OVO Mobile, TPG and Kogan who all offer increased data for a comparable price. ALDI also slugs you with a $5 upfront fee, even at this price point, which still isn’t as dear as TPG’s $10, but TPG also offers the first month free. Overall the leader of the pack here seems to be OVO Mobile, where what you see is what you get – no fees and no bonuses.

ALDI Mobile XXL Plan Compared

If your shirt is feeling tight from all the extra notes you’re stuffing into your pocket from the money saved on your mobile plans, then you’ll be pleased to know that ALDI is also a frontrunner in the $45 range of recharges. ALDI is among the top 10 best-value plans out there for a plan around $40-$50. It offers a huge 8GB of data here and competes primarily with familiar faces OVO, Kogan and Yomojo. It’s a very tough segment though and ALDI is arguably outclassed by these three who all offer more data for ever-so-slightly lower prices. One bonus is that ALDI offers 300 minutes of international calls, which may well be a good compromise for the data and $5 setup fee.

Is ALDI Mobile right for me?

ALDI Mobile offers some great value prepaid plans. If you want something on the Telstra network then you can’t go far wrong with ALDI. You can choose between a simple range of options at different price points, so there’s likely going to be something for everyone.

However, if you don’t care what network you’re on and simply want the best ‘bang for buck’ then other providers – especially as you get into the more expensive plans – offer increased value for similar prices. With ALDI’s XXL Value plan especially, other providers offer up to 50 per cent more data for pretty much the same price. We suspect you’ll be happy with ALDI Mobile overall, but it doesn’t hurt to look around for the best deals going. Things can change quickly, so keep ALDI on your shopping list the next time you’re in the market for a new phone plan.

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