Kmart Steam Mops Review

For a cleaning appliance that won’t clear out your wallet, it’s hard to beat Kmart where you can sweep up a steam cleaner for under $50. Meanwhile, steam mops from brands such as Bissell and Black & Decker can start from around $170. That’s more than double the cost of Kmart’s top-of-the-range model! We take a look at the steam mops currently available at Kmart and check out a few other affordable options to see how they compare.

Kmart steam mops

Kmart typically offers the two following steam mop models:

  • Kmart (Anko) Hand Held Steam Cleaner − $25 RRP*
  • Kmart (Anko) 1300W Steam Mop − $49 RRP*

Kmart Hand Held Steam Cleaner − $25

Kmart handheld steam cleaner review

The Kmart Hand Held Steam Cleaner is an affordable alternative if you’re looking for something to clean grout, glass, or appliances such as ovens, without using nasty chemicals. It may also be suitable to spot clean floors, although not large surfaces. This multi-purpose pressurised steam cleaner additionally contains a water tank with a safety screw cap. Other specs to expect include:

  • 1000W power output
  • 250ml water tank capacity
  • 12-month warranty.

This Kmart steam cleaner is packed with accessories such as an extension nozzle, flexible extension nozzle, angled nozzle and brush nozzle.

Kmart 1300W Steam Mop − $49

Kmart steam Mop

Labeled under the Anko brand, the Kmart 1300W Steam Mop is the most expensive model you can expect to buy from the retailer. It has a 20-second heat-up time, and provides a maximum of 30 minutes working time.

This Kmart steam mop features a Carpet Glider feature to clean and sanitise the top layer of carpets, and automatically shuts off the steam when the appliance is placed upright. This steam floor sanitiser additionally features a 180-degree swivel head and a triangle steamer head to reach into corners and tight spaces. Other specs include:

  • 450ml water tank capacity
  • Height adjustable
  • 5m power cord
  • 12-month warranty.

The Kmart 1300W Steam Mop is available in either white or black. It comes with a carpet slider, microfibre cloth pad and a measuring cup.

How do you use a Kmart steam mop?

kmart steam mop review

Before using the Kmart steam mop, you will need to wait 30 seconds for it to heat up. Once it’s ready, turn the steam function on by moving the handle back to unlock it from the locked position. You can continue cleaning until all the water in the tank has evaporated. Generally, models including the Kmart 1300W Steam Mop work on a variety of surfaces such as:

  • Sealed wooden floors
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Granite
  • Marble flooring
  • Certain types of carpet and vinyl.

According to Kmart, you should stay away from surfaces with a soft or heat-sensitive coating. This includes floorings made from wax, enamels and oils. The company also recommends testing a small patch of the floor you intend to use the steam mop on, to make sure the cleaner won’t cause any damage.

Other cheap steam cleaners

With so many options available, finding the best steam mop can feel like going down one confusing slip and slide. That’s why we’ve listed a few cheap steam cleaners from brands including Kogan, Karcher, Bissell and Black & Decker to see how they stack up against Kmart’s models.

Cheap steam mops

Here are some cheap steam mops worth checking out:

  • Kogan 12-in-1 Steam Mop ─ $66.99 RRP*
  • Karcher KV 4 Cordless All Surface Cleaner ─ $69 RRP*
  • Bissell Steam Mop Select ─ $169 RRP*
  • Black & Decker 9-in-1 Steam Mop ─ $179 RRP*

Kogan 12-in-1 Steam Mop ─ $66.99

Kogan steam mop review

Online retailer Kogan has its own range of steam cleaners, usually priced between $79.99 and $239.99. The Kogan 12-in-1 Steam Mop is the brand’s most affordable option and can be used to clean a variety of items and floorings, such as tiles and grout, windows, mirrors, barbecues, taps, shower heads, ovens, cars, as well as carpets and rugs. It can also be used to steam clothes, with the mist even claimed to help care for plants.

This Kogan steam mop has a short 15-second heat-up time, producing a temperature of up to 108 °C. Other key details include:

  • One-year warranty
  • 5m electrical cord
  • Suitable for carpets, rugs, hardwood floors.

Some of the accessories the steam cleaner comes with include a window cleaner, garment steamer, duster, long brush, curved nozzle, microfibre cloth and extension hose.

Karcher KV 4 Cordless All Surface Cleaner ─ $69

Karcher steam mop

Karcher claims this vibrating surface cleaner can help make cleaning easier, by allowing a battery-powered motor to release water and remove some of the elbow grease usually needed to scrub dirt and grime off surfaces. It’s said to be suitable on a variety of smooth surfaces, including tiles, mirrors and shower cabins. Similar to other steam mops, you can add detergent or vinegar to the water tank.

Here are a few features to expect:

  • 180ml water tank capacity
  • 35-minute runtime
  • 160-minute charging time
  • Weighs 0.5g (without accessories).

Bissell Steam Mop Select ─ $169

Bissell Steam Mop

If you’re worried about using steam on hard flooring, Bissell’s Steam Mop Select (23V8F) might be worth considering. It’s specifically designed for cleaning sealed hard floors, although can also be used on a variety of other surfaces.

Similar to the Kmart 1300W Steam Mop and Kogan 12-in-1 Steam Mop, you won’t need to use chemicals when operating this unit. Detergent, descaling or alcohol-based liquids can actually damage the appliance. Instead, the Bissell steam mop supposedly contains ‘microban’ antibacterial product protection and a water purification system to sanitise surfaces.

Key features to expect include:

  • Suitable for sealed hardfloors
  • Swivel head
  • Includes two reusable microfiber mop pads
  • One-year warranty.

Black & Decker 9-in-1 Steam Mop ─ $179

Black and Decker steam mop

Another major name to look out for is Black & Decker. The brand offers several steam cleaners designed for cleaning floors, as well as fixtures and fittings like curtains, ceilings, furniture, etc. All models are also stated to be safe on sealed hard floors.

The Black & Decker 7-in-1 Steam Mop (FSMH1321B-XE) is one of the brand’s most budget-friendly products. It’s a multi-function cleaner that can work on a variety of surfaces and items, such as shower screens, glass, upholstery, mirrors and grout between floor tiles. The appliance can also be used on clothing, taps, barbecues and ovens. This Black & Decker steam cleaner provides 1600W worth of power and features.

Other features include:

  • 20-second heat-up time
  • 20-minute runtime
  • Can convert into a hand held steam mop
  • Variable steam settings.


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*Prices are taken from respective brands & retailers and Domayne, correct as of January 2022.

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