Dean Heckscher

Dean Heckscher Dean Heckscher is a Canstar Blue journalist covering everything from fitness to retail and the auto industry. He has a dual degree in Business and Creative & Professional Writing from the Queensland University of Technology and is passionate about helping Australian consumers make more-informed purchase decisions, whether it’s in a supermarket aisle or car showroom. Dean also leads Canstar Blue’s content projects team, bringing several new topics to the top of the agenda.

New Car Keys

Approved Used Cars: What you need to know

Posted by January 7th 2021

Buying a car can be an exciting time, but we’ve all had that thought in the back of our mind as to whether we’re actually getting a good car or a lemon in disguise. And …

Accounting App

Accounting Software with App Compatibility

Posted by December 4th 2020

When it comes to business financials, chances are you’d prefer to simply hand over the ledger to someone else. There’s enough dollars and cents involved in staff wages, invoicing, expenses and all manners of taxes …

How to watch the Masters and U.S. Open golf in 2020

Posted by November 11th 2020

Not a pastime for the faint-hearted, golf can just as easily find you throwing your clubs in the drink as it can find you sinking a hole-in-one (you wish!). Thankfully, tuning in to watch the …

Buying Alcohol Online

Alcohol Delivery Services in Australia

Posted by November 12th 2020

Braving the bottle-o before a shindig can be equal parts exciting and inconvenient. Exciting because you’re about to stock up for what’s sure to be a good time, but inconvenient because everyone else has the …

How to watch the Melbourne Cup

Posted by November 2nd 2020

It’s known as the ‘race that stops a nation’, and the Melbourne Cup is set to start for another year. Raced over 3,200 metres at Flemington Racecourse, the Melbourne Cup is one of Australia’s biggest …

fuel discount programs Compared

What are the best fuel discount programs?

Posted by January 7th 2021

Petrol isn’t exactly cheap, so a loyalty program from a fuel station may be able to save you a few bucks. Compare them with Canstar Blue.

Buying Selling Car Online

Where to buy, trade-in and sell your car online in Australia

Posted by January 7th 2021

Navigating the car market is tricky business, particularly if you aren’t sure what you’re after, or you just don’t like negotiating. But when it comes to securing a new set of wheels, or getting rid …