Dean Heckscher

Dean Heckscher Dean Heckscher is a Canstar Blue journalist covering everything from fitness to retail and the auto industry. He has a dual degree in Business and Creative & Professional Writing from the Queensland University of Technology and is passionate about helping Australian consumers make more-informed purchase decisions, whether it’s in a supermarket aisle or car showroom. Dean also leads Canstar Blue’s content projects team, bringing several new topics to the top of the agenda.

Protein Bars

Protein Snacks Compared

Posted by June 22nd 2020

When it comes to getting your protein intake, there’s no shortage of options when you walk into your local pharmacy or supermarket. In addition to shakes and powders, you’ll be met with a wide range …

Holden Car Sales

Holden cars expected to be heavily discounted to clear stocks

Posted by March 5th 2020

Following the announcement from General Motors to scrap the Holden brand across Australia and New Zealand, motorists may be able to drive away with a new model at a discounted price. According to Holden dealers who …

Holden closes Australia

GM to scrap Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand

Posted by March 5th 2020

The iconic Holden brand will be axed within Australia and New Zealand in the next year, according to parent company General Motors. After ceasing manufacturing operations in Australia back in 2017, the Australian brand had kept …

How to watch the NBA All-Star Weekend in Australia

Posted by March 5th 2020

With the NBA season well and truly heating up, fans have something else to look forward to – the All-Star Weekend. An annual showcase of some of the best players in the league, the 2020 …

girl holding keys in car

Hire Car Age Limits & Costs in Australia

Posted by February 6th 2020

Hiring a car can make you feel like an adult, but how much of an adult do you really have to be to hire a car without paying any extra fees? When it comes to …

Marvel Disney Plus

Marvel & Disney+ tease new additions in Super Bowl half-time ad

Posted by March 31st 2020

Super Bowl ads are always big business, but they rarely get bigger than Disney+ and Marvel. Aptly named the ‘Big Game’ spot, Marvel and Disney+ teased viewers with three separate Marvel universe additions – The Falcon …

Airbag car

250,000 Australian vehicles still fitted with Takata airbags

Posted by January 31st 2020

Figures released by the consumer watchdog show that more than 250,000 vehicles fitted with the defective Takata airbags are still on Australian roads. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says that more than 3.5 million …

How to watch the Super Bowl live in Australia

Posted by January 28th 2020

The Holy Grail of American sports, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest global sporting events, with the match itself, post-game celebrations, half-time show and even the TV adverts something that many look forward …