Save more than $1,000 on big brand TVs this Black Friday

A bunch of brands are going on sale in the television department this Black Friday. If you’re on the lookout to find yourself a new screen, we bring you a list of deals we’ve found on The Goods Guys. There are discounts to be had across plenty of major brands like Samsung, LG and Sony. Read on for all the specs and details.

Black Friday Deals on Televisions

Score up to 43% off televisions this Black Friday at The Good Guys. Here are some of the biggest discounts:

Model RRP Sale Price % Off
Samsung 65” Q75 4K UHD Smart QLED TV $3,849 $2,195 43% off RRP
LG 75″ SM8600 4k Super UHD Smart LED TV $4,199 $2,495 41% off RRP
Sony 75″ X8500G 4K UHD Smart LED TV $3,495 $2,495 37% off RRP

Source: The Good Guys, November 2019

Televisions on sale

samsung q75 4k uhd

samsung q75 4k uhd side


Samsung 65” Q75 4K UHD Smart QLED TV

Priced at $2,195, down from $3,849 — 43% off RRP

Bigger is better according to Samsung offering its Series 7 Q75R QLED 4K TV in sizes ranging from 55-inches up to 82-inches. And the Good Guys clearly agree, dropping 43% off the retail price for the Samsung 65” 4K UHD Smart QLED TV — that’s just more than $1,600 less than its regular price. Gamers might be particularly excited by this deal since the television apparently provides smoother motion, low input lag and more lifelike images. It also contains an Artificial Intelligence to processor, which is claimed to upscale what’s on the screen to adapt the brightness, sound and volume to match the room dimensions. But the picture and sound quality of any upscaled content will vary depending on the quality and resolution of the source content.

lg sm8600 hd tv

lg sm8600 hd tv side


LG 75″ SM8600 4k Super UHD Smart LED TV

Priced at $2,495, down from $4,199 — 41% off RRP

LG knows how to work its angles with the LG LG 75″ SM8600 4k Super UHD Smart LED TV, apparently giving amazing colour from wherever you’re sitting. It’s also designed to support and boost various HDR formats, so you can immerse yourself in cinematic scenes. Plus, the addition of Dolby Vision and Atmos is said to turn your living room into an entertainment powerhouse with cinematic HDR imaging and atmospheric sound.

sony x8500 smart tv front view

sony x8500g smart tv side

Sony 75″ X8500G 4K UHD Smart LED TV

Priced at $2,495, down from $3,495 — 37% off RRP

Get ready to be wide-eyed with the Sony 75″ X8500G 4K UHD Smart LED TV.  Made to do more than channel surf free-to-air shows, this television allows you to search Google to find content across different services and even find personalised recommendations. Plus, the Motionflow XR technology is claimed to pack a few punches during high action sequences by adding extra frames between the original frames enhance the images.

Bottom line on TV sales

Appliances aren’t cheap, so Black Friday might prove to be a good time to buy. However, you might need to get in quick as these sales won’t last. Plus, remember to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best fridge for your home. Before settling on any purchase, it would be wise to do your research, so you’re not left disappointed. There’s also plenty of other bargains happening on a range of other appliances including ovens, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Happy shopping!

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