Rainy Day Ways to Dry Your Clothes Without a Dryer

About one in three Australians (30%) use their clothes dryer after every wash, because contrary to popular belief, not all of us enjoy warm sunshine all year round! Clothes dryers tend to be reliable, but what if yours breaks down and you desperately need your washing dried in a hurry? Maybe you don’t even own a dryer, and getting your clothes dried in the colder months is a nightmare!

If you need an alternative way to dry your clothes in super quick time, try one of these options.

The hairdryer treatment

In a fix, you can use a hairdryer to quickly and easily blow-dry your clothes. It’s not all about heat, because the blowing is what’s really doing the work. Use a low heat setting and a high fan blower setting, and slowly rotate the item of clothing as you blow all over.

Be sure to blow out all the pockets, sleeves, collars and other nooks and crannies. Any damp spots you leave behind become havens for bacteria and mould.

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The tea towels and the iron

Put a tea towel over your ironing board. Put your washed item of clothing down over the tea towel, and a second tea towel goes over your clothing. Iron right over the tea towel from edge to edge.

The tea towels protect the clothing from the direct heat that would melt the damp fabric while still letting enough heat through. Bonus – it’s a great steam trick for getting rid of wrinkles!

Oven (small items only)

Heat the oven to 100⁰C for 10 minutes and then turn it off again. Place small items of clothing in a baking tray and make sure nothing will be able to touch the element or the walls of the oven.

Keep in mind, this option is slow. It takes an hour for an oven to heat just two pairs of boxer shorts. Humidity also builds up inside the oven, which slows down the process and isn’t great for the machine.

Can’t I just air dry my stuff inside?

Not if you can help it. There’s about two litres of water that has to come out of freshly-washed clothes, and it goes straight into the air. If that air is outside, great – it can join the clouds. If that air is inside, it rises as condensation on your windows and deadly mould and damp in the corners of your walls. So what about those options?

How NOT to dry your clothes – in the microwave

CAUTION: Drying large items like shirts, jeans and bed sheets in the microwave causes electrical fires. It is not recommended.

If you choose to ignore this advice, then please be careful to avoid steam burns when you open up the microwave after using it to dry something. A microwave can dry pantihose, socks and other small items, but it should be your last option.

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