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ActewAGL vs Origin Energy: Electricity Cost Comparison

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Does Origin make a case against ActewAGL as the undisputed king of energy in Canberra, or is Origin’s stake to claim outside of the ACT in New South Wales? In this matchup we put both energy providers through their paces by comparing the latest electricity deals and prices. Plus, we give you a quick rundown of each company so you know what to expect if you’re looking to switch providers. Let’s take a look.

Which provider is cheaper in the ACT?

We’ve listed the current cheapest published deals on our database for ActewAGL and Origin Energy across the ACT, with any notable features detailed accordingly.

In Canberra, Origin Energy snags the crown for cheapest price. You can see how these two providers compare with other energy companies in the ACT area with our Canberra cost comparison report.

In the table below, we show ActewAGL and Origin Energy cheapest price on the Evoenergy network in Canberra. Plans are listed from the lowest priced estimate first. See here for information on the ICRC Reference Price, which in this comparison assumes general energy usage of 6,100kWh/year, meaning the Reference Price is $2,152/year. Please use our comparison tool for a specific comparison in your area.

Electricity Provider Electricity Plan Difference from Reference Price^ Conditional Discounts Price Estimate*
Origin Energy Go Variable (Rate 1) 30% Less Than Reference Price No conditional discounts $1,506
ActewAGL Simple Saver 20% Less Than Reference Price No conditional discounts $1,707
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*Price assumes general energy usage of 6,100kWh/year for a residential customer on a single rate tariff. Estimated price includes any conditional discounts that may be available. Pricing based on Evoenergy network in Canberra, but prices differ between distribution areas. April 2024.

About ActewAGL

ActewAGL is a joint venture between AGL and ACT Government-owned ACTEW Corporation, which services nearly 345,000 electricity and gas customers. The retailer’s area of operation is Canberra and the ACT, including surrounding areas like Queanbeyan as well as South East New South Wales. Here are some key facts about ActewAGL:

  • Offers dual fuel discounts for customers bundling electricity with gas
  • Range of plans to suit different households
  • Sells and installs ducted air conditioners, natural gas heating, hot water systems and more


About Origin Energy

Origin is a behemoth of retail energy and is the largest power provider in Australia, servicing more than four million homes in New South Wales, Victoria, South East Queensland, South Australia, ACT and Western Australia. A drawcard for Origin is its vast range of product offerings, with plans available to suit any household’s energy needs – big or small. Some key facts about Origin include:

  • Retails electricity, natural gas, LPG, hot water systems, solar panels and more
  • Online chat functionality and useful Origin Energy app
  • Exclusive deals for solar customers with attractive feed-in tariffs

Should I go with ActewAGL or Origin Energy?

If you live in Canberra, then you’re probably already connected to ActewAGL, which is perfectly fine if you’re getting a good deal. However, it may be worth considering a switch if you feel your power needs could be better looked after by Origin, which is often seen as a safe choice in other states. The ACT energy market continues to evolve with new retailers entering the scene, but for now finding a good deal is fairly easy.

For customers in the surrounding areas outside Canberra in New South Wales, it’s a good idea to review your existing plan to see if it’s still competitive. That way you’re not missing out on cheap electricity prices or value elsewhere, like discounts or bill credits. While you may turn a blind eye to many household utilities, energy is not one to become complacent with. As price changes and new plans constantly enter the market, getting into a routine of regularly comparing providers is your best way of finding a suitable deal.

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