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What are the best mobile phone plan deals?

Posted by January 12th 2022

If you’re shopping around for a new mobile phone plan, keep an eye out for these deals. Compare phone plan deals with Canstar Blue.

Pink iPhone 13

Expert Picks: Best iPhone Plans (January 2022)

Posted by January 5th 2022

iPhones don't come cheap, but if you're absolutely set on a new Apple smartphone, you can still find a great phone plan deal. The newest iPhones are available on plans from Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone, …

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Expert Picks: Best Prepaid Mobile Plans (January 2022)

Posted by January 5th 2022

If you're looking to ward off bill shock and keep things flexible with a prepaid mobile plan, there's hundreds of options on the Aussie market to suit every user and budget. But sorting through what's …

Best Value Phone Plans

Expert Picks: Best Phone Plans (January 2022)

Posted by January 5th 2022

When it's time to upgrade to a new smartphone, buying on a telco plan is a simple way to spread out your payments and avoid dropping hundreds on a device upfront. But with more providers …

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Expert Picks: Best SIM-Only Mobile Plans (January 2022)

Posted by January 6th 2022

If you're looking to save money and break the 'new phone every two years' contract cycle, a SIM-only mobile plan is the way to go. Swapping to SIM-only gives you almost all of the benefits …

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Vodafone’s summer sale cuts $500 off new phone prices

Posted by December 23rd 2021

Just in time for Christmas, Vodafone is bringing good tidings to you and your kin with some major discounts on the year's most-wanted smartphones and plans. The telco's Epic Summer Sale is kicking off December 23, …