Choose mobile number image of sim cards

How to choose your mobile phone number in Australia

Posted by February 22nd 2024

Rather than having to memorise some random new number, or put up with porting your current number, some providers allow you to choose your own mobile phone number, with varying degrees of customisation. However, four …

A person using a phone to check their Optus balance

How to check your Optus balance

Posted by February 16th 2024

This is why it can be handy to check your phone plan balance, so you can recharge or top up your plan when you're running low on data. If you're an Optus customer, using the …

Four people holding and looking at mobile phones against yellow background

How do I port my mobile number?

Posted by February 16th 2024

When done right, porting your mobile number should take no longer than an hour. But an hour can turn into days. Get the full lowdown at Canstar Blue.

mapping travelling

What is data roaming?

Posted by February 14th 2024

Global roaming is convenient, but it can also be costly. So here are some ways you can avoid a nasty bill when you get back home.

Man using satellite phone

Satellite Phones and Plans in Australia

Posted by February 13th 2024

Satellite phones provide a vital link of communication for people in rural areas. Which satellite service is best? Canstar Blue reviews satellite phones.

Motorola Moto G84 5G review and buy

Motorola Moto G84 5G review: Great quality, low price

Posted by February 20th 2024

Buy Moto G84 5G Motorola Moto G84 5G features and specs Motorola’s G series has offered a range of great quality phones for a cheaper price point, and the Moto G84 5G is no exception, especially thanks …

Best phone battery life

Posted by February 8th 2024

Some might say they experience true horror when a low battery causes their phone to suddenly blackout during a Netflix binge. But if brands are constantly claiming their devices can survive all day, why do …

New financial hardship rules from the ACMA

Regulator cracks down on telcos failing struggling customers

Posted by February 7th 2024

Telco customers experiencing financial hardship will have improved safeguards, thanks to new industry rules to be introduced from late March. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has announced it will begin to hold telcos to …

Pink iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro

Expert Picks: Best iPhone Plans (February 2024)

Posted by February 5th 2024

iPhones don't come cheap, but if you're absolutely set on a new Apple smartphone, you can still find a great phone plan deal. The newest iPhones are available on plans from Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone, …

5G vs NBN

5G vs NBN: Is 5G better than NBN?

Posted by February 5th 2024

It's full steam ahead for 5G in Australia, with the next-gen mobile technology able to reach speeds of well over one gigabit (that’s 1000Mbps!). In comparison, the NBN continues to be met with controversy — …

A woman using a golden phone

Telstra Plus Rewards Explained

Posted by February 6th 2024

Telstra may be one of the most expensive providers in the country, but that price comes with some serious perks, notably Telstra Plus Rewards. No doubt if you’re a Telstra customer you’ve heard of the …

Happy young woman using mobile phone

Expert Picks: Best Prepaid Mobile Plans (February 2024)

Posted by February 7th 2024

If you're looking to ward off bill shock and keep things flexible with a prepaid mobile plan, there's hundreds of options on the Aussie market to suit every user and budget. But sorting through what's …

Happy young woman using phone with pink background

Expert Picks: Best SIM-Only Mobile Plans (February 2024)

Posted by February 5th 2024

Choosing the best energy plans is made possible by our expert Value Rank methodology, which places each product under the microscope, examining its price, plan inclusions, customer service and billing. Then we give each plan …

mobile phone plan deals

Best Mobile Phone Plans [February 2024]

Posted by February 13th 2024

If you’re shopping around for a new mobile phone plan, keep an eye out for these deals. Compare phone plan deals with Canstar Blue.

Samsung Care

What is Samsung Care and is it worth getting?

Posted by January 25th 2024

Samsung phones can be expensive, but with how important technology is in our modern lives, you may be wondering if insurance for your device is worth it. Here's our guide to Samsung Care, Samsung Care+, …

Selection of phone cases

Best phone cases in Australia 2024

Posted by January 24th 2024

There are lots of different designs and phone case styles to choose from, especially if you have a more popular device like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S device — however it may be harder …