Mobile Plans

Types of Phone Plans in Australia

Posted by March 6th 2019

Australian telcos provide a comprehensive range of phone services, which is useful but can also be confusing. Canstar Blue explains all.

Australian Telco Industry Explained

Posted by March 6th 2019

Learn about the Australian telco industry, and which providers might be the best fit for you in terms of features and coverage.

Cheap Mobile Phone Plans Compared

Posted by April 18th 2019

Compare cheap mobile phone plans at Canstar Blue. But does cheap always mean best? Decide for yourself with this review and guide.

Boost Mobile vs Telstra: Phone Plans Compared

Posted by April 3rd 2019

Boost Mobile is a tiny telco utilising the Telstra network. But does it offer better value than the old guard? Canstar Blue reviews Telstra and Boost phone plans.

choose your number

How can I choose my own mobile phone number?

Posted by April 3rd 2019

If you’ve been shopping around for a better mobile phone plan, the thought of “Hey, can’t I just choose my own number?” would have inevitably crossed your mind. Rather than having to memorise some random new …

Can I get a phone plan with bad credit?

Posted by April 1st 2019

You probably know that your credit score can affect your applications to home loans, personal loans, car finance and other hefty money decisions, but did you know it can also affect your ability to get …

Grandparents talking on the phone at the table

Phone Plans for Seniors & Pensioners

Posted by April 8th 2019

Compare the cheapest mobile phone plans for Australian seniors and pensioners from ALDI Mobile, Amaysim & Telstra in this Canstar Blue review.