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Australia Broadband is an internet service provider founded specifically to take advantage of the NBN. The telco offers NBN plans and bundles to households all around Australia, as well as ADSL2 plans for those still looking for a conventional connection. Australia Broadband is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital 23 Pty Ltd, an Aussie company which owns several other telecommunications brands. Read on for a full breakdown of Australia Broadband offers, and how these products stack up to the competition.

What does Australia Broadband offer?

Australia Broadband provides unlimited data on all of its NBN and ADSL plans – you can stream music, video and other media to your heart’s content. The telco’s plans also include a three-month subscription to the Presto streaming service, enabling you to take full advantage of your unlimited streaming. Both types of broadband connection are available as ‘naked’ internet plans, or as home phone bundles, and you can choose between a month to month, 12 month and 24 month contract.

ADSL plans

The standard ADSL plans from Australian Broadband include a bunch of useful bonus features. You’ll receive a free upgrade to an NBN plan once the new network becomes available in your area, and Australia Broadband includes a $5 discount for paying by direct debit (included in the prices below). The bundled plan includes PAYG line rental, allowing you to make cheap calls without the added cost of a big unlimited call package. The plan options are as follows:

Plan Unlimited ADSL2+ Only Unlimited ADSL2+ Home Phone Bundle
Cost per month $44.95 $64.95
Data allowance Unlimited Unlimited
Home Phone Landline calls 15c/min, mobiles 20c/min

Source: Australia Broadband website

There are also significant discounts to be had on your setup fee if you opt for a longer plan. With monthly, 12 month or 24 month deals to choose from, you can opt for increased flexibility or lower overall costs. Australia Broadband’s contract options are:

Plan length No Contract 12 Month Deal 24 Month Deal
Setup fees $119.95 $79.95 $0

NBN plans

When it comes to NBN plans, Australia Broadband charges more for month to month contracts, but offers similar discounts on its setup fees for longer contract terms. As is the case with all NBN plans, you can choose from one of four speed tiers ranging from 12/1 Mbps to the maximum 100/40 Mbps. The Unlimited NBN Bundle costs an extra $5 per month on any contract, and also adds a VoIP NBN phone connection allowing you to make calls on a PAYG basis.

Plan Unlimited NBN
Data allowance Unlimited
Plan length No Contract 12 Month Deal 24 Month Deal
Cost per month $64.95 $59.95 $59.95
Setup fees $119.95 $99.95 $0

Source: Australia Broadband website

On the NBN, you can choose from one of four tiers of maximum download and upload speeds, with higher speeds costing extra each month. Australian Broadband offers all four options, which each add the following amount to your base monthly fee:

12/1 Mbps 25/5 Mbps 50/20 Mbps 100/40 Mbps
Included $15/month $30/month $40/month

How does Australia Broadband compare to other providers?

Australia Broadband’s base ADSL plan is amongst the best-value unlimited plans you’re likely to find. At $44.95 per month, the only plans which cost less are those from AusBBS, Inspired and Dodo. The same is true for the more expensive ADSL bundle with line rental. Only TPG, SpinTel and AusBBS can beat Australian Broadband on price for the same inclusions.

Australian Broadband also gives you the option of several contract lengths, enabling you to reduce or even entirely mitigate the initial activation fee. The inclusion of free Presto streaming for three months – when most competitors include no extras at all – is even more of an incentive to switch.

The NBN plans on offer provide similarly impressive value for money. The basic unlimited NBN plan is one of the cheapest of its kind in Australia, with only AusBBS and SpinTel matching it on price. If you’re after a cheap NBN connection, it’s a no-brainer. Australian Broadband’s plans are still great value as speeds and prices increase, although the Tier 5 plan is beaten by MyRepublic and several others on price.

Australian Broadband may not be the best-known ISP out there, but they certainly make up for it with their product range. Both their ADSL and NBN connections are among the best-value plans on the market. And when you factor in the complimentary Presto subscriptions and multiple contract options, Australian Broadband starts to look a very attractive option indeed.

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