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How to watch the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship in Australia

There’s nothing like the big-stage to get a football fan’s blood pumping, with stages not coming much bigger the UEFA European Championship. Known simply as ‘The Euros’, the European Championship pits the best European countries against each other every four years, and is arguably second only to the World Cup in terms of prestige. But for those Down Under, where exactly can you watch this European football action? Find out all you need to know about the Euros in this Canstar Blue article.

How to watch the 2024 Euros

Optus Sport will be the sole broadcaster for the Euro 2024 Championship in Australia, showcasing every game of the competition, including the Grand Final. Games and broadcasts will generally take place from 11pm to 5am AEST, giving both night owls and the early risers something to cheer about. Optus Sport also offers on-demand coverage of the Euros, meaning if you’re not too keen on messing up your sleep schedule, replays are at your disposal.

How can I sign up to Optus Sport?

Optus Sport is available as a standalone service – which you can sign up to for $24.99 per month, or $199 for an annual subscription – with Optus customers able to sign up for the service for $6.99 through Optus’ SubHub platform.

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When does the Euro 2024 Championship start?

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The 2024 Euros will be played from mid-June in 2024, with qualifying matches beginning in March, 2023. Germany will be the host nation for the 2024 competition.

Euros 2024 Qualifying Fixtures

With the 2024 Euros creeping closer, the qualifying matches have started. Upcoming fixtures include:

  • Montenegro Vs. Serbia – 4:35am (AEST) Tuesday, March 28
  • Hungary Vs. Bulgaria – 4:35am (AEST) Tuesday, March 28
  • Austria Vs. Estonia – 4:35am (AEST) Tuesday, March 28
  • Sweden Vs. Azerbaijan – 4:35am (AEST) Tuesday, March 28
  • Moldova Vs. Czechia – 4:35am (AEST) Tuesday, March 28
  • Poland Vs. Albania – 4:35am (AEST) Tuesday, March 28
  • Republic of Ireland Vs. France – 4:35am (AEST) Tuesday, March 28
  • Netherlands Vs. Gibraltar – 4:35am (AEST) Tuesday, March 28
  • Georgia Vs. Norway – 4:35am (AEST) Wednesday, March 29
  • Switzerland Vs. Israel – 4:35am (AEST) Wednesday, March 29
  • Romania Vs. Belarus– 4:35am (AEST) Wednesday, March 29
  • Kosovo Vs. Andorra – 4:35am (AEST) Wednesday, March 29
  • Wales Vs. Latvia – 4:35am (AEST) Wednesday, March 29
  • Turkiye Vs. Croatia – 4:35am (AEST) Wednesday, March 29
  • Scotland Vs. Spain – 4:35am (AEST) Wednesday, March 29

You can also watch the semi-finals and final of the Euro competition for free, with Optus Sport announcing they’re making the live coverage free for all Australians.

When is the finals of the Euro 2024 competition?

The finals of the 2024 Euros competition will be played on July 14, 2024, with location and kick-off time to be announced closer to the day.

What are the groups for Euro 2024?

With qualifying matches underway, who can we expect to take the field to reach the next stage? The full group breakdown is as follows, with the top two of each group reaching the next stage:

  • Group A – Spain, Scotland, Norway, Georgia, Cyprus
  • Group B – Netherlands, France, Republic of Ireland, Greece, Gibraltar
  • Group C – Italy, England, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Malta
  • Group D – Croatia, Wales, Armenia, Turkiye, Latvia
  • Group E – Poland, Czechia, Albania, Faroe Islands, Moldova
  • Group F – Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Estonia
  • Group G – Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Lithuania
  • Group H – Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Northern Ireland, San Marino
  • Group I – Switzerland, Israel, Romania, Kosovo, Belarus, Andorra
  • Group J – Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iceland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Liechtenstein

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