ActewAGL vs EnergyAustralia: Electricity Cost Comparison

Energy prices in the ACT are changing from 1 October 2021 due to the introduction of a Reference Price. We are working to ensure that the latest product information is displayed. Always confirm details with the provider before making a purchase decision.

While ActewAGL is undeniably a heavyweight in the nation’s capital, how does EnergyAustralia rank in terms of price and value? Canberrans know how to spot a good deal when they see one, which is why we’ve pitted these two electricity and gas providers against each other. We’ll find out whether ActewAGL comes up with the goods, or if contender EnergyAustralia has more to offer. Let’s get stuck in.

ActewAGL vs EnergyAustralia – Cheapest Deals

Here are the cheapest published deals on our database for ActewAGL and EnergyAustralia in New South Wales. The pricing of these plans below factor in any conditional discounts that may be available.

ActewAGL vs EnergyAustralia NSW

Here are the ActewAGL and EnergyAustralia plans on our database for NSW. This table includes products from a referral partner†. These costs are based on the Essential Energy network but prices may vary depending on your circumstances. This comparison assumes general energy usage of 4600kWh/year for a residential customer on a single rate tariff. Use our comparison tool for a specific comparison in your area. Our database may not cover all deals in your area. As always, check all details of any plan directly with the retailer before making a purchase decision.

About ActewAGL

ActewAGL is a shared venture between energy retailer AGL and ACT Government-owned ACTEW Corporation, which has roughly 345,000 customers across Canberra and surrounding areas. There are normally multiple plans on offer from ActewAGL, most of which have varying discounts and conditions. Here are some quick facts about ActewAGL:

  • More than 100 years of experience retailing electricity and gas in the ACT
  • Provides other services like solar, heating, hot water systems and more
  • Dual fuel discounts available for combining electricity with gas

About EnergyAustralia

EnergyAustralia is one of the ‘big three’ retailers in Australia, but its presence is not as well known in the ACT. That being said, EnergyAustralia has plenty to offer, including a couple of plans to choose from which usually feature some perks like guaranteed discounts. Below are some key facts about EnergyAustralia:

  • Sells electricity and gas in most states across Australia
  • Provides a handy app for customers to check on billing and account information
  • Is known to specialise in fixed rate energy plans

Should I choose ActewAGL or EnergyAustralia?

For residential customers living in Canberra, the good news is you can now choose from multiple different energy retailers, which is great for competition in the area. While it’s safe to say that ActewAGL still holds a major share of the market across the ACT and surrounding areas, it’s brands like EnergyAustralia that’ll keep big regional players like ActewAGL in check. Just be sure to compare all details of an electricity plan before signing up. That way you’ll get maximum value out of your provider.

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