ALDI makes long-awaited move & rolls out shopping baskets nationwide

ALDI shoppers rejoice! The budget supermarket has announced it will now add shopping baskets to all stores nationwide to help Aussies say goodbye to ‘octopus arms’ and make their ‘weekly shop and dash in top-ups’ easier.

Until now, ALDI customers had to bring their own bags, and use spare cardboard boxes or coin-operated trolleys to hold their groceries. The budget supermarket also previously sold shopping baskets in Special Buys for $10 a move widely criticised by bargain hunters.

ALDI announced shopping baskets will be rolled across stores nationwide and free of charge in a Facebook post that has already garnered hundreds of comments from happy shoppers.

“Thank god, no more juggling things”, one user posted.

“Finally”, another person simply said.

Although some customers are still waiting for the German retailer to introduce other standard ‘luxuries’ available in other supermarkets, such as smaller trolleys and express checkout lanes for shoppers with only a few items.

“Smaller trolleys would be great too,” one shopper commented.

“And when do you plan on bringing scales to weigh fruit and veggies, or should we continue to guesstimate?” one asked.

“I thought the big announcement was going to be online shopping and delivery! I will save the good champagne for that day!!!” one shopper said.

ALDI previously rolled out baskets in select stores as part of a trial last year. 

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