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Energy Cost of Stand-by Appliances

How much is standby power costing you?

Posted by October 26th 2023

Standby power is an often overlooked contributor to your electricity bill. Find out what standby power is costing you and what you can do about it.

Dyson And Hoover Compared

Hoover vs Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Posted by November 23rd 2023

They’re two of the biggest names in the vacuuming world – but does Dyson or Hoover offer the best features and value?

Dyson vs Shark Vacuum Comparison

Dyson Vs Shark Vacuum Cleaners

Posted by November 23rd 2023

Dyson and Shark go head to head in the battle to win a spot in your home. Compare their products, features and price at Canstar Blue.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Posted by November 23rd 2023

Getting down and dirty with pet fur, long hair and dust is a mess that you’d probably rather sweep under the rug. A bagged vacuum cleaner might be the perfect solution to this problem. Alternative bagless models require …

Backpack Vacuum Buying Guide

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Posted by February 8th 2024

Backpack vacuum cleaners provide maximum versatility for commercial cleaning, and can be just as useful in the home. This style of vacuum is designed to make it easy to clean, having no barrel to drag …

utility connection services explained

What is a utility connection service?

Posted by September 28th 2023

When applying to rent a property, you could be offered a free utility connection service. While they are convenient, what’s the true cost? Find out at Canstar Blue.

The best milk frothers

Milk Frother Buying Guide

Posted by October 4th 2023

We all love coffee and no matter how you take your coffee, if you take it with milk you’ll want it just the way you like. So why not create perfectly frothed milk at home? …

Two iPhone 12 Pro Max phones in Gold and Blue

Optus iPhone Plans & Prices

Posted by September 21st 2023

Compare all Optus iPhone plans in Australia with Canstar Blue, including the latest deals on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Lights on the ceiling of a warehouse

How much electricity does a business use?

Posted by August 29th 2023

For many Australian businesses, power is one of the biggest and most expensive overheads. As such, it’s important that business owners understand what their electricity usage looks like in order to find the best electricity …

Best upholstery cleaners

Upholstery Cleaner Buying Guide

Posted by November 23rd 2023

Upholstery cleaning isn’t something you would immediately add into their spring cleaning itinerary but keeping carpets and couches fresh all year round could be the way to go. Upholstery cleaners, also known as spot cleaners, …

Studying online

How does online university work?

Posted by August 22nd 2023

Online university provides a valuable alternative to a brick-and-mortar university experience. Common misconceptions about online degrees paint virtual institutions as simple diploma mills, but in reality, they can provide just as much knowledge and gravitas …

University Students Graduation

How much does university cost in Australia?

Posted by August 15th 2023

Australia is spoilt for choice with its university options, with Australian universities consistently making their way into the top rankings across the world. But unlike days gone, a university education has a price tag attached …

Average grocery bill Australia

What is the average grocery bill?

Posted by February 23rd 2024

Buying groceries is one of our biggest living expenses after housing costs, so it makes ‘cents’ Aussies look to reduce their grocery bills whenever possible. For that, it’s important to know exactly what we’re spending …

Good vacuum cleaners for pet hair

Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Posted by November 23rd 2023

We all know how tough your beloved pooch’s hair is to get out of the living room rug. If your vacuum cleaner just doesn’t cut it, then these vacuums might.

Bar Fridges Buying Guide

Bar Fridge Buying Guide

Posted by December 12th 2023

When it comes to entertaining, the bar fridge is one of the most essential appliances a household can have, allowing guests to store and cool their drinks without cluttering up the main fridge. While your kitchen …

Best Food Dehydrators 2021

4 Best Food Dehydrators to Buy (2023)

Posted by September 7th 2023

Dehydrating foods isn’t something many people would think of if they’re preparing snacks or meals for the week. However, it can be an extremely useful way to prepare food to save space and also help …

EOFY Washing Machine Sales

2023 EOFY Washing Machine Sales

Posted by July 3rd 2023

The washing machine can be the unsung hero of the house, helping to keep the household looking and feeling fresh. But as with any workhorse, it can get tired after years of use, with the …

2023 EOFY Clothes Dryers Sales

Posted by June 27th 2023

Canstar Blue reviews a number of top clothes dryer brands to provide you with some of the best end of financial year sales bargains.

2023 EOFY TV deals

Posted by June 27th 2023

Nothing improves your living room like a nice big, HD, flat-screen TV. And the end of financial year sales time could present the ideal opportunity for you to get a great deal on a shiny …