ALDI set to launch shopping baskets in stores VERY SOON

ALDI shoppers rejoice! The budget supermarket is set to roll out shopping baskets in stores as early as next year.

The baskets will be a permanent fixture in ALDI stores nationwide from early 2022, following an initial trial in select locations in July. ALDI currently only has trolleys that can be unlocked with a coin or trolley token − a huge pain point for shoppers. Alternatively, customers can also bring their own shopping bags to stores or buy ALDI reusable bags at the checkout.

The news about baskets hitting stores has already sparked a frenzy among loyal ALDI fans on social media.

ALDI shopping baskets on social media
Source: ALDI Mums Facebook.

“Oh, basket goodie… this might help me and stop me from overbuying… well I hope,” one person said.

“And the baskets aren’t locked together or don’t have to be separated with a coin…(yay),’ one commenter wrote.

But, not everyone was impressed with some shoppers pointing out that one of the reasons ALDI was able to keep prices down for customers was by skimping on utilities like baskets.

“They originally didn’t have baskets − that’s one reason for the lower prices,” one shopper said.

Others said it was only a matter of time before customers began to steal baskets to take home.

“We had baskets years ago, only lasted a limited time… never to return,” one person replied.

“We had baskets for a few months in 2019, then they disappeared never to return. Plus, the staff used to put them in random places (i.e. they were only at the entrance a few times, then moved to the middle of the store or hidden in the corner by the dairy section),” one person wrote.

ALDI also launched self-serve checkouts in select stores earlier this year.

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