Powerline Adapters: What are they and do you need one?

Posted by June 3rd 2022

Slow internet can rival some of the most frustrating instances on the planet, and with our increased reliance on instant and reliable connection, the stakes are even higher. Ethernet powerline adapters aim to aid this …

How to save money on your internet bill

Posted by June 1st 2022

There’s no doubt that home internet bills can be expensive. While most of Australia is now connected to the NBN, it certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing when it comes to prices. While NBN wholesaler NBN …


ADSL vs NBN – What’s the difference?

Posted by June 6th 2022

The internet space has become increasingly confusing over the recent years, as various different options have entered the fray and given consumers various options to choose from. While there’s a fair few internet options, two …


What is ADSL?

Posted by June 6th 2022

ADSL launched in 1999, and was the first-choice for internet users in Australia for years. Like many of the other tech acronyms, ADSL’s true purpose can be a bit confusing. So leave the stress-work to …

Happy amn using phone against blue wall

Telstra finally extends 5G network access to smaller telcos

Posted by May 11th 2022

Telstra has confirmed its long-awaited 5G wholesale service will go live in July, giving more customers potential access to the next-generation mobile technology. The news is a game-changer for Telstra Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), who …

Netflix internet speeds

The best internet providers for Netflix

Posted by June 6th 2022

Downloading high-quality Netflix content requires a good internet connection. Find out which Australian internet providers are up to the job at Canstar Blue.

Modem in the home

What is the best NBN modem?

Posted by May 12th 2022

For many of us, choosing the best NBN modem might be too complicated to think about, and that’s why NBN providers typically offer one or two modems for customers to add on to their NBN …