Vodafone offering free Netflix on selected phone plans


Commuters and streamers can rejoice, knowing that one of Australia’s largest telcos is dishing up free Netflix for a year.

Until 6 July, Vodafone is offering up to a year’s worth of free Netflix. Users will be able to redeem the offer after they sign up to a selected ‘Red’ postpaid mobile phone plan.

Up to a year’s worth of the Netflix two-screens package is available for redemption, which ordinarily costs about $14 a month.

Vodafone has said users can upgrade the pack to the 4K, four-screens package, but the subscription length will be less. Instead, users could redeem up to about nine months’ worth of the four-screen Netflix option.

This isn’t the first time that Vodafone has offered free Netflix. Earlier in 2018, customers who signed up to selected Vodafone NBN plans also got access to the same offer.

The entire offer is worth about $167 and users will have to sign up quickly to redeem it.

How much are we spending on phone plans?

The amount Aussies are spending on their phone plans is less than the same time a year ago, a Canstar Blue study has found.

In July 2018, Canstar Blue found that postpaid mobile customers were spending about $36 a month on their plans, in contrast to a little over $40 a month a year ago.

In the handset phone plan space, however, users are spending more. In 2018, the average spend was $81 a month, as opposed to just under the $80 mark a year ago.

A staggering 87 per cent of survey respondents think SIM-only plans provide better value. 88 per cent find their plan affordable, as opposed to 81 per cent of customers who pay for a phone on a plan.

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