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Review of iiNet mobile phone plans

Best-known as a home internet provider, iiNet is a real home-grown success story, having become one of the biggest and arguably most popular telcos in Australia since it was founded in 1993. Nowadays it challenges big guys Telstra and Optus, and since being acquired by TPG, iiNet has become part of the second-largest telco in Australia. The company has built up an almost unrivalled reputation for customer service and advocacy, and frequently rates highly in our customer satisfaction ratings. But what can be said of iiNet’s mobile phone plans?

Whilst iiNet’s roots are in fixed broadband, it also offers a comprehensive line-up of postpaid mobile phone plans. The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) utilises the Optus 4G network to provide its service, ensuring reliable and fast connections for all customers. So what does iiNet offer in the mobile stakes and how does it compare to the competition? Let’s take a look.

iiNet Mobile Phone Plans: What’s on offer?

iiNet’s range of postpaid plans is concise and easy to understand, helping you pick the plan that best meets your usage requirements.

  • $400 call and text value, 2GB data – $19.99
  • Unlimited calls and texts, 2GB data – $29.99
  • Unlimited calls and texts, $300 international value, 7GB data – $39.99
  • Unlimited calls and texts, $300 international value, 9GB data – $49.99

iiNet’s four different postpaid plans follow a similar structure to other cost-conscious providers – all plans are SIM-only and come on a month-to-month basis. As for the only plan without unlimited calls and texts, the price breakdown is as follows:

  • Standard national texts – 25c
  • Standard international texts – 35c
  • Standard national calls – 90c/minute plus 35c flagfall
  • Two minute phone call costs $2.15

It’s also handy having international calling included in the two dearest plans. Rates aren’t readily available for all to see, but you can enter your destination country here. Rates generally include both calls to landlines and mobiles. Some popular countries include:

  • UK – 55c/minute
  • New Zealand – 51c/minute
  • Canada – 40c/minute
  • USA – 29c/minute

As for all plans, your only upfront cost is a $10 SIM card fee, which is prohibitive considering many other providers deliver it for free, or for $2. Interestingly, you don’t get a 3-in-1 SIM card:

  • You have to choose either a dual-cut SIM-card (regular and micro sized), which fits an iPhone 4 and earlier, along with any Samsung Galaxy S5 and older,
  • OR you choose a nano SIM, which suits iPhone 5 and above, and a Samsung Galaxy S6 and above.

This is a peculiarity, as many SIM packs sent out these days come with all three sizes included – regular, micro and nano SIMs. This can be annoying, especially if you’ve decided to choose iiNet but haven’t chosen a new phone yet! It’s a rare instance, but we imagine it does happen. Either way, iiNet has provided a SIM card guide on its website.

iiNet says that not all mobile handsets are compatible with its SIM cards and of course, it is probably necessary for your handset to be unlocked prior to use. Further, as iiNet is a postpaid service, expect excess charges if you exceed your limit, although iiNet says it will likely restrict your service should costs go above $200 for the month!

  • Excess data is also charged in a $10/1GB block.

Let’s get a better look at what iiNet has to offer:

How does iiNet compare to other providers?

iiNet compares pretty well to its competition, but for it to remain competitive it will have to keep evolving and challenging other MVNOs. You can’t help but admire the simplicity of iiNet’s four straightforward phone plans. Just like with its fixed line broadband services, the telco knows how to make life easier for its customers, with products easy to compare. So let’s see how its postpaid plans compare.

iiNet $19.99 Plan Compared

Here, iiNet is pretty line-ball with its competitors. While it is seemingly better value than some, it falls behind others. Yomojo looks to be the standout in this category, being one of the cheapest to offer unlimited calls and texts as well as 2GB of data in the postpaid sphere. Jeenee and Exetel also offer some enticing plans, but you’ll have to figure out your own needs and if it’s better to have a minute limit, or a dollar value attached to your calls.

iiNet $29.99 Plan Compared

Is the prospect of unlimited calls and texts worth the extra $10 a month? Only you can decide that. The second tier plan from iiNet brings the same data inclusions but with unlimited credit. However, in this price bracket it struggles to compete with other providers that all offer a fair bit more data for the price point. Yomojo is leading the pack with a whopping 6GB of data. Jeenee also offers a healthy 4GB, and customer favourite Amaysim offers 3GB for the same amount of money – all without a pesky $10 fee!

iiNet $39.99 Plan Compared

At the higher end, it’s a similar story to the first plan as iiNet’s 7GB deal at $39.99 per month brings great value compared to some other telcos. However, it faces tough competition at this price point, with familiar faces Jeenee and Yomojo both offering whopping amounts of data for the price. Low-cost disrupter Vaya stands out as the cheapest of the four, offering 8GB of data. But iiNet’s international inclusions may get you over the line. Jeenee also offers $300 of international calling.

iiNet $49.99 Plan Compared

Finally, iiNet’s most expensive plan gives you a whopping 9GB of data along with plenty of international call minutes, putting it right up there in terms of value, but it struggles against plans that offer more than 10GB for similar amounts. Yomojo again leads the way, while TeleChoice is not far behind. SpinTel offers a whopping 30GB – but on 3G data only.

Should I get an iiNet mobile plan?

iiNet offers an exciting range of postpaid mobile phone plans that could go along nicely with your broadband plan, but in the fast-paced world of SIM-only MVNOs, iiNet sometimes struggles to keep up with the smaller providers. Yomojo and Jeenee frequently prove to be a thorn in its side, as these two frequently offer more data for the same or less money. Overall though, iiNet stacks up pretty well, and the other two heavy hitters – Telstra and Optus – are nowhere to be seen. So, should you get an iiNet mobile plan? The answer could be yes – you can’t really put a foot wrong – but better value might be found with a little hunting around.

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