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Review of TPG mobile phone plans

In a sea of low-cost, value-packed mobile phone plans, it can be easy for a company to have their voice heard. As the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and TPG has been causing a squawk in the mobile industry lately with their takeover of iiNet. However, there’s more to TPG than strict business – they offer some great prepaid mobile plans too.

Founded by enigmatic billionaire David Teoh back in 1986, TPG is now Australia’s second largest broadband provider and one of the largest challenger mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). TPG utilises the Vodafone network to provide fast 4G speeds to the vast majority of customers, and offers several cheap, good value plans in keeping with its overall business ethos.

Here we outline what to expect from TPG’s current mobile plans, as well as how its inclusions compare to the immediate competition.

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TPG prepaid mobile plans

TPG offers four distinct, concise, ‘no-fuss’ plans across a range of price points. All service options are SIM-only, allowing you to bring your own device, and come on a month-to-month basis with a one-off $10 SIM card fee. So, if you’re unhappy with the service you won’t be locked in.

Let’s get a quick rundown of them here:

Price per Month

Plan Features

$19.99 1.5GB data, $550 included value for calls and texts
$29.99 3GB data, unlimited calls and texts
$34.99 7GB data, Unlimited calls and texts
$39.99 10GB data, unlimited calls and texts

Source: TPG website

TPG $19.99 Plan

For less than $20, you’re entering Great Value Territory, partner. 1.5GB of data is handy for social media on the commute to work and a hint of gaming. If you use too much data, you’ll be charged 10c for every megabyte thereafter, which is at the more expensive end of excess data charges.

The $550 of included value provides a fair chunk of calls and texts. When you dive into details, you’ll find that TPG bills calls at 99c per minute, plus a 40c flagfall. Texts are billed at 25.3c each. This means that theoretically you could make up to 231 calls, as per TPG’s Critical Information Summary, or send more than 2,100 texts. We imagine you’ll be able to achieve a good balance of both with this plan. Another bonus is that while you will be slugged with a $10 setup fee, your first month is free. So effectively you pay $9.99 for the first month.

TPG $29.99 Plan

Putting $10 more on the table will see your data inclusions double, and you won’t have to worry about calls and texts anymore – they’re unlimited! This is a serious step-up in the value stakes, which will see you browsing and gaming with the best of them. No maths is required to see how many texts or calls you have left either – you can chat and type until your heart’s content.

TPG $34.99 Plan

For a mere fiver more, you’ll see yourself receiving 4GB’s worth of data extra. This is a pretty good ploy from TPG – who wouldn’t want 4GB more for $5?! With this much data you’ll be able to stream the odd footy game or two, play games on the bus, and look-up memes until your dark humour cravings are well and truly satisfied.

TPG $39.99 Plan

The top-end plan in TPG’s line-up is still quite cheap by comparison to a lot of other telcos. For under $40, you can dive into 10GB of data heaven, which will have you gaming and streaming with the best of them. This is a great plan for those always on the move and needing web access wherever they are. Plus with Vodafone’s 4G coverage, you can be assured you’ll be browsing with decent speeds – especially in major metro areas.

If those big credit inclusions aren’t quite enough, you can always pack on another 1GB of data for $10, as well as make international calls on a PAYG basis. Enough about the plans themselves; we all want to know how they compare to the competition!

How does TPG compare to other mobile providers?

TPG’s plans range in price from $20 to $40 per month, which lands the MVNO right in the mainstream in terms of costs and credit inclusions. Let’s see how they stack up in a heated prepaid mobile competition:

$19.99 Plan Compared

This plan sits nicely among the competition. TPG’s main rivals in this price bracket are ALDI Mobile, Coles Mobile and Yomojo. TPG looks set to take the crown here. While Coles wins out in the data department, it should be noted it’s on a 28-day billing period, meaning you effectively get billed 13 times a year instead of 12. TPG also trumps ALDI in value-included and Yomojo in data.

$29.99 Plan Compared

The $30 range of prepaid mobile plans sees TPG up against some tougher competition. In this price bracket, there are simply more providers offering more data. Who reigns supreme? TPG competes against Amaysim, Kogan and Lebara. While the two former telcos offer the same data, it seems that Lebara wins out with a hefty 5GB. All in all, it’s pretty neck and neck and bonus offers can come into effect here as well.

$34.99 Plan Compared

As we move up in the mid-tier of mobile plans, we see that telcos are ramping up the data inclusions big time. Here TPG again sits very well among the competition, however it loses out to both OVO Mobile and Kogan as far as data is concerned. Also in competition is ALDI Mobile again, but TPG trumps their plan by a gigabyte.

$39.99 Plan Compared

TPG faces even more telcos in this price bracket. However, a promising thing to learn is that they’re the only prepaid telco to offer 10GB of data for less than $40! If that’s not value, then we’re stumped. Here, TPG wins out against Coles Mobile, Optus and Boost Mobile, but these guys simply cannot compete with TPG’s data.

Is a TPG prepaid mobile plan worth the money?

Throughout TPG’s prepaid offerings, you will notice a trend. That is, TPG is always at or near the front of the pack when it comes to included value at the price points they provide. As the plan prices increase, so too does their value – and dramatically. At less than $20, the $19.99 plan faces the hardest time out of TPG’s four plans. You’ll find that the $39.99 plan is the most exciting out of the competition – if you’re in the market for a prepaid plan around $40, then going with TPG will give you the most data.

Overall, TPG is consistent in offering good value for money, and if you’re in the market for a plan at the prices TPG offer, then we suspect you’ll be putting TPG into your list of telcos to consider.

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