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Review of GoTalk mobile phone plans

If you’re like many of us, you may be looking for a new, better-value mobile phone plan, but are simply frazzled by the sheer amount of options currently available. ‘Plan X has such-and-such inclusion, but Plan Y has more data for the same price, whereas Plan Z promises me the world but only when the crows are flying west.’ It can be a tough time researching all the different phone plans out there, and it’s easy to put it into the ‘too hard’ basket. We all want a simple, no-fuss plan that simply delivers good value – and this is where GoTalk steps in. Read up on what GoTalk has to offer in this review by Canstar Blue.


What is GoTalk?

GoTalk is one of Australia’s many low-cost mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). It works exclusively on a prepaid basis, offering several different plan types and specialising in international calls and texts. With no lock-in contracts, and coverage from the Vodafone 3G network, GoTalk is a great no-frills option for those looking to keep up with friends and family.

We’ve checked out what’s on offer to see just what GoTalk’s plans include, as well as how they compare to other carriers. GoTalk offers plans in four different varieties – AnyTime, Aussie, Max and Straight Talk Plus. Let’s have a quick overview of what GoTalk offers:

Plan Features Price per Month
Anytime PAYG calls, text, data, cheap international rates $10 or $30 credit
Aussie Unlimited talk & text, 2GB data $30
Unlimited talk & text, 4GB data $40
MAX Off-peak call rates from 0c/min plus 30c flagfall, cheap international rates $10 or $30 credit
Straight Talk Plus Cheap international calls and texts $10 or $30 credit

GoTalk PAYG Plans

With an intricate range of PAYG plans, you’d be forgiven for wondering what the points of these GoTalk plans are. The Anytime plans are great for those users who desire PAYG rates to phone numbers in Australia. If you’ve got no wont for calling internationally, then this set-up may be for you. These plans feature 0c/minute calling with a 29c flagfall, and 15c for texts. Data is billed at 5c a megabyte. If you find you’re making lots of calls, then Anytime plans may be for you. A phone call to the UK here is billed at 3c/minute, which is very reasonable.

The MAX plans are similar, but are more geared towards night owls who would benefit from cheap off-peak call rates. Here, call rates are 0c/minute plus a 30c flagfall between the hours of midnight to 11am, which is quite generous. Here you realise that GoTalk is catering towards users who might like to call internationally. Here, a phone call to the UK in peak times is 9c/minute and 5c/minute in off-peak times.

The Straight Talk plans might be the most standout plans if you desire international liaising. International calls can be had from 1/2c/minute plus a 35c flagfall. This is a 24-hour rate, so you needn’t worry about peak/off-peak. Worldwide and domestic texts are a flat 15c, which is a great proposition. The rate per minute for a phone call to the UK is 3.5c with the Straight Talk plans.

Overall, while these PAYG plans seem similar, it’s not until you dig into the bill rates that you’ll realise they are slightly different.

GoTalk Aussie plans

If you’re understandably confused by the above PAYG plans, then why not go all-out and dive into one of these basic unlimited Aussie plans. For $30, you get unlimited calls and texts, plus 2GB of data. For $10 more, you’ll receive the same but with 4GB of data. Simple. If you’re not content with just this, keep in mind these plans also feature cheap international call rates (at PAYG rates of course). A phone call to the UK is billed at 3c/minute for example.

Let’s see how these plans stack up against the competition.

How does GoTalk compare to other mobile providers?

GoTalk’s wide variety of prepaid recharges sees it competing with a diverse array of rival telcos. With hugely variable call rates – both internationally and domestically – it’s difficult to compare apples with apples in the PAYG world. If you’re set on a PAYG plan, it pays to read the Critical Information Summary of each plan you’ve lined up to determine who offers the best rates. We can say though that GoTalk offers an exciting prospect of cheap international call and text rates, with often only a flagfall to pay for. If you’re frequently calling abroad then GoTalk may be up your alley.

Thankfully the Aussie plans – as slightly more traditional SIM-only deals around these days – are easier to compare with the competition. How do they fare?

GoTalk $30 plan compared

While it’s great to get unlimited calls and texts with 2GB of data, the fact is that GoTalk loses out here in the data ranks. TPG, Lebara and Yomojo all offer more data for a comparable price, as well as a vast array of bonuses to entice you. However, where GoTalk may win out is their cheap international rates for calls – it’s best to consult the Critical Information Summaries of each of these providers.

GoTalk $40 plan compared

Jumping up $10 will see GoTalk doubling up the data inclusions to 4GB, which is an enticing prospect if you’re the type of person who’s always on the go and needing to stay connected. Unfortunately GoTalk falls behind here again, as they are trumped in the data inclusions by quite a margin. Here they compete primarily with Boost Mobile, Coles Mobile and TPG who all offer more data for around the same cost. The latter of which has the biggest data inclusion for a prepaid plan under $40.

Are GoTalk prepaid mobile plans good value?

GoTalk is quite a unique telco in the sense they offer a broad range of internationally-inclined. What does this mean? Well, they simply offer great rates to international numbers. Where other providers charge an arm and leg for making a call to your sister taking a gap year in Europe, GoTalk provides a way to call her without sending you broke in the process. In this instance, GoTalk is a winner here with its cheap international call and text rates. How about their unlimited plans?

The Aussie unlimited plans are cheap, no fuss plans that include a decent amount of data. However, they lose out frequently to other low-cost carriers who offer more data for less. Overall, GoTalk’s plans are easy and convenient, but with a little more work you can find a telco that offers supremely better value.

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