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Review of Hello Mobile phone plans

If you’re after a prepaid mobile plan in Australia, there are many service providers to choose from, most notably in the SIM-only market, where you insert a SIM card into your phone and off you go. Like a crowded night market in the heart of Bangkok, the vendors are jostling for your attention. In the prepaid mobile phone plan world, providers are frequently offering more bang for buck, which is great news for you.

One provider trying to stand out from the crowd is Hello Mobile. A low cost telco owned by TelPacific, it offers several prepaid plans – all of which come on a no-contract basis, using the Vodafone 4G Network. As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Hello Mobile offers a small range of mobile plans to suit slightly different users and budgets. So say hello to Hello Mobile’s plans below.


Hello Mobile Phone Plans

Hello Mobile offers just two plans, each capturing distinctly different users in the market.

  • PAYG 1GB: ‘pay as you go’ rates but with data included with a 30-day expiry.
  • Unlimited 10GB: A big phone plan with unlimited calls & texts plus 10GB data with a 30-day expiry.

So them’s the two plans. PAYG rates are: 10c per minute calls, 10c SMS, 75c MMS and excess data 5c per megabyte.  As you can see, there is not much to choose from here, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. See how Hello Mobile stacks up below.

How does Hello Mobile compare to other providers?

Hello Mobile has drastically simplified its range of phone plans, which is arguably a good thing. Both plans are generally competitive in the market, so let’s see how they compare below.

Hello Mobile $35 Unlimited Plan Compared

With 10GB of data, this plan sits reasonably well among the competition. Hello here competes with the likes of OVO Mobile, ALDI Mobile, and Kogan Mobile – the latter of which offers a massive 16GB of data for around the same rough price. Hello Mobile is generally pretty competitive here, though you may be able to eke out an extra gigabyte or so from other providers for a similar price.

Hello Mobile 1GB PAYG Plan Compared

With PAYG plans such as these, you will have to keep an eye out for the rates that sit behind the recharge values. Hello Mobile’s rates are luckily pretty reasonable. Many providers charge 99c/minute for phone calls, still, so Hello Mobile compared to these rates is pretty cheap. Still, it faces stiff competition from ALDI Mobile and Amaysim, which also manage to provide cheap plans. Hello’s 1GB inclusion is super handy, especially when you could be paying upwards of 15c per megabyte from the likes of Amaysim, which adds up quickly.

Should you say ‘hello’ to Hello Mobile?

Hello Mobile has a concise range of plans – from the small, PAYG plan to the large unlimited plan with generous amounts of data included. Its PAYG plan offers fairly cheap call, SMS and data rates and Hello’s unlimited plan is also quite competitive, if somewhat lacking among the cheapest of the cheap… but we’re talking dollars and cents here.

That’s not to say Hello Mobile is ‘bad’ value, rather, in a fast-paced phone plan world, there is always going to be at least one provider that offers more of XYZ. Things can change almost on a daily basis, so it pays to always be on the lookout for a better value plan – especially in the prepaid world.

Overall, Hello Mobile plans are distinctly ‘fairly decent’ when it comes to included value. There are a couple of providers that offer better value, but there are many that offer worse. It’s up to you to decide whether Hello Mobile has exactly what you need at the price you want. After all, it has such a large range of plans…

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