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Review of Hello Mobile phone plans

If you’re after a prepaid mobile plan in Australia, there are numerous service providers to choose from, most notably in the SIM-only market, where you insert a SIM card into your phone and off you go. Like a crowded night market in the heart of Bangkok, the vendors are jostling for your attention. In the prepaid mobile phone plan world, providers are frequently offering more bang for buck, which is great news for you.

One provider trying to stand out from the crowd is Hello Mobile. A low cost telco owned by TelPacific, it offers several prepaid plans – all of which come on a no-contract basis, using the Vodafone 4G Network. As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Hello Mobile offers a large range of mobile plans to suit a lot of different budgets and needs. So say hello to Hello Mobile’s plans below.

Hello Mobile Phone Plans

Plan Name What’s Included Price (Expiry period)
Supa Plans $10 value $10 (90 days)
$20 value $20 (90 days)
$30 value $30 (90 days)
Combo Plans $10 value, bonus 50 minutes to selected countries $10 (30 days)
Unlimited calls and texts, 2GB data, 250 international minutes $39.90 (30 days)
Eazy Plans $20 value $20 (30 days)
$30 value $30 (30 days)
Unlimited Plans Unlimited calls and texts, 2GB data $29.90 (30 days)
Unlimited calls and texts, 4GB data $39.90 (30 days)
Unlimited calls and texts, 5GB data $49.90 (30 days)
Unlimited calls and texts, 6GB data $59.90 (30 days)
VIP Plan Unlimited calls and texts $25 (30 days)
Freedom Plan Unlimited calls and texts, 500MB data, 500 international minutes $39.90 (30 days)

Source: Hello Mobile website

You’d be forgiven for being confused about the array of plans on offer from Hello Mobile. As you can see, there is a fair amount of crossover between plans, so let’s dive in and see how this telco competes with itself, as well as other providers.

Hello Mobile Supa Plans:

Supa by name, but light on cost (and subsequently, inclusions), Hello’s Supa plans are suited for an incredibly light phone user or for use in an emergency, back-up phone. Basically, what you see is what you get, and you get some value included but beyond that you’re on your own. The costs are broken down to the following:

  • 12c/minute, 30c flagfall to mobiles
  • 0c/minute, 30c flagfall to landlines
  • 13/1300 numbers, 5c/minute, 30 flagfall
  • MMS 75c each
  • SMS 10c each
  • International SMS 10c each
  • 4G data, 5c/megabyte
  • Hello to Hello, 0c/minute, 10c flagfall

This is how they line up:

Hello Mobile Combo Plans:

As Hello Mobile’s most varied plan category, the Combos ask: “Would you like fries with that?” For $10 a month, it’s surely one of the cheapest plans out there. One great bonus is that Hello’s rates for calls are:

  • 10c a minute nationally and to mobiles (no flagfall either)
  • 12c for a text
  • 5c/MB for 4G data.
  • 75c MMS
  • International SMS from 10c

So, $10 could surprisingly get you quite far. However, for $39.90 per month, you’ll get unlimited calls and texts, 2GB of data as well as 250 international call minutes. If you’re the type of person who likes a bit of everything with some international minutes sprinkled on top then this plan could be for you.

Hello Mobile Eazy Plans:

If you like to cruise down the street in your ‘64 like rapper Eazy E does, an Eazy plan may be for you. They offer great flexibility in regards to calls, texts and data:

  • Calls are 8c a minute with no flagfall
  • Texts are 12c each
  • Data is billed at 3c/MB
  • For $20, that’s potentially up to 250 minutes of calls.

Also in this bracket are the Supa plans, highlighting how similar they are in terms of value included. In fact, Supa plans are basically the same as Eazy plans – except they are a 90 day recharge. If you don’t require much use out of your mobile, then these may be for you.

Hello Mobile Unlimited Plans:

Set the shackles free with these unlimited plans. No longer are you bound by call or text limits; here you’ll receive both in unlimited quantities, as well as generous helpings of data. Seeing as all plans include unlimited talk and text, you are now essentially paying for data. You’ll pay $29.90 for 2GB, $39.90 for 4GB, $49.90 5GB and $59.90 for 6GB. There’s something for everyone in this category.

Hello Mobile VIP Plan:

If you want to call your friends at all hours and feel like a VIP rockstar, this plan may be for you. With unlimited national calls and texts, for $25 this plan will have you up all night in excitement. On top of this, data is billed at 3c/MB paying as you go, so if your data needs change from month to month then you won’t be charged for what you don’t use.

Hello Mobile Freedom Plan:

If you need the freedom to contact a range of international countries without hefty bills, this plan may be for you. At $39.90 a month, you’ll get unlimited talk and text here in Australia – as well as 500MB of data, and you’ll also receive a generous 500 minutes’ worth of international calls to selected countries. Keep that international supermodel girl or boyfriend on the line for longer.

How does Hello Mobile compare to other providers?

Before jumping into seeing whether Hello Mobile is good value or not, it should be noted that its Combo, Supa, Eazy, VIP and Freedom plans are ‘supa’ hard to compare to the competition. The reason for this is that in these ‘pay as you go’ (PAYG) formations, different providers charge for calls, text and data differently. For example, you might see a $10 plan that includes more features, but then charges $1 a minute for a phone call. Nevertheless, Hello Mobile offers attractive low-cost PAYG options in many instances. In any case, make sure to refer to the Critical Information Summary of any plan before you dive into it.

Today it’s much more worthwhile to compare ‘unlimited’ plans, as that’s generally where the most value can be found. So let’s see how Hello Mobile’s stack up below.

$29.90 Plan compared:

With 2GB of data, this plan sits reasonably well among the competition. Hello here competes with the likes of OVO Mobile, ALDI Mobile, and Kogan Mobile – the latter of which offers a massive 5GB of data. Hello Mobile loses out here because other carriers can offer the same amount of data for less. However, there’s a varying degree of networks at play with these service providers, so it might be wise to choose depending on your preferred network (Vodafone, Optus or Telstra).

$39.90 Plan compared:

  • Unlimited calls and texts, 4GB data, $39.90

At the $40 mark, this plan beefs up the data inclusions quite a bit. As such, it sits well amongst the competition. Woolworths Mobile, Optus, ALDI Mobile and Boost Mobile are all in the standings, and cheaper, but offer less data. Hello Mobile stacks up reasonably well here.

$49.90 Plan compared:

For close to a pineapple, Hello Mobile competes well in this segment by offering 5GB of data. Here it competes with the likes of Boost, Woolies and Optus again. All are pretty much neck and neck, but the fact that Hello Mobile offers pretty much the same – but for nearly $10 extra a month – sullies its value a little bit. Boost is on a 28 day recharge, although you get an extra 1GB data each weekend, which is a fantastic thought. Hello Mobile falls slightly behind the pack here in terms of price.

$59.90 Plan compared:

As the king of Hello Mobile’s unlimited plans and at a hair under $60, this plan offers the most data and faces the stiffest competition. Here, Hello Mobile is trounced by Boost and Optus, both offering superior data inclusions for similar money. Plus, as a bonus, with Optus you get free music streaming for a limited time. If you like listening to Eazy E and NWA, Optus may be the provider for you in this price bracket.

Should you say ‘hello’ to Hello Mobile?

Hello Mobile has a large range of plans – from small, PAYG plans to large unlimited plans with generous amounts of data included. Its PAYG plans offer fairly cheap call, SMS and data rates, so it’s hard to say whether one provider is better than the other. However, Hello’s unlimited plans are easier to compare to the competition. Unfortunately, Hello fails to stack up with the best value providers, who frequently offer more data for less coin. That’s not to say Hello Mobile is ‘bad’ value, rather, in a fast-paced phone plan world, there is always going to be at least one provider that offers more of XYZ. Things can change almost on a daily basis, so it pays to always be on the lookout for a better value plan – especially in the prepaid world.

Overall, Hello Mobile unlimited plans are distinctly “middle-of-the-road” when it comes to included value. There are a couple of providers that offer better value, but there are many that offer worse. It’s up to you to decide whether Hello Mobile has exactly what you need at the price you want. After all, it has such a large range of plans.

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