Dean Heckscher

Dean Heckscher Dean Heckscher is a Canstar Blue journalist covering everything from fitness to retail and the auto industry. He has a dual degree in Business and Creative & Professional Writing from the Queensland University of Technology and is passionate about helping Australian consumers make more-informed purchase decisions, whether it’s in a supermarket aisle or car showroom. Dean also leads Canstar Blue’s content projects team, bringing several new topics to the top of the agenda.

Security Screen Buying Guide

Security Screens Buying Guide

Posted by May 28th 2019

Find out your options and what to consider when it comes to keeping your home safe with security screens in this Canstar Blue guide.

BMW X3 M40i 2019

BMW X3 M40i 2019 Review

Posted by January 21st 2019

BMW’s latest X3 M series has just hit Aussie roads, but what do the experts think of it? Find out in this Canstar Blue review.

Beef Mince Compared

Coles Beef Mince Compared

Posted by February 25th 2020

With beef mince a popular option for dinner time, which Coles mince should you be serving up? Canstar Blue compares Coles beef mince.

The Cheapest Car Tyres in Australia

Posted by January 14th 2020

What are the cheapest car tyres you can buy? Is buying cheap tyres a good idea? Find out everything you need to know at Canstar Blue.

Water Tank Buying Guide

Water Tanks Buying Guide

Posted by July 4th 2019

Water tanks are a common sight on the outside of Aussie homes, with many of us looking to make the most of when the heavens open up. While the rains may prove few and far …

Qantas named the world’s safest airline

Posted by January 4th 2019

Aussie icon Qantas has been named the safest airline in the world, according to the latest report from Marketed as the world’s only safety and product ratings website, monitors over 400 airlines from around …

Low Salt Sugar Sauces Compared

‘Healthy’ Supermarket Sauces Compared

Posted by June 4th 2019

A meal often isn’t complete without sauce. Snags, hot chips and other mouth-watering dishes just aren’t the same unless smothered in your choice of tomato or barbecue sauce. But while they can add another aspect …

Fly Screen Buying Guide

Fly Screen Buying Guide

Posted by May 21st 2020

Fly screens are a handy addition to any house, but what type should you get? Learn how to keep bug free year-round at Canstar Blue.

Ducted air conditioner Cleaning Guide

How to clean your ducted air conditioner

Posted by May 8th 2019

After hibernating for a few months in winter, many households are no doubt starting to turn to their air con systems for some respite against the Australian summer. But after collecting dust – literally – …

Basics of Ducted Air

Is my house suitable for ducted air con?

Posted by October 24th 2019

For many Australians, air conditioning is an essential to making it through summer. The harsh sun, heat waves that can last for weeks and breezes that feel like someone opened the oven door mean many …