Luciana Lawe Davies

Luciana Lawe Davies Luciana Lawe Davies is a Canstar Blue journalist with a focus on general consumer news and the streaming industry. With a dual degree of Journalism and Arts (majoring in English Literature) from the University of Queensland, Luciana aims to help consumers wade through the vast amount of information available to make more informed purchasing decisions on everyday items, as well as find the best shows and movies to relax to.

Workin' Moms

How to watch Workin’ Moms in Australia

Posted by June 9th 2021

Working parents, Catherine Reitman sees you; and she is ready to give you a massive shout out. Workin’ Moms - the hit series - sees busy mums (moms) Kate, Anne, Frankie and Jenny embrace new …

Man watching TV

The top 10 best shows on BritBox

Posted by June 9th 2021

Looking for something to watch while you devour your fish and chips? Maybe you have a craving for a good series to go with your crisps? Or perhaps you just want to kick back with …


How to watch Betty in Australia

Posted by June 8th 2021

If you liked Genera+ion, then you’ll probably love Betty. Using the same comedy-drama filter, Betty takes on the big issues of growing up, identity, friendships and dreams and makes them glossy and addictive. Director Crystal …

What is iMessage & does it work on Android?

Posted by June 4th 2021

Every iPhone user knows the frustration of their messages occasionally switching from blue to green. The blue texts of Apple’s iMessage have become ubiquitous – but how exactly does it work? We bring you a …

The Best Music Apps for Android

Posted by July 6th 2021

There are a huge variety of music and audio apps for Android, catering to just about every type of user. We’ve compiled a list of eight of our favourite music apps to help you sing …


How to Watch Eden in Australia

Posted by June 3rd 2021

A mysterious thriller staged in Byron Bay designed to be a homage to the lush forests of New South Wales and starring our brightest talent? Yes please! Boasting an all-female writing team and created by …

Checking phone

How to check your data usage

Posted by June 2nd 2021

Data runs the digital world, and if you own a phone, it’s pretty likely you have data to use. Regardless of what provider you’re with, it can be stressful guessing how much data you have …

Using iPhone functions

Accessibility features on iPhone: How to use them

Posted by May 28th 2021

Smartphones have undoubtedly changed how we operate in our day-to-day lives, giving us access to a wider pool of tasks and apps to help get the job done. But did you know that iPhones have …

Puberty Blues

How to watch Puberty Blues in Australia

Posted by May 27th 2021

70’s nostalgia is having a pretty big moment right now, and for good reason. The hair, the mo’s, the tans and the flares all remind us of simpler days when we could bake on the …

Feel Good

How to watch Feel Good in Australia

Posted by May 27th 2021

Mae Martin has always killed it as a stand-up comedian, so the fact that she now has two seasons of a show, starring her, is a comedic blessing. Feel Good stars Martin, giving us the …