Luciana Lawe Davies

Luciana Lawe Davies Luciana Lawe Davies is a Canstar Blue journalist with a focus on general consumer news and the streaming industry. With a dual degree of Journalism and Arts (majoring in English Literature) from the University of Queensland, Luciana aims to help consumers wade through the vast amount of information available to make more informed purchasing decisions on everyday items, as well as find the best shows and movies to relax to.

Woman using Android phone

How to screenshot on Android

Posted by May 19th 2021

Screenshots are the underrated heroes of the smartphone world, allowing you to capture moments, share images and communicate easily. But when it comes to actually screenshotting on your phone, particularly with Android models, there’s no …

Woman using phone

How to screenshot on iPhone

Posted by May 14th 2021

A screenshot is one of the handiest tools on your iPhone, allowing you to share images with friends, keep directions handy offline, remember important details, capture video stills, use screen grabs to teach computer skills …

Young Rock

How to watch Young Rock in Australia

Posted by May 13th 2021

Part memoir, part faux documentary, the question begs, is Young Rock a literal pitch of Johnson for President 2032? Nobody knows for sure, but what is clear is that Young Rock does a damn good …

Selena + Chef

How to watch Selena + Chef in Australia

Posted by May 13th 2021

We all had big plans for COVID down time, a lot of them including finally decking out the kitchen and becoming a Michelin-star chef. If that didn’t happen for you, you’re not alone. If you’re …


How to watch Haunted in Australia

Posted by May 12th 2021

Do you remember the cartoon, Freaky Stories, where every scary story happened to a friend of a friend? Well, now that show is all grown up and has three seasons on Netflix. Haunted is a …

Master of None

How to watch Master of None in Australia

Posted by May 12th 2021

Master of None was a big breakout for Aziz Ansari post Parks and Recreation, and seasons one and two had fans hooked early on. Now with Lena Waithe (blackAF) on board for season three, it’s …


How to watch Shrill in Australia

Posted by May 12th 2021

Thank the stars, Aidy Bryant is coming in hard and fast, returning with the latest instalment of Shrill. The third season will be the final season of the hit comedy, and is designed to wrap …


How to watch Halston in Australia

Posted by May 12th 2021

Fashion fans listen up: there’s another mini-series heading your way. Depicting Roy Halston’s trajectory from simple designer to straight up icon, the latest mini-series doesn’t hold back, looking just like its namesake: over the top, …


How to watch Invincible in Australia

Posted by May 12th 2021

Invincible is an adult cartoon adaptation of the 2003 comic book by the same name, and comes packed with heavyweight actors to bring the comic to life, including Steven Yuen, Sandra Oh, Mark Hammill and …

Killing Eve

How to watch Killing Eve in Australia

Posted by May 11th 2021

Killing Eve was a knockout from the moment it was born, and it still has fans wanting more. It has all the ingredients required to make it work; psychological drama, a pinch of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s …