ALDI introduces new trolleys

First look at ALDI’s small trolleys after nationwide rollout

ALDI has finally introduced smaller trolleys across its stores, in a bid to provide a more convenient shopping experience for customers.

The long-awaited move was revealed with a picture posted to the ALDI Mums Facebook page, which showed the smaller trolleys to be about half the size of ALDI’s regular trolleys, which sit at 1.1m high. Shoppers often complained the larger trolleys were too big, especially for pregnant women, new mums carrying babies, and the elderly.

ALDI introduces new trolleys


The post proved wildly popular, garnering more than 2,400 likes and attracting comments welcoming the change.

“Thank God, I’m sick of falling into the trolley trying to get my groceries out,” one commenter said.

“So much easier for when I’m wearing baby in the carrier!” said another.

An ALDI spokesperson said the supermarket chain recognised customers were looking for greater convenience when shopping in-store.

“For this reason, we’re introducing smaller trolleys across all of our locations so that our customers can pick up products while performing smaller grocery shopping more effectively,” the spokesperson said.

The introduction of smaller trolleys is just the latest in ALDI’s efforts to increase convenience and accessibility, after launching shopping baskets in stores in April 2022.

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Photo credit: ALDI Mums/Shutterstock/Jonathan Weiss

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