Luciana Lawe Davies

Luciana Lawe Davies Luciana Lawe Davies is a Canstar Blue journalist with a focus on general consumer news and the streaming industry. With a dual degree of Journalism and Arts (majoring in English Literature) from the University of Queensland, Luciana aims to help consumers wade through the vast amount of information available to make more informed purchasing decisions on everyday items, as well as find the best shows and movies to relax to.

Sweet Tooth

How to watch Sweet Tooth in Australia

Posted by May 27th 2021

Another DC comic has come to life, and it might be the cutest one of all. Sweet Tooth is the story of Gus, a deer-boy hybrid who is travelling across a post-apocalyptic America, trying to …

Woman using phone

How to multitask on an iPhone

Posted by May 26th 2021

Your iPhone is a pretty handy invention, packed with apps designed to help you communicate, be on time, have fun, shop, bank and browse. These apps are designed to be at your fingertips, and so …

How to backup your iPhone on iTunes

Posted by May 31st 2021

Backing up your iPhone is certainly easier in today’s age of cloud storage, but there are still plenty of files that only iTunes can store. For nearly two decades, the iTunes desktop program has been Apple’s …

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone

Posted by June 9th 2021

Disabling your iPhone and locking yourself out can be an easy thing to do. Whether you have entered the wrong passcode too many times, changed your passcode during an upgrade to i0s 14, or even just forgotten …

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

Posted by June 10th 2021

So you’ve made the jump from Apple to Android, and you’re excited about your new phone purchase. But you’ve just hit a snag – how to transfer all of your vital data, contacts and memories …

Watching Disney+

Disney Plus Free Trial: Can you get a free trial on Disney+?

Posted by May 25th 2021

Since its launch, Disney+ has been a mainstay in many households looking to watch old Disney classics or catch the latest movies from Marvel and Star Wars. But as entertaining as these franchises can be, …

How to Root your Android Phone

Posted by June 9th 2021

If you’ve ever wanted to have more control over your Android phone or are frustrated by some of the restrictive apps and settings, then gaining root access might be for you. ‘Rooting’ your phone means gaining …

Backing up phone

How to backup an Android phone

Posted by July 13th 2021

Every day that you use your phone, it accumulates data, including things like passwords, photos, messages, app preferences and contacts. And considering how much we use our phones in our lives, this data becomes pretty …

Updating Android phone

How to update an Android phone

Posted by May 20th 2021

Have you ever had a notification on your phone telling you an update is available? You might be wondering what an update is and how accepting an update will change your phone. This article will …


How to watch Cruella in Australia

Posted by May 20th 2021

Hide your dogs, because Cruella is back! Disney’s favourite dog hunting villain, Cruella de Ville, is back big time in the showstopping movie Cruella. Evil has had a makeover and a refresh, starring Emma Stone …