How Subway is putting its customers first

Subway received Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award 2014 – Quick Service Restaurants, so we caught up with Ben Miles, Regional Communications & PR Specialist, to discuss the company’s Aussie success story.

Not only was it the third year in a succession that the sandwich restaurant franchise has scooped the award, but it was also the third time it achieved a clean-sweep of five-star ratings, including everything from its quality of ingredients to customer service and value for money. Make sure you check out the full 2014 quick service restaurant ratings here on the site.

With more than 1,400 stores across the country, Aussies clearly love Subway’s ‘eat fresh’ way of doing things. And Mr Miles says the company’s success comes from listening to its customers.

Q) With Subway achieving five-star ratings in all survey categories, can you tell us how you strike the successful balance of being able to offer customers great tasting, quality ingredients and value for money? We have a great tool that helps us understand our customers better – it’s an online survey: Tell Subway® enables customers to tell us what’s important to them, and, as a result, we work hard to constantly improve their experience. However, one of the best things that we offer at Subway is the ability to see your sub being made right in front of you with freshly prepared ingredients, on bread that’s been freshly baked in-store. We let you decide exactly what you want, so you can create something that not only tastes great, but also fits within your budget.

Q) Food variety and healthy options were important to our survey respondents. Is it a challenge to continue to offer a wide variety of food options, while also keeping the food healthy? We offer lots of choices and are well known for our better-for-you options. We try to offer new varieties of subs regularly as well as offering new ingredients – like fresh baby spinach – which we added to our salad veggies earlier this year.

Q) Our findings show that customer service was also an important factor for consumers. Are Sandwich Artists encouraged to be sociable and chat with customers? How important do you think good customer service is to the overall business? Subway is unique because our Sandwich Artists™ can have 1-1 conversations with our customers throughout the process whilst they are building a customer’s sub. In addition, our stores get many repeat customers, so the rapport between Sandwich Artist™ and customer can be built over time. A lot of Sandwich Artists™ know their regular customer’s favourite subs – it’s just one example of our great customer service.

Q) Are you able to share any interesting comments or requests from Subway customers over time? What are some of the foods customers have requested to go in their favourite Subs and have you ever been able to oblige? We get all sorts of interesting requests with some very different combinations. It can be fun for our customers to get creative and brighten up their day with something out of the ordinary. With over 2 Million possible sub combinations, we’ve seen it all!

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