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Top 10 ALDI cleaning products revealed in time for spring

The people have spoken and revealed ALDI’s top 10 cleaning products – just in time for spring and our impeding cleaning sprees. The discount supermarket just wrapped up the second iteration of its annual People’s Picks Campaign whereby ALDI customers voted for their favourite products across 10 grocery categories, including household cleaning products.

For 2020, the winner in The People’s Picks ‘Cleaning Whizz’ category was announced as ALDI’s Di-San Oxy Action PreWash Stain Remover (below).

1.    Di-San Oxy Action PreWash Stain Remover 500ml − $1.29

ALDI di san stain remover

This stain remover is the bee’s knees. It’s boasted for its triple enzyme foam formula which tackles food, grass, grease and everyday stains in record time. Just point, spray and let your stained clothes soak in the product for 15mins before popping them in the wash. Di-San is also safe to use on colours and whites, so you won’t inadvertently turn your favourite blue t-shirt purple. This product has garnered rave reviews online as one of the most effective and cheapest stain removers on the market, with consumers rating it five stars for value for money, effectiveness, scent, packaging design and overall satisfaction in Canstar Blue’s laundry stain remover review.

Here are the other top ALDI cleaning products shortlisted for this year’s competition:

2.      Green Action Eucalyptus Oil 100ml − $6.99

ALDI Green Action Eucalyptus Oil

ALDI’s Green Action range scored a four out of five stars for overall satisfaction, in Canstar Blue’s latest ratings for multipurpose cleaners, so it’s no surprise this Green Action Eucalyptus Oil was also a strong contender in ALDI’s People’s Picks Campaign. So, what’s in that teeny tiny bottle? Just 100% Australian eucalyptus oil. It’s vegan friendly, with a pleasant aroma and works a treat for cleaning surfaces, including glass and mirrors! Unlike other eucalyptus oils, this one doesn’t leave a pungent ‘leafy’ smell behind, which is a huge bonus for those with sensitivities. It’s an all-around good alternative to harsh chemicals.

3.      Green Action Multipurpose Bath & Shower Cleaner 600ml − $2.49

ALDI Green Action Multipurpose Bath & Shower Cleaner

This Green Action budget multipurpose bath and shower cleaner has also done the rounds online, notching up great reviews from everyday customers, which is pretty impressive for a plant-based cleaner costing less than a cup of coffee. Certified as eco-friendly, the Green Action Multipurpose Bath & Shower Cleaner is boasted for its effectiveness on soap scum, grime and even grease. It has a light lime fragrance to it and is grey water safe.

4.      Di-San Laundry Soaker and In Wash Booster 1kg − $3.49

ALDI 4. Di-San Laundry Soaker and In Wash Booster

Any self-respecting ALDI shopper will know Di-San. The range is hailed as the holy grail for all things cleaning and washing. And perhaps that’s also the reason it was rated best in Canstar Blue’s laundry stain remover review, earning five-star reviews for effectiveness, value for money, packaging design and overall satisfaction. This product is certified Aussie made too, which is an important purchase factor for many.

5.      Power Force Antibacterial Plus Surface Spray Disinfectant 300g − $2.99

ALDI 5. Power Force Antibacterial Plus Surface Spray Disinfectant

Forget Glen 20 and turn your attention to ALDI’s Power Force Antibacterial Plus Surface Spray for a minute. It’s $2 cheaper than ol’ Glen for a start. This hospital-grade disinfectant is also claimed to kill up to 99.9% of E. coli and S. aureus bacteria and to be effective against surface germs, viruses (i.e. Rhinovirus, Influenza etc.) and even athlete’s foot. ALDI also states this product doesn’t mask odours like others like it. Instead it uses advanced odour neutralisation to completely eliminate bad smells. Glen 20, who?

6.      Logix Platinum Dishwashing Tablets 40pk − $7.69

ALDI 6. Logix Platinum Dishwashing Tablets

Doing the dishes is such a chore, but ALDI shoppers believe Logix’s 18-in-1 Automatic Dishwashing Tablets make it less so and our consumer dishwashing detergent ratings back this up, with Logix earning five-star reviews for effectiveness and bang for your buck. The discount supermarket’s tablets are stated to use active enzymes in combination with oxygen technology to tackle tough stains and grease and wipe your plates and cutlery clean of food scraps and yucky bits. ALDI’s dishwashing tablets contain no phosphate and come with a dissoluble wrapper, to save you fiddling around during the post diner washing up.

7.      Almat 2x Concentrate Fresh Laundry Liquid 2L − $2.50

ALDI Almat 2x Concentrate Fresh Laundry Liquid 2L

If you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe, ALDI’s Almat 2x Concentrate Fresh Laundry Liquid is boasted for its triple enzyme action and synergetic combination of surfactants to remove everyday stains, bacteria and odours from your clothes in both hot and cold water. This laundry liquid is available in four fragrances with essential oils, contains no added phosphates and is made in Australia. It’s everything you need in a laundry cleaner and for just $2.50. ALDI’s Almat also topped our laundry liquid ratings in 2020, scoring five-star reviews for quality of clean, feel of clothes after wash, value for money, packaging design and overall satisfaction.

8.      Power Force Mould Away 500ml − $2.59

ALDI Mould Away bathroom cleaner

For cleaning the bathroom, ALDI’s Power Force Mould Away is indeed a highly-effective way to get mould and grout away and it can be done in a quick 20 minutes. It can be used on tiles, sinks, glass and taps, as well as in toilet bowls. This bathroom cleaner is stated to also kill bacteria and germs, leaving surfaces hygienically clean, although its strong smell leaves much to be desired in the scent department.

9.      Power Force Pro Premium Liquid Bleach 2.5L − $1.99


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty cleaner, then look no further than Power Force Pro Premium Liquid Bleach. It’s a powerful hospital-grade disinfectant that can kill up to 99.9% of germs and remove dirt, mould and odours. It’s a thick liquid bleach that can be applied to hard household surfaces and comes in a lemon scent to leave your home smelling fresh and not like a clinical ward. This is a must-have for households with pets. Power Force also topped our latest ratings for disinfectants.

10.   Di-San Laundry Sanitiser 1L − $3.79

ALDI 10. Di-San Laundry Sanitiser

This Di-San laundry sanitiser is claimed to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria that may be present in your washing, which is particularly important if you have children or people with compromised immunity in your household. The best part of this product is that it contains natural eucalyptus oil as a disinfecting agent and is also pretty effective at neutralizing odours. Plus, it’s safe to use with top loader and front loader machines.

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