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Review of OptiComm network internet plans

If you’ve moved into a housing estate recently, you might have realised you only have the choice of one internet network to use – Opticomm. This means there’s no research needed into what connection you need to have when you move in. This can be convenient, but is an Opticomm network plan good value? Find out at Canstar Blue.

While you likely have no choice about what network you can use if you’re in an Opticomm area, what you do have is the choice of provider and plan. This is where the tricky part starts, as not all providers have plans on the Opticomm network, just like some may not have NBN or ADSL plans. With the huge rise of affordable housing estates, Opticomm is fast becoming a premier private network in Australia, so it’s probably helpful to see what you can get even if you’re remotely thinking of moving into an estate.


Internet providers on the OptiComm network

Some big internet providers aren’t on the Opticomm network, most notably Optus and Telstra, as they are probably content using their own current networks. The top internet providers that deliver plans on the Opticomm network are:

Before we jump into these providers’ plans, if you’re still shopping around for a new house in a housing estate, then it probably pays to know what Opticomm actually is.

What is OptiComm?


Unlike the Government-run National Broadband Network, Opticomm is a private network wholesaler that services mainly housing estates around Australia. Internet providers can then buy bandwidth on the wholesale network and provide their own plans. Opticomm provides a fibre to the premises (FTTP) or VDSL (high speed cable) connection, which can deliver some pretty fast speeds. Different estates get different service charges and some providers may only operate in certain areas, so it may be worthwhile having a look to see if your provider services the estate.

How fast is OptiComm?

Opticomm has the same speed structure as the NBN, with four different speed tiers available. The download/upload speeds in megabits per second (Mbps) are:

  • 12/1
  • 25/5
  • 50/20
  • 100/40

Generally speaking, the faster max speed you desire, the more you can expect to pay. Keep in mind that 12/1 is probably what you’ll be achieving on an ADSL connection, so you may desire something a little faster.

Top OptiComm Broadband Providers

There are nine key providers offering Opticomm broadband plans, with plan pricing generally similar to what you find what ADSL and NBN connections, so Opticomm customers are no worse or better off than others. Prices generally start as low as around $30-$40, but for that you usually get a meagre amount of data.

Activ8Me OptiComm Plans

Activ8Me carries four different data plans, with three different speed tiers available – Tier 1, 3 and 4 – labelled ‘Sonic’, ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Hypersonic’ respectively.

  • 100GB starts at $39.95
  • 250GB from $49.95
  • 500GB from $54.95
  • Unlimited from $59.95

Note that to jump to Supersonic costs an extra $20 a month, while Hypersonic is another $10 per month on top of that. This makes the dearest plan – unlimited data on Tier 4 – cost $89.95 a month. Activ8Me includes a Wi-Fi router with plan purchasing, as well as the choice of either a 12-month contract or no contract. The no-contract option attracts a higher router and set-up fee. Optional call packs can also be purchased from $5 extra a month.

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Exetel OptiComm Plans

Exetel has three base plans to choose from – 100GB, 500GB and Unlimited. The prices are $39.99, $49.99 and $54.99 respectively, and keep in mind that there are also three speed tiers to choose from – 12/1, 25/5 and 100/40. It seems to be a theme that most providers are skipping at least one speed tier. Speed boosts cost anywhere from $10 to $15 extra each time you jump to the next speed tier.

  • The most expensive plan you can expect would be unlimited data on Tier 4 speeds, which costs $89.99 a month

Beyond that you can also add on a call pack, which includes a modem, for $10 extra per month. This call pack includes all landline and mobile calls, as well as international calls to 10 countries. You can also just purchase a $59 modem and pay for it upfront if you wish. Note that the examples below are for NBN plans, but pricing seems to be identical.

Harbour ISP OptiComm Plans

Harbour ISP has all four speed tiers available, and you simply get a choice of either 250GB or unlimited data. Unlimited data carries a $10 extra monthly charge on any plan you see below:

  • 12/1 – $49
  • 25/5 – $59
  • 50/20 – $79
  • 100/40 – $89

Beyond these charges, you can also add on a home phone pack using a VoIP service. Unlimited calls to just landlines costs an extra $10, while the mobile package is an extra $20. You can purchase a static IP for $10 as well. Three contract terms are available – 12 and 24 months, and no contract. The no contract option costs $99 in set-up fees. Plans come with a free router, or you can upgrade from $70. Below are the prices for Harbour’s NBN plans, but it is pretty similar across the board.

iiNet OptiComm Plans

iiNet has four basic Opticomm plans – 50GB, 250GB, 500GB and 1000GB. There are three speed tiers to choose from – 12/1, 25/5 and 100/40.

  • The base 50GB plan on 12/1 speeds costs $59.90 a month
  • This makes the most expensive plan $119.90 per month, which you’ll get 100/40 max speeds and 1000GB data

All plans have unlimited local and national landline calls included, and you can add on a ‘Top 20 Destinations’ call pack for an extra $10 a month. A mobile call pack is an additional $10 a month as well. You can either go for a 12 month or no lock-in contract, with the latter attracting a $159 set-up fee, and the former having a $79 activation fee. You can also add on a Fetch pack from an extra $11 a month. An iinet modem also costs $89 upfront. Keep in mind the prices below are for NBN plans, and they tend to be slightly lower than what’s offered on the Opticomm network.

Internode OptiComm Plans

Internode – an iinet subsidiary – offers four base data plans – 30GB, 300GB, 600GB and 1000GB. All four speed tiers are available, named after metals – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. No guesses as to what colour denotes what speed…

  • 30GB plans start at $49.95
  • 300GB plans are from $69.95
  • 600GB from $89.95
  • 1000GB from $99.95

Speed tier jumps are anywhere from an extra $5 to $10 a month, with the most expensive plan being $124.95, in which  you get 1000GB on Tier 4 speeds. Once again you can add on a Fetch entertainment package, while the standard set-up fee costs $99. While the plan names are the same as its NBN plans, Internode’s Opticomm plans do attract generally higher set-up fees, as you can see below.

iPrimus OptiComm Plans

iPrimus is one of the more popular providers on the Opticomm retailers list, but there is little specific pricing information as it varies wildly depending on your location. Its base NBN plans start at less than $45, which includes just 30GB on 12/1 speeds. Local and national calls are included in the package, and Fetch is available for an extra fee. Your estate may attract a higher or lower monthly plan charge than what’s on offer below, but it might be a good indicator about what you can expect to pay with iPrimus.

Leaptel OptiComm Plans

Leaptel is one of the only providers in this list to explicitly offer ‘Opticomm plans’, and they are pretty competitive. There are two base data levels on offer – 250GB or unlimited. This is in combination with four speed tiers at play. The cheapest plan on offer is $49.95, in which you get 250GB on 12/1 speeds, while the dearest is $99.95 where you get unlimited data on 100/40 speeds.

  • No matter your contract option, Opticomm plans attract a $69 set-up fee
  • There is a free router on offer, or you can BYO or purchase one from an extra $5 per month
  • Phone call packs are available from an extra $9.95 a month

Leaptel is one of the more competitive and straightforward providers in this list. The relatively new telco also has a 10% speed guarantee and promises to not over-subscribe the network so you stand a more likely chance of not getting a congested network.

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Telesurf OptiComm Plans

Telesurf is a pretty small telco based out of Sydney and offers four base Opticomm plans – 50GB, 100GB, 400GB and Unlimited. The prices for these data levels are:

  • 50GB: $39
  • 100GB: $44
  • 400GB: $49
  • Unlimited: $59

Beyond that you also have a choice of all four speed tiers, with speed jumps available from an extra $5-$15 per month. For example, the most expensive plan costs $99 a month, and you get unlimited data on 100/40 speeds. Also note that the 50GB data option disappears for the two fastest speed tiers – probably because you would chew through it in an instant! All Telesurf plans come on a 12 month contract and attract a $99 set-up fee. A phone plan is also available for $9.95 a month in which you get local and national landline calls included, with various rates for international calls.

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What is the best provider on the OptiComm network?

This is wildly dependent on what estate you live in and what your specific needs are, but each provider provides something different. In many cases providers’ plans are identical to their NBN plans, or at least very similar. If you’re on the Opticomm network, you likely won’t feel the sting too much from these providers. However, it pays to compare them all, as well as with a range of other, smaller providers that also use Opticomm.

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