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With so many internet providers to choose from in Australia, it’s hard to find one that’s perfect for your household and your family. Thankfully, MyOwn Tel is here to stop some confusion and offer you some simple internet plans.

Australian owned internet provider MyOwn Tel has been operating for almost 15 years, offering internet plans on a variety of networks across the country, including on the NBN, the LBN and OPENetworks. It’s a relatively unknown provider in the NBN space, but does provide internet plans on other fibre networks, which not every internet provider does or prioritises. But is MyOwn Tel right for you? Compare MyOwn Tel internet plans with this Canstar Blue review.

MyOwn Tel NBN Plans

MyOwn Tel keeps its NBN plans easy to understand, offering four plans and speed tiers to available households. All plans include unlimited data, with 12 or 24-month contracts available – additionally, there’s the option for a no-contract MyOwn Tel plan.

The four plans available to NBN customers are NBN 25 (Bronze), NBN 50 (Silver), NBN 100 (Gold) and NBN 250 (Emerald), with the price ascending as speeds increase. An activation fee is charged on all plans: $99 for no-contract plans, $49 for 12-month plans, and the activation fee is waived on 24-month plans. Customers can get a free TP-Link VR1600V modem on any plan when signing up for a 12-month or 24-month contract, or pay for it outright on the month-to-month plan for $149. Alternatively, you can bring your own modem.

NBN prices start at $69 per month for the Bronze NBN 25 plan, with the most expensive plan being the superfast Emerald NBN 250 tier at $129.

The below table features all published MyOwn Tel NBN plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost from lowest to highest. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a wider range of providers. These are products with links to a referral partner.

what does MyOwn Tel offer?

MyOwn Tel NBN Plans

Unlimited data

Top-speed NBN Plan



Call packs


Choice of contract

Included modem

Available across FTTP, FTTB, FTTN

MyOwn Tel coverage

MyOwn Tel is available across Australia, and operates on the NBN, Opticomm, LBN, OPENetwork and ACG fibre networks. NBN coverage is available to the majority of Australians, although other fibre networks may be available in your area. Regardless, it’s worth checking, so do so on the MyOwn Tel website if you’re unsure.

MyOwn Tel features and bonuses

MyOwn Tel keeps its plans simple by offering a handful of NBN plans with easy to understand information, across NBN 25, NBN 50, NBN 100 and NBN 250 speeds.

  • Discounts: MyOwn Tel has been known to offer a six-month discount across all of its plans.
  • Modem: Pay for a $149 modem upfront, or get it free on a 12-month or 24-month plan.
  • Setup fees: No-contract plans include a $99 setup fee, and 12-month plans include a $49 setup fee. 24-month plans have no setup fees.
  • Static IP: Customers can spend an extra $10 per month for a Static IP address.

What’s especially interesting about MyOwn Tel as an internet provider is that it offers the same plans and prices across all of its internet categories (including NBN, OptiComm, LBNCo, OPENetworks and ACG Internet Services). This makes things on its website really easy to understand, although keep in mind that extra fees may apply on non-NBN networks, such as for setting up technology. Also be aware that some plans aren’t available on all fibre types, and MyOwn Tel also offers plans besides its advertised main options.

MyOwn Tel Standard NBN

MyOwn Tel’s slowest speed NBN plan is NBN 25, which offers 25Mbps download speeds and 5Mbps upload speeds. Plans start at $69 per month for unlimited data and a 23Mbps typical evening speed.

MyOwn Tel Standard Plus NBN

MyOwn Tel offers the Standard Plus NBN speed tier, priced at $79 per month. For that price, you get unlimited data and a 46Mbps typical evening speed.

MyOwn Tel Premium NBN

MyOwn Tel offers NBN 100, the premium speed tier of the NBN, offering typical evening speeds of 92Mbps and unlimited data for $99 per month.

MyOwn Tel NBN 250

Some NBN customers will be able to get MyOwn Tel’s NBN 250 plan. MyOwn Tel offers this plan to FTTP and some HFC customers, as not every NBN type will be able to achieve these speeds. MyOwn Tel’s NBN 250 plan costs $129 per month for unlimited data and typical evening speeds of 225Mbps.

Brand Features Max Data**/billing period Advertised Cost^^/billing period
The MyOwn Tell logo

Emerald Month to Month

  • NBN 250/25 speed
  • Optional modem from $149
  • Special offer: $99 for the first six months, then $129 ongoing. Offer available until withdrawn

min. cost $129 over one month

UnlimitedMax Data**/billing period $129Advertised Cost^^/billing period
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MyOwn Tel OptiComm Plans

MyOwn Tel offers five main OptiComm Plans to homes that can access OptiComm technology, which you can find below. The plans and prices are identical to NBN plans, starting at $69 per month for 25Mbps maximum speeds, with the inclusion of an OptiComm 1000/50Mbps plan, which is not available to NBN customers.

  • Bronze 25/5Mbps — $69
  • Silver 50/20Mbps — $79
  • Gold 100/20Mbps — $99
  • Emerald 250/25Mbps — $129
  • Diamond 1000/50Mbps — $149

MyOwn Tel LBNCo Plans

MyOwn Tel offers five main plans on the LBN network, an alternative to the NBN network available to much fewer households. The plans range from $69 per month for 25Mbps maximum download speeds all the way up to $149 for 1000Mbps maximum download speeds. You can find the plans below.

  • Bronze 25/5Mbps — $69
  • Silver 50/20Mbps — $79
  • Gold 100/20Mbps — $99
  • Emerald 250/25Mbps — $129
  • Diamond 1000/50Mbps — $149

MyOwn Tel OPENetworks Plans

MyOwn Tel operates five plans on OPENetworks technology, available to a handful of households that can actually access the network. OPENetworks is separate from the NBN, and is available in much fewer locations, typically in housing estates. Plans start at $69 per month for 25Mbps maximum download speeds and go up to $149 for 1000Mbps maximum download speeds. You can find plans below.

  • Bronze 25/5Mbps — $69
  • Silver 50/20Mbps — $79
  • Gold 100/20Mbps — $99
  • Emerald 250/25Mbps — $129
  • Diamond 1000/50Mbps — $149

MyOwn Tel ACG plans

MyOwn Tel offers plans on the ACG (Australian Communications Group) network, although connections to this network may be few and far between across Australia. Plans start at $69 per month for the smallest plan, offering maximum download speeds of 25Mbps, and go up to $149 for maximum speeds of 1000Mbps. The plans follow.

  • Bronze 25/5Mbps — $69
  • Silver 50/20Mbps — $79
  • Gold 100/20Mbps — $99
  • Emerald 250/25Mbps — $129
  • Diamond 1000/50Mbps — $149

MyOwn Tel Customer Service & Support

MyOwn Tel has several avenues of communication if you have questions or problems with its service. Customer service is open from 7.30am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and on Saturday from 8am to 4pm.

  • MyOwn Tel’s support number is 133 002.
  • MyOwn Tel’s support email is
  • You can contact MyOwn Tel through a chatbox on its website.

How does MyOwn Tel compare to other providers?

As an internet provider, MyOwn Tel keeps things simple and doesn’t offer many extras. Setup fees on month-to-month plans might be unattractive to some customers, but all over, the prices being offered by MyOwn Tel are pretty standard, and the six-month discount offered on all main plans are certainly welcome. Here are some other providers that might interest you:

The above telcos don’t indulge in unnecessary extras, and the ones that do make these perks entirely optional. Just make sure you get the right plan for you, and keep your eye on contract lengths, setup fees and modem costs.

Is MyOwn Tel good value for money?

MyOwn Tel might not be the cheapest internet provider in the country, but it sticks to being a simple one. As for all of the non-NBN technology types that MyOwn Tel services, plans are virtually identical to NBN plans (with the addition of a handful of faster, more expensive plans), which are pretty averagely priced. Offering setup fees on month-to-month and 12-month plans also adds some unfortunate upfront charges, but at least the costs aren’t massive.

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