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Aussies get more pork on their fork, but beef is still king

Posted by June 14th 2018

Beef remains Australia’s favourite fresh meat, but pork is making a comeback thanks to TV advertising campaigns and supermarket promotions, according to new sales figures. Despite a slight drop in sales over the last year, fresh …

The smartphone case that takes your blood pressure

Posted by May 25th 2018

They’re used to make calls, send messages, browse the web, play music, watch TV and a million and one other things. And soon your smartphone could… take your blood pressure. A team of US researchers has …

NBN telco discounts help clear network congestion

Posted by March 15th 2018

The NBN’s wholesale pricing shuffle has already seen a great impact for consumers, easing congestion and improving the overall user experience, according to the company behind it. NBN Co claims that congestion on the network has …

Google launches new Wi-Fi router

Posted by March 14th 2018

Google has launched its new Wi-Fi router to tackle internet reception blackspots. It will cost you about $200.

WA politicians divided over electricity competition

WA politicians divided over electricity competition

Posted by April 29th 2019

Despite thriving competition in the state’s gas market, households in Western Australia will remain stuck with just one electricity retailer for the foreseeable future, with the treasurer and energy minister softening his plans to end …

Optus briefly offers unlimited data mobile plans

Posted by March 13th 2018

Optus briefly offered some of Australia’s first unlimited data phone plans, before abruptly withdrawing the offer after just one day. Australia’s second largest mobile provider rolled out unlimited plans to a select few customers on Monday …

New test reveals your chances of getting skin cancer

Posted by November 20th 2018

Queensland researchers have designed a new online tool that can predict your chances of developing skin cancer over the next three years. The QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane has launched the online test based …

ACCC told to go easy on NBN standards – for now

Posted by March 12th 2018

The government has asked Australia’s consumer watchdog to ‘go easy’ on the company behind the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) until after the new high-speed internet service is completed. The rollout has been under …