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Is this the end of estimated power bills?

Is this the end of estimated power bills?

Posted by June 21st 2019

The days of excessively high estimated power bills could be over – provided you can take a picture of your meter. While households with smart meters installed have their energy usage sent to their retailer for …

Study reveals the dirty truth about rubber duckies

Posted by February 28th 2019

You’d be ‘quackers’ to keep rubber ducks and other plastic toys in the bath, according to new research. A group of Swiss and US researchers have delved into "the dark side" of rubber ducks and found …

NBN peak speeds ‘better than expected’ says ACCC

Posted by March 29th 2018

Australia’s consumer watchdog has revealed that National Broadband Network (NBN) speeds delivered by the country’s four biggest providers have improved in peak times. The Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said that iiNet, Optus, Telstra and …

Vodafone partners with Netflix, launches streaming device

Posted by March 29th 2018

Vodafone has announced that it will launch its own media streaming device, as well as provide free Netflix on some NBN plans. One of Australia’s three mobile phone carriers – as well as a burgeoning internet …

Telstra opens 5G Wi-Fi centre on Gold Coast

Posted by March 29th 2018

Telstra customers on the Gold Coast will be the first in Australia to test the telco’s new 5G capabilities. Australia’s biggest telco says its 5G-enabled Wi-Fi hotpots are a world first, launched just in time for …

Scalping websites could be a costly mistake for concert-goers

Posted by March 29th 2018

Concert-goers are being left out of pocket by scalping websites, prompting a major national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of buying tickets through certain platforms. With the rise of fake and overpriced tickets being …

‘Fake lotto’ websites set to be banned

Posted by March 29th 2018

Websites that allow Australians to ‘bet’ on the outcome of lotteries in other countries will be banned under new legislation to be introduced by the government. The legislation will target lottery and keno games on websites …

Grattan Institute blames state governments for high power bills

Posted by June 25th 2019

More than $20 billion has been wasted on upgrading Australia’s electricity infrastructure, resulting in higher power bills for consumers, according to a new report. The Grattan Institute has pointed the finger squarely at state governments for …

The tooth sensor that tracks what you eat

Posted by December 21st 2018

Scientists have developed a miniaturised sensor that can be fitted to a tooth to monitor your alcohol, sugar and salt intake. The 2mm-by-2mm device, devised by researchers at the Tufts University School of Engineering in the …