Consumer News

Vocus telcos ordered to compensate NBN customers

Posted by March 24th 2018

Telcos in the Vocus Group are the latest to be ordered to compensate thousands of NBN customers over misleading speed claims. Dodo, iPrimus and Commander have all been told by the consumer watchdog to compensate customers …

Costco set for rapid expansion

Posted by March 24th 2018

Wholesale grocery giant Costco could open up to three stores in Western Australia by 2020, according to its chief. The retail chain is yet to break into the WA market and regulatory approval is still pending …

World’s largest piracy website to shut down

Posted by March 24th 2018

Online pirates have long been the scourge of artists and publishing corporations, with illegal streaming websites plundering thousands of movies, TV shows and albums for a worldwide audience to enjoy for free. While a popular option for many, the …

The solar panels that generate power from rain

Posted by June 22nd 2019

More and more Australians are installing solar panels, but they come with an obvious flaw – they only generate power when the sun is shining. However, Chinese researchers believe they have found a way for solar …

Australia fails dental report card with poor oral health

Posted by December 21st 2018

Australia has failed its first national oral health check-up, with data showing almost half of adults don’t brush their teeth twice a day. The Oral Health Tracker report, released by the Australian Dental Association and the …

Energy company fined for leaving customers on life support without power

Posted by June 22nd 2019

One of Australia’s biggest power suppliers has been fined $60,000 by the energy regulator for allegedly cutting power to customers on life support, without warning. Energex, the company responsible for electricity distribution in south-east Queensland, was …

Aussies still in the dark over when to use sunscreen

Posted by November 20th 2018

The majority of Australians are still in the dark about when they need to start applying sunscreen and protect themselves from harmful UV rays, new research shows. The Cancer Council Australia's National Sun Protection survey revealed that …

Energy customers paid for turning off power

Energy customers paid for turning off power

Posted by June 25th 2019

Reducing your energy usage will always mean cheaper power bills, but for switched-on customers of one Victorian electricity retailer, turning off the lights and air conditioning has been resulting in even greater financial rewards. Over recent …