iPrimus Mobile Phone Plans Review

You probably better-know iPrimus for offering internet plans, but it now also offers postpaid SIM only mobile phone plans on a 12 month contract. iPrimus utilises the Optus 4G Network, making it a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or ‘MVNO’. See what iPrimus has to offer in the mobile space below.


iPrimus Mobile Phone Plans

iPrimus has three mobile phone plans that are all really easy to follow. They are all on a 12-month contract and come with unlimited calls & texts. Plans are as follows:

  • Basic – $35: 6GB data, 100 international minutes
  • Optimal – $45: 12GB data, 400 international minutes
  • Premium – $55: 15GB data, 700 international minutes

Excess data is charged at $10/1GB and if you want to leave your contract early you’ll be charged your monthly fee multiplied by however many months remain. International minutes to 40 countries are included, and this includes popular destinations such as the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and many more.

  • iPrimus tends to include double data for the life of the plan, significantly boosting data stocks, making the cheapest plan come with 12GB and so on.

A $10 delivery fee also applies to all purchases. Let’s see how iPrimus mobile plans stack up below.

How do iPrimus mobile plans compare to other providers?

iPrimus looks like a pretty competitive telco, and it is on the whole, but you may be able to at least find better ‘bang for buck’ elsewhere. For the purpose of parity, comparisons below will be against other postpaid, 6 or 12-month plans.

iPrimus Basic Mobile Plan Compared

  • 6GB data – $35

5GB for under $40 is generally an OK deal, but if you are in fact willing to sign up for 12 months, there are many providers out there offering more data for the same money. Some even include international minutes as part of the deal. Providers include Jeenee Mobile, Exetel, TeleChoice and Vaya. For a similar price, all offer around 10GB data. However, if you sign up at the right time with iPrimus you’ll get double data, making the plan a lot more competitive.

iPrimus Optimal Mobile Plan Compared

  • 12GB data – $45

If you can budget over $40 for a phone plan, many other providers come into the fray with some tasty offers. Optus comes into the picture with very competitive options that include data-free Netflix, music streaming and more. TeleChoice is once again a competitive provider, as are Vaya and Exetel. Exetel includes an incredible amount of data, but it still isn’t a match for iPrimus with the data bonus.

iPrimus Premium Mobile Plan Compared

  • 15GB data – $55

If you’re willing to spend 50 big ones, there are a couple of big providers offering lots of data and much more. Providers worth keeping an eye out for are Vodafone, Optus, Telstra and Virgin Mobile. iPrimus, without its data bonus, somewhat struggles to compete, but with its data bonus is very competitive. At this price you are looking at providers that offer more than just data, such as free streaming subscriptions and more.

Is an iPrimus mobile plan worth the money?

iPrimus is just one of many internet providers that also offer mobile phone plans. Perhaps what stands out with iPrimus, however, is how dead-simple the plans are. You know what you are getting and paying for with iPrimus. However, are there better deals? The market is flooded with cheap providers that offer lots of data for comparatively little money, and in some cases iPrimus struggles to compete.

  • iPrimus relies on its double data bonuses to get it across the line, a lot of the time.
  • iPrimus does have generous international credit included on its plans.

In the 12-month contract sector, iPrimus faces some stiff competition from big providers that offer more than just calls, texts and data. Providers such as Optus offer data-free Netflix, while Telstra and others tend to include big data bonuses and data-free music streaming among other goodies. All in all, iPrimus is definitely no slouch, but you may be able to find better deals elsewhere.

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