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Review of Yomojo mobile phone plans

Yomojo is an Australian Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which takes a different approach to most mobile service providers when structuring its plans. The telco, which in 2015 acquired liquidated provider Yatango, allows customers to build their own custom mobile phone plans by combining their choice of several call, text and data packs. This is eerily similar to Yatango, which, when they existed, provided an innovative alternative to traditional mobile plans. Yomojo runs off the Optus 4G Network, which covers 98 per cent of the Australian population, so you know you’re getting good coverage.

To help you make sense of this, we’ve reviewed Yomojo’s current prepaid plan offers to see just what they include, as well as how they stack up compared to the competition.

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How does Yomojo work?

As stated above, Yomojo’s approach to phone plans is quite unique amongst Australian mobile service providers. There are over 170 different combinations of calls, texts and data to select from, allowing you to create a plan that suits your needs. This is an interesting idea, because very rarely do you find one plan that ticks all the boxes with your personal preferences. You might go heavy on the texts and calls with little data, have few texts with a mountain of data, or create a balance of all three – the choice is yours. Few mobile carriers offer this kind of personalised service, with Vodafone MyMix probably the most notable.

Furthermore, you can add one of four international call packs onto your plan, and you can also opt not to include any data, texts or calls at all – maybe you just want a bit of data to use for web browsing each month, in which case you could pay as little as $5 for the privilege.

If a plan isn’t your thing, you can simply get a SIM card and pay as you go on Yomojo’s low rates. And if it’s value you’re after, the telco now offers unlimited credit plans with which you can pick one of three data options (or none at all) – plans which are usually better value that a custom plan if you use a lot of credit.

However, if all the build your own plan stuff doesn’t appeal, you can still pick from three unlimited calls and text plans, like with most other providers. Let’s breakdown the plans:

Plan Cost Per Month Features
$19.90 Unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data
$29.90 Unlimited talk and text, 6GB of data
$39.90 Unlimited talk and text, 9GB of data
$44.90 Unlimited talk and text, 12GB of data

(Source: Yomojo)

Yomojo $19.90 Plan

Yomojo’s entry into the game is a good mid-sized offering at a price sure to please a lot of people. The issue with many lower-cost plans is that they often don’t include unlimited talk and text. With Yomojo, you don’t need to worry as much. If you’re not so concerned about big data packs, then this plan could be for you. Just 1GB of data is more than sufficient for some decent social media browsing throughout the month. Plus, with the bonus offer of “buy one month, get two free”, you can effectively get three months’ worth of plan for less than $20.

Yomojo $29.90 Plan

Coming in under the middleweight drawcard is the $29.90 plan. It is sure to pack a punch and please a lot of customers, with a hefty 6GB for only $10 more than Yomojo’s beginner offering. This could be the pick for a fair amount of gaming, streaming and social media. As is the case with the $19.90 plan, you can buy one month and get two free, effectively reducing your bill to under $10 a month!

Yomojo $39.90 Plan

For $10 dollars more, you get 3GB of extra data, which is a solid mid-range offering. What can 9GB do for you? 9GB is a solid amount for less than $40 and comes in as a bit of a stop-gap between the 6GB and 12GB plans where some customers may have thought one was too small or the other too big. 9GB of data will have you streaming music and TV, browsing social media, buying stuff on eBay – you name it.

Yomojo $44.90 Plan

Coming in as the upper echelon of Yomojo’s plans is the $44.90 offering. This gives you a beefy 12GB of data. For less than $45 per month, Yomojo have certainly crammed a lot of data into this plan. This is for those people always on the move and needing data access whenever it suits them. From gaming, social media, streaming, Pokemon Go – 10GB should be enough for all of these things.

If in doubt, build your own

This is largely where Yomojo starts to set itself apart from its competition. If none of the above plans suit you, then why not blaze your own path? Plans can be had from as little as $5 (for 200MB of data only) and the sky is pretty much the limit as to how much you can add on thereafter. 100 minutes of talk will cost $7 a month, and you can then pay as you go with texts and data if you wish. A text costs 9c and data costs 5c per megabyte.

How does Yomojo compare to other providers?

Comparing Yomojo’s custom phone plans to those on offer from other providers is difficult due to each one being slightly different to the next, but its unlimited plans are far easier to line up against similar competition.

The Unlimited $19.90 compared

The first Unlimited 1GB plan competes with the likes of Kogan, TPG and Aldi Mobile, the former of which pips Yomojo to the post by just $3. However, as you are essentially paying $19.90 for three months with Yomojo, it’s really a ‘tit for tat’ game at this price point. TPG and Aldi Mobile offer slightly different call, text, data configurations, so you’ll have to weigh up which one is better value based on your needs:

The Unlimited $29.90 compared

The intermediate $29.90 plan seriously packs a punch when it comes to included data. But how does it stack up against the competition? Its rivals in this segment are Lebara, new kid on the block OVO, and TPG again. Looking to impress, OVO offers a whopping 8GB of data, and the other providers offer value through bonuses and freebies. It’s hard to beat Yomojo’s “two months free” bonus though.

The Unlimited $39.90 compared

For around the $35-$40 range, Yomojo was lacking for a little while being that its nearest plans were under $30 or over $40. 9GB is a great amount of data for under $40, but Yomojo does face some competition. Being that Yomojo offers its plans on both a postpaid and prepaid basis, it has to take into account many more providers. At least in the postpaid sphere, OVO Mobile, TPG and Lebara are all pretty competitive, but Yomojo stands out as offering 1-2GB more than these other guys for about $5 more.

The Unlimited $44.90 compared

Like your Mum once told you, there’s always going to be the kid out there that’s faster, smarter, or more popular than you. Thanks Mum. It also rings true with Yomojo and their plans. It seems no matter how hard they try to offer great value, there’s one provider that slightly edges them. If Yomojo’s 10GB wasn’t enough, OVO slightly beats them by offering 12GB for a mere 5c more. Also in competition in this bracket are TPG and Kogan again. Yomojo is like that kid in the school yard with the soccer ball though – popular for what they can offer you. The provider’s bonus of ‘two months free’ could be the soccer ball you’ll want to play with at lunch time.

Build Your Own reviewed

If you don’t like the way these plans sit with your own needs, then building your own plan with Yomojo could be a great alternative. Starting from just $5, they certainly start off cheaply. However, you pay the price of convenience and innovation eventually. Using their plan builder, if you max out every category – data, calls and texts, you can expect to pay $109 for 10GB of data, 1000 minutes and 1000 texts. This, when you think about the $44.90 plan, is not great value. While you likely won’t use the plan builder to max out every category of features, it is an indication of the premium you pay to essentially make your own plan. Yomojo’s maxed out ‘build your own’ plan competes with the big providers in Australia – you know them as Telstra, Optus, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone.

Is Yomojo right for me?

Yomojo is an innovative player in the mobile provider game. They offer great value unlimited plans, which remain competitive with other low-cost carriers. Though, if that’s not your flavour then Yomojo also allows you to build your own plan based around data, calls and texts. You can get something for as little as $5. It’s a bit like going to the Royal Show – there’s a showbag for everyone.

However, prices when building your own plan add up fast. As an extreme example, maxing out each category, Yomojo is outclassed by Telstra, Optus, Virgin and Vodafone, who offer substantially more data on their business plans.

Overall, Yomojo’s unlimited plans offer great value, and if they or the competition does not offer anything to tickle your fancy, then building your own plan may be a viable alternative. But be warned – building your own may not come cheap! Have a fiddle with Yomojo’s plan builder and see what works out best for you.

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