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If you’re the type of person who tends to be stuck in limbo with your data or phone credit running out regularly, then SpinTel may be the provider for you. Simply, if you exceed your limits, SpinTel will bump you up to the next plan to avoid excessive extra charges. Nice one. Founded in 1996, SpinTel has been one of the more robust and innovative telcos out there. Read on for a review of SpinTel’s mobile phone plans with Canstar Blue.

How does SpinTel work?

SpinTel uses the Optus 4G network, which covers 98 per cent of the Australian population. This ensures super-fast speeds in major cities and solid coverage in most other areas.

Your bill will come in monthly, either on the 7th of 21st of the month. If you purchase a plan inside or outside these dates, then your use will be billed pro-rata up until one of these dates. This is an interesting proposition as you aren’t dealing with 28 or 30 day billing periods like with many other telcos – this eliminates guesswork as to when you’ll be charged again. As for their plans, basically they fall into two categories – Flexible Plans and 4G Unlimited Flexible plans. Read on to get the skinny on some plans that are seriously beefy.

What does SpinTel offer?

As mentioned before, SpinTel offers plans in two categories. Canstar Blue has broken it down into the two categories to make it easier to choose one that’s right for you.

Flexible Plans from SpinTel

SpinTel’s Flexible Plans are designed for the user who perhaps isn’t addicted to their smartphone like so many of us are. You can save money with these plans by ‘trimming the fat’, but have the flexibility to grab some extra data or calls if you need more on the odd occasion. Here’s the lineup.

Small Medium Large Extra Large
Flexible Plans

(all with unlimited SMS/MMS)

$13/month gets you 600MB of data, 200 call minutes $17/month gets you 900MB of data, 300 call minutes $22/month gets you 1.5GB of data, 500 call minutes $27/month gets you 2GB of data, unlimited call minutes

Source: SpinTel website

SpinTel’s flexible approach gives you the freedom to focus on what aspect of a phone plan is most important to you, and also means peace of mind if you use more credit than you expected to. Plus, for a limited time, SpinTel is offering a Triple Data Bonus, which bumps up your data for any flexible plan threefold.

If you ever exceed the credit limit for your plan, SpinTel will simply bump you up to the next level. For instance, if you use up your 200 minutes on the Small voice pack, you’ll be automatically bumped up to the unlimited pack. If you exceed your 6GB limit on the largest data pack, you’ll simply be charged at a reasonable $10 per 1GB thereafter. This approach means you know exactly how much you’ll be paying should you go over your limit, and it’s almost always better value than if you were charged at PAYG rates – as is the practice with many other providers.

$13 Small Flexible Plan

This little guy here is for the light phone user who only needs a handful of data and phone calls for slightly more than incidental use. If you don’t rely on your phone like so many of us do, then this could be the plan for you. $13 places you right at the bottom of the price range, but if you suddenly need more data, than the flexibility has you covered. Now, let’s look at some of the flexible mid-range plans.

$17 Medium Flexible Plan

$17 – or an extra $4 – gets you 100 minutes of extra calls, and with the triple data bonus, 300 more megabytes. Ordinarily it would be 100mb more. With the triple data bonus, this plan could be an economical way to see you through some light browsing on the daily commute. Now let’s move onto some of the more heavy plans.

$22 Large Flexible Plan

With the triple data bonus, the $22 option packs a punch with 1.5GB of data and 500 minutes of calls. This plan could see you through some serious Pokemon Go battles on your way to work. Although it’s called a ‘Large’ plan, this is a decent mid-range offering from the provider with a koala for its mascot. Now here comes some crossover, and we venture into the unlimited plans:

4G Unlimited Flexible Plans

These unlimited plans are essentially SpinTel’s foray into the data-heavy market and are designed to offer the best bang for buck in the market that’s saturated with data-heavy offerings.

Small Medium Large Extra Large
Flexible Plans
(all with unlimited SMS/MMS)
$27/month gets you 2GB of data $36/month gets you 4GB of data $46/month gets you 8GB of data $70/month gets you 16GB of data

Source: SpinTel website

$27 XL Flexible Plan/Small Unlimited 4G Plan

This $27 offering is also offered in a Flexible XL package. The only difference is that the Flexible XL version has auto top-up, while the Small Unlimited does not. It’s a bit of a perplexing move by SpinTel, who are essentially competing against themselves. Nevertheless, it’s good value.

$36 Medium Unlimited 4G

A bump up of an extra $9 gets you an extra 2GB of data. This is a serious value offering, and is sure to leave many moderately-heavy data users happy.

$46 Large Unlimited 4G

Another $10 per month will get you an extra 4GB of data. For less than 50 bucks, you can be on the train to data heaven, and at this stage you are only bridled by your imagination.

There’s one more plan though, and it’s an offering of hippopotamus proportions:

$70 XL Unlimited 4G

For $70, you get a whopping 16GB of data. This is for you intensive users. Play awesome games or stream movies on your commute with this offering. You’ll never be bored again. This also opens up the opportunity to tether your phone for a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. If you need to get work done on the way home, then this plan could be for you.

How does SpinTel compare to other providers?

SpinTel offers eight plans to choose from – four in the Flexible category and four in the Unlimited. They have all areas of the market covered, with plans ranging from $13 to $70 a month, from minimalist plans to plans catering towards heavy users.

With SpinTel’s lightest plan, it competes with the likes of C Mobile, Think Mobile, Jeenee and Vaya. SpinTel, with its triple data bonus leads a lot of the competition; however it’s hard to go past Vaya’s $16 offering:

For SpinTel’s mid-range plans ($20-$30), they again compete with the likes of Vaya, C Mobile and Think Mobile – as well as Telechoice:

For SpinTel’s mid-to-high end $36 plan, it competes in the most saturated market with the likes of Amaysim and iiNet who outshine SpinTel quite easily with their hefty data inclusions:

Again, as we move up in the data inclusions, the market becomes more saturated. In the high-end bracket, the traditional custodians of the mobile land – Optus and Vodafone – tend to come out of their shells. In this instance, SpinTel’s network provider Optus offers a good value plan, which SpinTel cannot beat:

Now, onto the heavyweight in SpinTel’s lineup – the $70/16GB monster – and it seems to be the best value out of its competition. Telstra has come to play now, and SpinTel is the underdog among these heavyweights:

Is SpinTel right for me?

Overall, SpinTel offers a wide range of postpaid mobile plans. There’s sure to be to suit any kind of user, however the main question is whether you can get more for less. The answer is that SpinTel sometimes struggles to compete against other low-cost carriers in a very saturated market, who are forever offering more data for less money. What’s more is that SpinTel’s Flexible offerings are light on data. The only way they compete is through the triple data bonus, which is not a permanent solution. For cheap plans, there are providers that open up more data for less.

Though, up against the big guys like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, SpinTel holds its own. As you move up in plans, the value of SpinTel starts to be seen – its biggest plan of $70 and 16 GB outclasses the competition. Another positive is the flexible billing option – the proposition of no bill shock is very promising. There’s a plan out there for everyone, and SpinTel is just one of many in a sea of competition. It pays to shop around, so use our comparison pages to see what’s out there.

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