The $89 Kmart coffee machine sending Aussies wild


Looking for a cheap caffeine hit? Kmart has sent coffee-loving bargain hunters into a frenzy by revealing its latest cut-price espresso coffee machine.

Available for just $89, it can create single and double espresso shots. It features a high-pressure frothing function, adjustable steam knob, and is said to give up to 15 bars of pressure.

The Kmart coffee-maker even looks set to challenge ALDI’s famous EXPRESSI Coffee Machine as the best budget buy for price-conscious consumers.

Many excited parents are posting about their frugal finds online, with several mums recommending the coffee machine on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page.

Some shoppers have even turned their bargain buys into at-home coffee stations and sharing their hacks online.

But despite a number of bargain hunters frothing over the new machine, some social media users have written about their bitter disappointment.

“Set it up at home immediately… and it doesn’t fit a coffee mug or my coffee glasses under it, even if the catch/overflow tray is removed,” one customer criticised.

Another mum posted on the group’s Facebook page that the coffee maker “isn’t a top-quality machine but it looks great and you will get a good cup of coffee that’s better than instant”.

ALDI has similarly brewed up its own cheap coffee machine, with the EXPRESSI Multi Beverage Capsule Machine costing just $79.99. The German discount supermarket offers the appliance in either a titanium or white design, and sells a milk frother from the same brand for an extra $28.99.

These machines can be refilled with Expressi capsules, which are said to cost just 37c each – a big saving from the usual $3.50 coffee from your local barista.

Other Kmart cheap buys

With the festive season just around the corner, the espresso coffee machine isn’t the only trendy wish list product Kmart is starting to stock up on. The retail chain is also selling the Kiipix Smartphone Photo Printer for just $49, an alternative to the HP Sprocket Photo Printer which usually retails for $159.

This device is reminiscent of the old Polaroid camera, and can be placed on your phone to print photos on-the-go.

Kmart’s popular pie maker has also made a comeback after flying off the shelves earlier this year. It quickly attracted a huge fanbase after social media users shared creative ways to use the pie maker to cook pizzas, pancakes and Nutella-filled donuts.

Priced at just $29, it even inspired its own Facebook page, which now has around 33,000 members.

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