Kmart air conditioners & fans review

If you’re looking to beat the heat on a budget, perhaps you’ve thought about snagging yourself a cheap Kmart portable air conditioner or fan. But before you head in-store or online, it’s worth checking out how Kmart’s range of cooling appliances fares in terms of efficiency and features. Here’s the lowdown.

Does Kmart Sell Air Conditioners or Fans?

Yes! Kmart isn’t just the home of trendy homewares and fashion. It also sells a bunch of cooling appliances with various power outputs, designs, colours and capacities − all backed by a 12-month warranty. Prices start from just $15 for a standard bench fan and go up to $89 for a 10L evaporative cooler.

Kmart Portable Air Conditioners

Kmart currently offers just one cheap portable air con, the Kmart Anko 10L Evaporative Cooler ($89 RRP*).

Kmart Anko 10L Evaporative Cooler − $89

Kmart Anko 10L Evaporative Cooler Review

This 10L Anko evaporative cooler is claimed to provide cooling in a slim design. It features three speed settings (low, medium and high), a 7.5-hour timer, remote control and touch control, and a 60° fixed and oscillating function with an adjustable window to direct cool air where you want.

Other specs include:

  • push knob with light showing
  • water level indicator
  • easy-rolling wheels.

If online reviews are anything to go by, this appliance does not pass the pub test in terms of efficiency. While it’s easy enough to assemble and set up, it’s said to be fairly ineffective at cooling an entire room, unless it’s a small office or laundry room. Even then, you would have to stand or sit pretty close to the appliance to feel a cool breeze.

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Kmart Fans

Kmart offers a sizeable selection of pedestal and tower fans for every budget, as well as a couple of bench and handheld fans. Here are some popular models from Kmart’s fan range:

  • Kmart Anko 50cm Black Pedestal Fan: $35*
  • Kmart Anko 74cm Tower Fan: $49*
  • Kmart Anko Floor Standing Bladeless Fan: $89*

Kmart Anko 50cm Black Pedestal Fan − $35

Kmart pedestal fan review

This budget-friendly pedestal fan is one of the most affordable options from Kmart, retailing for the same price as smaller desk or bench fans from Anko. This model features a bunch of nifty functions, including three speed settings with remote control and fixed & oscillating functions.

Other specs include:

  • tilt adjustable
  • five polypropylene (PP) plastic knife blades
  • piano key.

This fan is claimed to be quite powerful for a model with a standard power output of 50W. Another great feature to mention is the spider grill guard around the blades, offering an added safety layer − particularly important if you have little fingers poking about. This model is an all-around great addition to the home.

Kmart Anko 74cm Tower Fan − $49

Kmart Anko 74cm Tower Fan Review

If you’re not a fan (pun intended) of big bulky appliances standing in your way, Kmart offers a sleek 2.5kg remote-controlled tower fan. It’s a mid-range option that comes with three speed settings (low, medium, high), a 7.5-hour timer and ambient settings such as normal, natural and sleep mode to keep your room aerated at different times of the day and in different climates.

Other specs include:

  • digital control panel
  • remote control
  • fixed and oscillating function.

This fan may be better suited towards aerating and cooling smaller living spaces, but nothing beyond that. It also doesn’t hold a candle to its ALDI rival, the Stirling Air Circulator Fan ($69.99) sold in previous Special Buys. The slim tower design of this Kmart fan can also make it unsteady on its feet, which is not ideal if you’ve got children or pets running around.

Kmart Anko Floor Standing Bladeless Fan − $89

Kmart bladeless fan review

This ultra-modern bladeless fan is another great option for households with little humans. It features an LED light function, which doubles as a night lamp, plus four speed settings and a 10-hour timer.

Other specs include:

  • fixed and oscillation function
  • remote and touch control
  • noise reaches a maximum of 65dB.

This fan comes with slightly more power than standard models (65W) and is stated to generate a decent airflow, enough to cool an entire room. It also comes with remote control for added convenience and its bladeless design makes it an attractive option for families with young kids. The only downside is that it can be a little noisy when operating on the highest setting, according to some online reviews.

Are fans better than air conditioning?

This depends on the size of your household, your cooling needs and the type of climate you live in (dry or humid). For households of four or five people, or those living in larger homes, air conditioning is the best option. It’s the most effective way to cool larger spaces for longer periods of time and most air con units also feature a dehumidifying function to help reduce humidity.

Fans, on the other hand, can only make your living space a few degrees cooler. They’re best used for smaller rooms and already ventilated spaces. The main advantage of fans is that they use a lot less energy than central air conditioning units.

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What is the best portable air conditioner?

Finding the best portable air conditioner for your needs will depend on various factors including the features and functions you’d like, noise levels, whether you’d prefer a vented model or evaporative cooler, energy efficiency and so on. Check out our portable air conditioners ratings to see how different brands also compare on value for money and across different areas.

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*Prices taken from Kmart, current as of January 2022.

Pictures credits: Canva.

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