Luciana Lawe Davies

Luciana Lawe Davies Luciana Lawe Davies is a Canstar Blue journalist with a focus on general consumer news and the streaming industry. With a dual degree of Journalism and Arts (majoring in English Literature) from the University of Queensland, Luciana aims to help consumers wade through the vast amount of information available to make more informed purchasing decisions on everyday items, as well as find the best shows and movies to relax to.

Sons of Sam

How to watch Sons of Sam: Descent into Darkness

Posted by April 29th 2021

The Son of Sam was one of the most infamous serial killers. Every true crime fan knows the tale of the postal worker and the demon dog, but if you think you know the whole …

Rutherford Falls

How to watch Rutherford Falls in Australia

Posted by April 29th 2021

Michael Schur, dynamite creator of shows such as The Office, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place, has launched a new television series. The new show, called Rutherford Falls, will deliver the same …

Arrested Development

How to watch Arrested Development

Posted by April 29th 2021

You can’t spell ‘Arrested Development is hilarious’ without Arrested Development, can you? Yeah that was bad, but ‘arrest’ assured the series isn’t. Arrested Development introduced Jason Bateman, Alia Shawkat, and Michael Cera to the world, …

Concrete Cowboy

How to watch Concrete Cowboy in Australia

Posted by April 29th 2021

Concrete Cowboy is a modern day Western, set in the forgotten streets of North Philly. Cowboys in Philadelphia seem like a wild concept, even for Hollywood, but the film is actually based on the book …


How to watch Stowaway in Australia

Posted by April 29th 2021

Netflix has added another space flick to its steadily growing cache with Stowaway. Starring Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) and Shamier Anderson (Love Jacked), the film is about an exploratory trip to …

Mad Men

How to watch Mad Men in Australia

Posted by April 29th 2021

Mad Men is the series that raised the bar in small screen cinema and became an icon (and no doubt got a few of us keen to get into advertising). Set in Manhattan in the …

Wahl Street

How to watch Wahl Street in Australia

Posted by April 29th 2021

Mark Wahlberg has filled about every shoe there is - funky rapper, underwear model, fitness guru, movie star and restaurant owner - so his latest venture comes as no surprise. Wahl Street, produced by Wahlberg …

Mare of Easttown

How to watch Mare of Easttown in Australia

Posted by April 29th 2021

Kate Winslet is back to the small screen in a limited series from HBO, and by the looks of how it’s shaping up, it’s going to be quite the return. Titled Mare of Easttown, Winslet …

El Camino: Breaking Bad Movie

How to watch El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie in Australia

Posted by April 29th 2021

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is both a sequel and a prequel to the Breaking Bad series, and fans lost their minds when the original trailer dropped (full warning, stop reading here if you …

Better Call Saul

How to watch Better Call Saul

Posted by April 29th 2021

Better Call Saul premiered in 2015 as a prequel to the breakout show Breaking Bad. Creating a prequel to any well-loved show can be daunting, but to a cultural landmark like Breaking Bad, it was …