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Jeenee Mobile Phone Plans Review

Jeenee Mobile has been purchased by Amaysim, with plans no longer available to new customers. Amaysim also operates on the Optus network. Prepaid plans are available from Amaysim and you can use our comparison tool to compare postpaid plans from a wide range of providers.

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What does Jeenee Mobile offer?

While there are no entertainment or streaming extras available through Jeenee Mobile, the telco still offers some good basic plan value, with unlimited standard national talk and text included across all plans. The Large plans also include international call value to any country, starting at $100 of included calls each month, and going up to $500.

There are a few fees to be wary of, such as fees for setup and non-direct debit, so be sure to check the plan details so you’re not taken by surprise. If you go over your data inclusion, an automatic data ‘top up’ will then kick in, which is essentially charging for additional data use. Data is priced at $13 per extra gigabyte, but this feature can be switched off; however, doing so turns off your data service until your next billing cycle commences.

 Feature Included in Jeenee Mobile plans?
Entertainment bonuses
Data-free video streaming
Data-free music streaming
International calls/texts
International roaming
Set-up fees
Data overage fees

Jeenee Mobile network and coverage

Jeenee Mobile operates on Australia’s second largest network, the Optus 3G and 4G networks, which currently covers 98.5% of the Australian population. Optus is further expanding its coverage to regional and remote areas, so to check whether you have access to Jeenee Mobile via Optus in your area, you can visit the Jeenee Mobile website.

Features and bonuses

Jeenee Mobile includes unlimited standard national calls and SMS on all SIM pack plans. There are also other SIM-only services specifically aimed at people living with disabilities, which may have different inclusions to the main SIM packs.

  • International calls: If you opt for one of the 12-month or month-to-month Large plans (which start at $22 and go up to $32), your plan will include an amount of international call value. This call value can be used to call any country, but call rates vary, so you’ll need to check country-specific rates on Jeenee’s website.
  • Discounted plans: Cementing its image as a telco that serves the community, Jeenee Mobile offers discounted plans for kids, seniors, and for people living with disability. The Accessibility plans offer good value at a discounted price, and are available exclusively to those on the NDIS or disability support pension. Likewise for the Senior Discounted Plans, which are only available to those with a Senior Card, Veteran Affairs Card, or for those on the Age Pension.
  • 24/7 HELP Service: Jeenee Mobile operates a 24/7 HELP service, which anyone can add on to their Jeenee Mobile service for $29.95 per month. This service was originally set up for people with greater needs, such as those living with disabilities and the elderly; however, it’s also great for kids or anyone concerned about their safety, especially when walking home at night. It’s a simple mobile app, that provides access to a 24-hour helpline operated by a specially-trained team with access to GPS tracking of your device. The support team are able to provide assistance such as calling emergency services on your behalf, providing directions, looking up public transport timetables, and contacting your friends and family.
  • Automatic Top Ups: Once you’ve reached your call, data or SMS allowance, a top-up will automatically be added on, with rates varying from plan to plan. This is turned on by default, but can be switched off at any time, which will suspend your usage once you reach 100% of your allowance until the next month.

Jeenee Mobile contact details/customer support

Need some help with your Jeenee Mobile plan or service? The telco offers several contact and support options, including:

How does Jeenee Mobile compare?

Jeenee Mobile is one of many smaller MVNOs offering Optus network coverage at lower prices. The following providers also use parts of the Optus 4G and 3G networks.

Is Jeenee Mobile a good deal?

Jeenee Mobile is dedicated to providing affordable mobile services to people with disabilities, but there’s good value available for everyone, no matter what your phone plan needs are. Part of the Jeenee Mobile story is the telco’s Make a Difference initiative, where a portion of every customer’s plan fees go towards providing free services to people in need. Candidates can nominate themselves, or be nominated by others, for a free 12-month plan and full access to the 24/7 HELP package. This is a great initiative, and another good incentive to switch to this small telco if you like to support businesses with a conscience.

While the telco doesn’t offer any flashy extras like free streaming, what is does provide is good value for your money. The plans are definitely affordable, and having the choice between a flexible month-to-month plan or the extra data on 12-month plans is a plus. There is incentive to opt for a 12-month contract —with double the data on some 12-month plans— and all OMG plans also feature generous international call inclusions. If you’re shopping for a kids plan, Jeenee Mobile has a partnership with Qustodio, which gives parents access to free parental controls and cyber protection on their child’s device.

Perhaps the only part of Jeenee Mobile that drags behind many other telcos are the extra fees for things such as setup, non-direct debit and BPay. However, it’s still worth keeping Jeenee Mobile in mind when comparing mobile phone plans, especially if you’re looking for phone plans for kids or seniors. Jeenee Mobile’s plans offer decent value for money, so whether you want a huge amount of data or international call inclusions, there’s something for everyone.