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Jeenee Mobile Phone Plans Review

Jeenee Mobile offers both mobile phone and mobile broadband plans. All plans are on a SIM Only postpaid basis and are hosted on the Optus 3G or 4G networks, which should ensure you’ll never be short of coverage. Jeenee Mobile is a for-profit business, but still operates like a social enterprise, donating proceeds to Community Connections Australia, which helps disabled people get connected with mobile phones. You could say Jeenee Mobile is a provider with a conscience, so let’s take a look at its plans and see how it stacks up in this review from Canstar Blue.


Jeenee Mobile Phone Plans

As it stands, ALL of Jeenee Mobile’s plans come with unlimited calls and texts, which means no matter what price you pay you don’t have to worry about running out of credit. Price differences simply dictate how much data you get, with incentives to sign up for a 6 or 12 month contract.

  • $9.90 – 1GB-1.2GB
  • $14.90 – 1.5GB-2.5GB
  • $22 – 6GB-8GB
  • $25 – 6GB-10GB
  • $30 – 6GB-10GB
  • $32 – 10GB-18GB
  • $45 – 15GB-23GB
  • $45 – 30GB*
  • $74 – 90GB*

*3G Data Only

Source: Jeenee Mobile website

Jeenee Mobile has three categories of postpaid phone plans named Small Plans, Large Plans and Mammoth Plans. Overall there are nine different plans to choose from, and within many there is a choice of a month-to-month, 6 month or 12 month contract period with incentives for sticking around. This shouldn’t be overlooked as some providers now offer plans over 28 days, meaning an extra billing period during the year.

  • Data is billed on a per-kilobyte (KB) basis and excess data charges vary based on plan.
  • The Australian helpline lets you speak to a real person, in a similar timezone.

With Jeenee’s Small and Large plans you generally get a choice of a month-to-month plan, a 6 month plan or a 12 month plan. There is strong incentive to sign up here, but ask yourself if Jeenee can offer this now, what can they offer 12 months down the track?  Jeenee aims to mitigate this by automatically giving loyal customers the data bump up, even if they signed up to a month-to-month plan. So if you use a month-to-month plan for six months, your data will then be bumped up to the next level, and again after another six months.


Jeenee Mobile Small Plans

Jeenee Mobile’s cheapest plan comes in at under $10 and Jeenee claims this is the cheapest unlimited plan in Australia, and we’d be inclined to agree. For these low prices, it’s quite tempting to sign up for six months or longer.

  • Six month plans see a bump in data by 100MB, meaning the $9.90 plan goes from 1GB to 1.1GB and so on

See below for how the plans look over a month-to-month basis, keeping in mind the data bumps if you stick around for a while.


Jeenee Mobile Large Plans

Jeenee Mobile’s Large plans are much the same deal in that you stand to get extra data if you sign up or stick around for a while. The stakes are increased, however, with each contract period bumping data up by 1GB. The exception to this is the $45 plan, which sees data bumps by 2-3GB, meaning you could potentially get a whopping 23GB data per month if you sign up for 12 months.

  • The $25 plan goes from 6GB to 8GB on a six month contract, for example

It’s hard to go past Jeenee Mobile’s $45 plan here, which offers huge data even on the month to month option. These plans also go beyond just offering data, and offer varying degrees of international call credit. The USA is 37c a minute, for example, and all calls accrue a 35c flagfall. See below for how the plans look on a monthly basis.


Mammoth Unlimited Plans

Jeenee Mobile’s Mammoth Unlimited Plans offer value in spades with unprecedented levels of data for the money. They operate on the Optus 3G Network, as opposed to the other plans which get the full 4G treatment.

For $45 a month, you get unlimited talk and text as well as a whopping 30GB of data! Depending on if you’re a stickler for 4G or not, this plan could be better value for you than Jeenee’s $50 plan mentioned previously. Imagine the potential for watching movies on the commute to work! Or think of the gaming and sports streaming potential. The fun doesn’t stop there, however. For $74 a month you’ll get an unprecedented 90GB of data. This is potentially enough for all your internet needs – home and away! Granted, these plans are on the 3G network, which is slower than 4G, but if it’s data you demand then look no further.


How does Jeenee Mobile compare to other providers?

You like the look of one or more Jeenee Mobile’s plans, but you’re wondering how they compare to other telcos out there? Well, the good news is that Jeenee is very competitive across the board and is often in the mix for the cheapest plan at any given data limit. However, Jeenee’s $10 set-up fee may be a bit of a turn off for some. Let’s see how its plans shape up in a saturated postpaid mobile market.

Jeenee Mobile Small Plans Compared

At this price range, it’s a bit like getting a $5 feed from a takeaway shop – you’ll get a little bit of everything, but unless you’re a light eater then you won’t be very full. These Jeenee Mobile products compete with the likes of Moose Mobile, which operates on a no-contract basis, as well as Amaysim and Vaya – the latter of which offers incentives if you sign up for 6 months. Keep in mind Jeenee’s deal is to offer data bump ups if you stick around for 6 or 12 months anyway, so you don’t necessarily have to enter a lengthy contract.


Jeenee Mobile Large Plans Compared

Jeenee raises the stakes even higher with these Large plans, and if you sign up for 12 months straight off the bat, these plans are pretty tough to beat. If you want 5GB data, you can realistically expect it to cost less than $30 these days. SpinTel is a leader here, and its plan comes on a month to month basis. Moose Mobile and Vaya also rears their heads once again. While Jeenee looks to be a data leader, to get the best deals you usually need to sign up for six months or more, but even on its month-to-month plans it is still very competitive.


Mammoth Unlimited Plans Compared

A new offering from Jeenee reveals that the telco is serious about including the maximum amount of value and data into its plans. They’re called Mammoth for good reason. At this point in the data game, Jeenee is competing with a few other providers that have combined massive data allowances with 3G mobile connections.

SpinTel and Exetel also offer similar deals for 30GB data, but the $79 plan with a stunning 90GB is monumental and unprecedented in the Australian telco landscape. Moose Mobile also comes into the picture once again with very competitive 3G-only plans. It’s worth noting though that Jeenee Mammoth Plans are on the 3G network. If you want 4G connectivity with this much data, then you’ll have to be willing to pay well over $100 a month with the big guys like TelstraOptus also introduced a 100GB phone plan recently, but this one costs over $100 a month as well.


Is Jeenee Mobile right for me?

Jeenee Mobile has quickly become one of the most value-packed phone providers out there. In a sea full of competition, the low-cost carrier with a conscience has crammed more into its plans than most other carriers. Altogether, Jeenee’s plans cover a broad spectrum of the market at very competitive, class leading prices. Jeenee’s best value is seen in the mid and high-end plans, which frequently beat the competition on price and included data. Jeenee Mobile seems a great choice of SIM Only telco, and if you like companies that give something back to the community, then Jeenee could be for you.

As for Jeenee’s Mammoth plans, they simply offer an unprecedented amount of data for the price. They stand up to the likes of big boys Telstra and Optus for value included, but for about half the price. This is sure to excite a lot of consumers who rely heavily on their mobile data. Though, there’s one caveat – at this level, many telcos are on a 4G network, whereas Jeenee offers these plans with only 3G coverage. If you’re picky about getting the best speeds, then Jeenee’s Mammoth Plans may not offer the ‘go’ you desire. Overall Jeenee’s array of plans is sure to excite many a consumer looking to save a buck on their costly mobile phone plans. But as ever, be sure to compare your options. You may prefer a prepaid approach?

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