Dirty John Betty Broderick

Dirty John back for season two: The Betty Broderick Story

Posted by July 31st 2020

We’re just gonna say it — we’re desperate for some more true crime. And Netflix must be listening, because a series we never thought would answer our prayers has done just that, and its name …

Optus Sport

Optus Sport Review & Guide

Posted by July 29th 2020

Optus Sport is only available through Optus and comes included on many broadband and mobile plans. Compare prices at Canstar Blue.

True Detective

How to watch True Detective in Australia

Posted by July 23rd 2020

American streaming network HBO has its fair share of widely acclaimed shows up its sleeve. A major one that is regularly associated with the network is True Detective — an anthology crime drama series that …

Binge TV Shows Header

The best shows to ‘binge’ on BINGE

Posted by July 23rd 2020

Looking for a binge? Look no further than the newest addition to the Aussie streaming market, BINGE. You may be unfamiliar with the name (for now), but it’s essentially the brainchild of Foxtel with the …

Remote Control

Foxtel Bundles Compared: Pay TV & Internet

Posted by July 22nd 2020

In the days of cheap, barebones NBN and Netflix, it can be all too easy to assume the old internet and pay TV bundle is now a thing of the past. Not so. You may …

How to watch the English Premier League (EPL) in Australia

Posted by July 20th 2020

For many Australians, the English Premier League is what comes to mind when people mention football (or soccer). Otherwise known as the EPL, the league is widely considered the best in the world, home to …

SEEK makes Spotify playlist to help Aussies sleep better

Posted by July 16th 2020

The pandemic has been a major source of stress and a lack of sleep for many, whether it’s because of work-related change or feelings of uncertainty. But SEEK claims it can help with a Spotify …

Still of character Nimue holding Excalibur from Netflix show Cursed

New fantasy show, Cursed, now streaming on Netflix

Posted by July 16th 2020

Netflix has been putting a lot of effort into creating new fantasy dramas to fill the void left after the final season of Game of Thrones. After the success with the Netflix Original series, The …

Selection of Netflix documentaries on laptop computer

The best documentaries on Netflix

Posted by August 3rd 2020

Documentaries is an area where Netflix has really found its niche. It seems like ever month or so, Netflix has that new great doco that everyone is talking about and much of it has become …