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Review of Vaya mobile phone plans

Vaya is an Australian mobile service provider that utilises an online-only business model to deliver you cheap, value-packed postpaid phone plans. Vaya operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on the Optus 4G network – which covers 98% of Australia’s population – to deliver you super-quick data speeds. It’s a SIM Only service, meaning you’ll have to bring your own mobile phone.

Vaya has a solid reputation for rock-bottom prices and regular promotions, including a first-month free sign-up offer that includes a free SIM card, and delivery. Whilst good value has always been its strength, Vaya has struggled with complaints of poor customer service in the past. However, its recent acquisition by Amaysim in 2016 – a company famed for its customer service – has already led to a huge decrease in the number of complaints recorded to the industry watchdog. So Vaya is in danger of offering the whole package – watch out Amaysim and the rest!

With several different plan options to choose from, let’s take a look at exactly what Vaya brings to the low-cost telco table.

Vaya Mobile Phone Plans

Plan Inclusions Price Per Month
Small Unlimited calls and texts, 1GB data $16
Medium Unlimited calls and texts, 2GB data $22
Large Unlimited calls and texts, 3GB data $26
Extra Large Unlimited calls and texts, 9GB data $36

Source: Vaya website

In recent times, Vaya has simplified its plan range into four different options. As it stands, all plans come with unlimited calls and texts, and you’ll find that the $16 plan is in fact one of the cheapest unlimited mobile phone plans in Australia. If not, Vaya has a ‘price beat guarantee’ that ensures it stays on top of the pile. Additional data is also $10/GB, which is automatically billed if you exceed your allowance.

Like many MVNOs, Vaya’s plans are all month to month postpaid options, which is great because it means you’re not locked into a contract and can easily jump ship if you’re not entirely satisfied. Also keep an eye out for various bonuses and discounts Vaya offers from time to time.

Vaya $16 Small Plan

If you’re not that big on data but still want unlimited calls and texts, then this plan represents a pretty good option. As mentioned earlier, this plan holds the distinction of being the cheapest unlimited plan out there. If your data needs aren’t excessive, then this is a fantastic ‘bang for buck’ plan.

Vaya $22 Medium Plan

An extra $6 will see a doubling of your data inclusions, which is great value. We’re stepping into the midrange area of Vaya’s phone plans now, and they keep managing to up the ante in the value stakes. Another bonus with Vaya’s phone plans is that there are no setup fees or hidden costs – what you see is what you get.

Vaya $26 Large Plan

Large in inclusions, but low in cost, the Large Plan really makes a case for you to jump up into this offer. For $4 more, you’ll get an extra 1GB of data, bringing the total to 3GB. Your boring commute of staring out the window looking at drab buildings could be a foregone pastime with this plan, plus you’ll likely have enough data left over on the weekends to make finding that hidden café in the city a bit easier.

Vaya $36 Extra Large Plan

A jump of $10 will see your data inclusions skyrocket. With this plan, you’ll get an extra 6GB, bringing the total to 9GB – that’s massive. For less than $40 a month, you can be streaming and gaming with the best of them. Make your commute whizz by with this plan. The unlimited calls and texts also mean you won’t be screaming internally when your weekly chat to Grandma exceeds three hours of talking about her loud neighbours next door.

Vaya 12 month savings

The prices mentioned above are for Vaya’s monthly phone plans. However, the telco has also started to offer discounts for customers who commit to a 12 month subscription from the off, in an effort to keep you loyal. With these 12 month options, you’ll have to pay for the entire year outright – meaning costs of $174, $240, $288 and $396 respectively. If you’re willing to purchase your whole year’s worth of calls, texts and data upfront, there are modest savings available.

How does Vaya compare to other mobile providers?

As you may have gathered, Vaya offers supreme value across a range of different budgets. But could you get an even better deal elsewhere? Let’s see how Vaya’s plans compare to the competition:

$16 Small Plan Compared

As you can see below, Vaya offers the cheapest plans with unlimited calls and texts. Dodo comes close, though, but its $24.90 setup fee is prohibitive. Exetel also comes to play with a plan under $10 but keep in mind that this is an introductory offer for six months. SpinTel also offers a similar premise, with a plan permanently under $10, but your 1.5GB allowance will go back to 500MB after six months, and you’ll be slugged with a $10 upfront fee. Vaya clearly looks to be the winner here, with no gimmicks and no setup fees.

$22 Medium Plan Compared

As far as 2GB plans go, it’s hard to go past Vaya. It has one of the cheapest plans to offer unlimited calls and texts with 2GBs of data. Both Dodo and Jeenee Mobile are up there in terms of value, but at this price it’s hard to beat Yomojo, which is in fact one of the cheapest providers in Australia to offer 2GB data plus unlimited calls and texts. For under $20, who can complain? Vaya isn’t far behind.

$26 Large Plan Compared

For a mere $4 extra a month, Vaya affords you an extra gigabyte of data, and is still up there as one of the cheapest providers to offer 3GB. Telstra network carrier TeleChoice also makes an appearance and is tempting in this competitive segment, but again it’s hard to overlook Yomojo with its massive 6GB plan for under $30.

$36 Extra Large Plan Compared

Again, Vaya comes up trumps. For less than $40, you can’t go past Vaya with its massive 9GB of included data. At this level, Vaya competes with Jeenee Mobile again, which also has 300 minutes of international calls included. TeleChoice also comes to the game but somewhat falls behind in the data stakes with its no contract plan, but committing to 12 months sees the value increased markedly and is worth a look into. Yomojo also offers a pretty competitive plan with 9GB, but it’s hard to beat Vaya overall.

Is a Vaya mobile phone plan right for me?

Vaya offers supreme value across all of its plans, with no gimmicks, no bogus bonuses and no sneaky upfront costs. If you’re in the market for a cheap unlimited phone plan, then it’s hard to ignore Vaya. It has some of the cheapest unlimited phone plans in Australia and really stands out from the crowd. Plus, you also have the option to save a couple of bucks if you purchase a 12 month plan upfront.

After its customer service woes of a couple of years ago, many people might have been turned off by Vaya. However, those issues appear to be largely behind Vaya – meaning you’ll be pretty close to the ultimate all round package. But be sure to regularly compare offers from other providers in case you spy an even better deal.

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