The best phone plans on the Vodafone network

One of few telecommunications companies in Australia which has a truly global presence, Vodafone entered the local mobile phone market in the 1990s and has since become one of the biggest providers around. The key to its success is that Vodafone owns its very own mobile network infrastructure, which allows it to provide mobile services across the country.

Vodafone, however, also sells the use of its hardware to third-party mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). These smaller service providers may lack the people and marketing power of Vodafone, but with low overheads they are able to provide great value SIM-only plans with equally good mobile coverage. We’ve gathered together some of the best-value providers on the Vodafone network to make choosing your next mobile plan a little bit easier.


One of Australia’s biggest home broadband providers, TPG now offers a selection of competitive prepaid mobile plans on the Vodafone 4G network. All three are available on no contract terms, with the cheapest of the bunch costing just $19.99. This plan brings unlimited calls and $550 of value in addition to 1.5GB of data. Keep an eye on this plan because it often comes with a limit time offer, meaning you pay a mere $10 for the first six months.

The next two TPG plans bring unlimited call and text credit, along with 2GB and 5GB, for $29.99 or $39.99 respectively. If you find yourself needing more data, TPG charges you 10c per MB – but billed on a per KB basis to maximise your data usage.

TPG takeouts:

  • Simple, easy to compare plans
  • Limited time sign-up offers
  • Strong data allowance for price points

Kogan Mobile

Kogan Mobile is the online retailer’s latest venture into the digital world, having already evolved its core business from an electronics store to a massive general department store. Kogan Mobile’s plans are all prepaid, and all come with 4G connectivity. There are four varieties to choose from: the 1XL plan, with 1GB of data, the 3XL plan with 3GB, the 5XL plan with 5GB, and the 11XL with a massive 12GB of mobile data.

All plans come with unlimited standard calls and texts, and can be subscribed to on a 30-day, 90-day or 365-day plan length (with prices increasing in proportion). This type of plan structure is unusual in Australia, which probably adds to the appeal for Kogan customers.

Kogan Mobile takeouts:

  • Comprehensive plan structure with plenty of options
  • Convenience of buying year-long mobile recharge if desired
  • Strong value proposition with big data offers


A mobile service provider across several countries, Lebara offers four prepaid plans in Australia, in addition to specific international call plans and data packs. Its big calling card is its international minute inclusions, making Lebara a great choice for Aussies with friends or family overseas.

Lebara’s base plan offers up to 125 minutes and 125 SMS for $24.90 per month, with 1GB of data. This offer also includes a whopping 1,000 international minutes to selected countries. The remaining plans all include unlimited standard calls and texts, plus increasing amounts of data up to 7GB. Lebara’s top plan, however, trades off an increase in data in favour of providing unlimited international calls to 60 destinations, making it the ideal long-distance calling package.

Lebara takeouts:

  • Strong value local and international calls inclusions
  • Good plan options based on call and data allowances
  • Perfect option for Aussies with family overseas


What comparison of phone plans on the Vodafone network would be complete without a close look at the big Red itself? Vodafone has shaken off the image problems of the past and become a force to be reckoned with Down Under. Not only does it provide great value prepaid and post-paid plans, but it’s also at the forefront of plan innovation, including its very popular $5 Roaming deal whereby customers get the same plan inclusions from overseas at an extra cost of just $5 per day.

In terms of its SIM-only month to month plans, Vodafone brings five solid offers to the table costing between $30 and $80 per month. Each plan offers unlimited national calls and SMS, with data allowances ranging from a modest 500MB up to a significant 11GB.

Vodafone takeouts:

  • Good mix of plans with data inclusions to suit light and heavy mobile users
  • Plans provide access to $5 Roaming feature
  • Strong value proposition particularly for mid-range plans

Getting the best deal

As with the other major telcos (Telstra and Optus), Vodafone the company is by no means the only way to access Vodafone the network. With a wide variety of providers to pick from – several of which we haven’t covered here, such as GoTalk, Hello Mobile, C Mobile and Think Mobile – there really is an abundance of options if you love your Vodafone service.

From our review, it’s clear that each of the providers has some unique selling points, whether it’s a huge range of plans to pick from (Kogan), international call inclusions (Lebara), the simplicity of big data at low prices (TPG), or additional incentives (Vodafone). Have fun comparing!

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